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  1. I don't have a big portfolio, only 205 pics but I have sold 2 licenses. One popped in April which is of a decent amount and cleared this week. First payment from Alamy in next run; feels great and motivation to upload more...The forum has helped to stay focussed so thanks.
  2. Hi - This thread got really good advice. Thanks for that. Can anyone look at my portfolio? Not big - 90 images, its been 4 months and no sale yet. I'll be uploading more but want to ensure I'm headed in right direction. Cheers & Thanks again.
  3. Insightful, Betty. I read about adding plurals as keyword in one of the links shared earlier here but buyers also using plural for one subject is new to me. The "person" in tags is also very new to me but makes practical sense from buyer's perspective. I'm learning from all the experience here. Must say, it is a helpful forum compared to other agencies where I get no reply for god knows what reason. Thanks again, Rav
  4. Thank you, Betty. The real world example has helped a lot. I was curious whether I should tag things like blue sky so your assurance gives me confidence. I have completed my recent batch with this type of keywording and captioning. I'll change my other images as well. Hopefully, that'll have a good impact in search engines. Best, Rav
  5. @John - hopefully, it's the last leg. Stay connected..!
  6. @John & @Robert - Hi, thanks You see my workflow is accustomed to microstock and someone told me to include these generic tags in all the photos. Guess they were wrong, especially for Alamy. I'll rectify in all my pictures. Also, it is great to learn about Captions because you're right, I was treating it as Title as is the case with other microstock sites. I'm so glad I started this intro and these subtle tweaks will make a huge difference. I got 10 other pictures accepted today, so will be applying these suggestions Please feel free to share more of your comments. Che
  7. This is really great, Joseph. Thank you for taking the time for such detailed explanation. You are so right about misleading 'discoverability' gauge. I was trying to fill in with quantity for it to turn green but in vein. However, it seems like it turning it green won't matter than the quality of keywords. Thanks again!
  8. Thank you, Joseph. I may have missed captions on few images but I agree with you completely. So far I have been captioning and keywording on microstock sites. I guess it will take a bit of transition to align my keywording and captioning habits. Is there a resource you can recommend I can look at on how to keyword for Alamy? Thanks again. Rav
  9. Nice to meet you all - Paulette, Allan, and pazmander. I agree, I was struggling with the bird name so used The bird with a long beak. I guess I have to stop assuming (seagull) and do some research. pazmander, it could be California brown as the shot was taken in Santa Barbara, CA. Thanks, Rav
  10. Hello, Rav here. Fairly new contributor. Just stopping by to say hello. Hoping to make new friends here I finished uploading few initial batches, around 55 images. If you can look at my portfolio, that'd be great too. Thanks
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