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  1. I`m here since feb this year and just got my second sale on Alamy! Only 9$ but sure it have to start somewhere Happy Thursday everyone!
  2. Ah that`s grand! Thank you Niels! newbie here and I wasn't aware of that...
  3. Hi All, How long do you have to wait for your images to appear in the alamy search after they are approved? My images were on sale on Sunday eve 10pm and today is Tuesday morning and they are still nowhere to be seen... Thank you Michael
  4. yes, i think a came across one of those! thanks Philippe!
  5. I didn't realize this until now - is Alamy primary for editorial stock images?
  6. thanks John! impressive portfolio yourself!
  7. Hi Allan, Photographer with access Sorry for only replying now... something was wrong and i could`t post anything at the time so i just gave up after dozen attempts... hope this will work now...
  8. Hi All, My name is Michael and I just started here with Alamy. Love the submission page with the sync features although slightly confused with the discoverability slider. But sure I will get my head around it at some point
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