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  1. so it is very possible (looking at those tests) that the ikea`s could actually be a winner here... interesting! thanks for the link Vincent!
  2. Congrats Sally! well done! i had only three miserable sales since i joined last year but my port is a lot than yours so you are true encouragement! Well done again!
  3. You are right although I get a headache in Ikea no matter what day of a week it is so i may as well sneak in today before people realize what a bargain it is haha but jokes on side - yeah it does look solid and at that price i`ll be getting few extra packs...
  4. Hope it is ok to share this! Looks like i am having a trip to Ikea today lol https://petapixel.com/2018/02/16/eneloop-pro-20-batteries-ikea-ladda-5-batteries/ Anyone had any experience with these? Looks no brainer @ that price... Michael
  5. same here a lot of issues recently with the overnight update...
  6. that`s a pity! I thought we could catch up as i will be there... but yeah you have a bit of a drive , I probably wouldn't been too keen either... maybe next time or if you are anyway around give me a shout!
  7. Jazz band busking on Grafton Street Classic from Paris
  8. Hi Ceri, I am trying to upload regularly if the time allows and it is sometimes 100 sometimes 10... but really only started to be systematic last moth so I am still consider myself as a newbie here... and i do try get the bar green in most cases... i would have around 30% images with orange bar but i`m slowly getting back at them whenever i have time. Best Regards Michael
  9. Had my third sale this morning for whooping €1 after deductions! Ah well... it`s good to see sales started to dripping in into my account! Happy days This one was Czech Republic, Web use, One Week... Merry Christmas Everyone! Michael
  10. Stunning collection Larry! Good luck!
  11. well that left me tasteless for the rest of the day
  12. It will! patience is the key to success Good Luck!
  13. hi, find your picture on alamy and you will find a share option below the image (beside the envelope sign) hope this helps Michael
  14. that explains it... my path was exactly the same. Got discouraged for exactly the same reason few years back by another agency and never looked back until this year... anyway good luck ACC! hope you will get your first sale soon and more soon after that! all the best Micheal
  15. wow really nothing since 2013???
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