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  1. Delighted to find my image among the finalists! Thank you Michael!
  2. My three entries: love gaze from Paris with love ;D romantic stroll
  3. Trust me, it wont be the luxury smooth stuff either but happy with two sales... was loosing hope so glad to see them coming through. Fingers crossed you will get something in tmrw! Not that many leaves on them trees any more
  4. Got two in - should be enough to pay for a roll of toilet paper lol
  5. Great selection! Thanks for picking one of mine!
  6. The alien encounters on the streets of Dublin totally safe fuse box Sunday walk in Castletown, Celbridge, Ireland
  7. Few more from amusement park Energylandia in Poland
  8. damn... and i just bought myself brand new canon 35mm lens and paid top dollar for it like 1/4 if not more than what`s on those websites... will be wiser next time! thanks for sharing! Michael
  9. I`ll join in. Here are my three: Sunbathing on a Keel beach, Achill Island. This Jolly lad from Paris and the old school jogger from Berlin. Strapped to his waist was a radio playing tunes from the 1930`s....
  10. I do not think my drop has anything to do with AoA in particular. I assume Alamy search algorithm has changed and my port after some grace period was downgraded possibly due to low CTR or some other unknown to me reason... will have to find a way to get back "up" again...
  11. Would be nice to hear some comments from Alamy... bit flabagast about the whole thing. If my views remain that low i will need to upload at least another 10k to only get back where i was so far and to at least keep the same sales level i`m currently on. That`s not very motivating The only other logical explanation in may case would be non existing zooms that impacts my CTR and i assume this would push my images further down but still that drop was/is a bit harsh... Anyway lets hope things will improve next week! Thanks for all your comments! Have a good
  12. to some extend yes but as Niels Quist mentioned you could be missing out on potential exposure. If its not spamming there is no harm having more then ten... If i have the keywords I`ll add them in if not I move along.
  13. Only 38 views today. More than 5 but still not very promising... My sales picked it up finally and I started getting at least one a month but wary now with views being so low i wont get much exposure and possible sales... being hopeful tho that this is just a temporary glitch... right back to keywording
  14. hmm... i think someone mentioned change in search algorithm but that`s a massive blow for me. I know i dont have a big port yet and although not really suffering from too many zooms (recorded only 38 for the last 12 months) at least i thought my views are growing along with my port and sales are slowly started to creep in. But now with 5 views not sure if i can scratch any surface in here... Hope this is just temporary glitch and all be back to norm soon... Thanks Michael
  15. Morning All, Did anyone notice dramatic drop in views? My views plummeted in the last few days, yesterday being epic - only 5 recorded. I would usually have around 100 +/-... Thanks Michael
  16. great idea! here is mine: https://www.instagram.com/michaelgrubka/ @michaelgrubka thanks for follow!
  17. Thank you MDM for all the suggestions! I did the reset before and didn't change a thing and no, not one. Have four different catalogs and all being sluggish. I may actually try and reinstall the lightroom see if it works... Sorry Jansos for hijacking your thread! Hope you will get this sorted soon!
  18. I have win 10 run on Intel Core i7 -4770CPU @3.5Ghz , 16gb ram and 250gb ssd (20% free). I store all the images on separate drives. Graphic card is GeForce GTX 1050 Ti. and yes, everything else is fine... photoshop works ok not to mention capture one demo that works flawlessly.
  19. Thank you MDM, never hear of them! I gonna give it a try. I was talking to tech guys from adobe and they took over my machine and didn't really solve anything. Its is dragging on every level. Slow loading library, slow previous, very slow when moving between modules, in develop panel delay with every slider move and when i try using brush or radial filter it just goes to stand still... very popular message on my screen is "lightroom not responding" .... going through large batch of photos is pure hell. anyway thank you for your advice! i will try them and hopefully someone will be
  20. Opening ok for me but everything else is dragging like hell (30k images in this catalog) driving me crazy... thinking about going with capture one only no time now to learn its workarounds... ive been to adobe support, system req ok, told me to change my graphic card did that still no luck... slowly giving up on it...
  21. aw brilliant, love Kerry! hopefully you`ll get a nice weather - weekend is looking good! Pity about the camera tho - the scenery is amazing... enjoy!
  22. From our sunday walk around beautiful Glendalough Valley in County Wicklow, Ireland
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