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  1. Thanks again Wim, and yes, you're right; that search will also pick up images that have been nicked or hot-linked, but I'm not using to track down purchases, but rather to answer the question "for images of dogs (for example) what do the pics look like that have sold" - as an indicator of what is worthwhile to create. Best wishes Steve
  2. Thank you all, but especially Wim, for taking the trouble to post the actual links, which I would not have found otherwise. I note that, on the customer search history page you refer me to, I can click on the column headings (e.g. for UCO or sales) to sort by those terms, giving me just what I was after. The tip on the Google search is very useful too - Thanks! Building on that, a Google image search for 'alamy and dog -site:alamy.com' (for example) will show what images of dogs have sold. Thanks again Steve
  3. Is there a way to use the Alamy image search to identify what (type of) images are selling best - either overall or for a particular topic / keyword? I guess what I'm after is an 'order by' in the search results, but I don't see that. is it possible to do this? If not - wouldn't it make sense to provide? Apologies if I'm asking a dumb question that I should know the answer to.
  4. Thanks for all the input. I used to work in aRGB but then switched to sRGB as my output was mostly for web. I somehow had the idea that Alamy preferred sRGB but support have told me they had no preference. They also told me they ignored embedded profiles and that was part of the point of my note, because I was relying on the embedded profile to get my colours right and, since that was getting stripped / ignored, they weren't (right). M. Chapman: Thanks - although support were clear that they ignored embedded profiles... Betty LaRue: Thanks, I never meant to imply that other people
  5. Hi everyone, I'm a newbie to Alamy and this is my first post here. However I'm not asking a question, as such, but recounting something I discovered. I did look for a solution here (on this forum) but didn't find it, so maybe this post will be helpful to someone that has a similar issue to my own. So - my starting point is that I had noticed that looking at my images on Alamy as a client would, they seemed to have an over-saturated look to them that was not representative of the colour balance as I had set it in Photoshop/ACR. By way of background, I shoot to Nikon raw (.nef) with an s
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