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  1. 8 hours ago, Betty LaRue said:

    So, Ed, did you buy some veggies and cook ‘em up? I’ve been so exhausted from the yard work, I had butter sandwiches two nights in a row. This evening, I picked up a burger and tater tots with a cherry limeade. Real healthy, huh? Lunch was a peanut butter sandwich. When your too tired to drag one foot after the other, bad things happen with diets.

    Fresh veggies sounds wonderful about now. Maybe tomorrow....


    When I can't bother to make a good dinner I sometimes have cold cereal with berries. Quite as delicious in the evening as the morning and healthy too.



  2. This is actually from yesterday but a very nice memory this morning. I am positive now that we have a cardinal nest in the garden. I had seen the male on my fire escape railing but yesterday both the male and female showed up where I could see them well. Pretty impossible for photos but sometimes it is nice to just look. They are such beautiful birds. I think the birds are happy that there is so little coming and going in the garden these days. An example of nature taking over the city in our quiet times.



  3. 30 minutes ago, Harry Harrison said:

    My neighbour has given me 4 sachets of yeast! Hurray, I can bake some bread again. I see that the standard Doves Farm 125g pack of dried yeast (£1.15 from Doves Farm - out of stock) has sold on ebay for over £35.00.


    Interesting. I was talking to a friend of mine in New Jersey and he said yeast is the one thing that is impossible to find now. All you wonderful people spending your isolation baking. Yummmm.



  4. I grew up in San Diego and (sadly) you did not drive your car into Mexico. You left it inside the USA and took a taxi into the centro in Tijuana because if you got into an accident you'd be put in jail.. I had the most wonderful toys bought in Mexico. A nice fat piggy bank with beautiful flowers painted on it and tiny dishes of Mexican pottery for my doll's house.



  5. A while back someone (I think maybe Sooth) was seeing a difference in search results and asked if anyone else saw it. I did and I think it included a preview that did not have a watermark. I am seeing a watermark now. I have searched a bit but cannot find that thread.  Ooops.. I found the thread and it is about something else...https://discussion.alamy.com/topic/12821-missing-alamy-id-from-preview-photos/#comment-242974




  6. I’d kind of given up on our robins’ nest because I so seldom see the birds. So when I was walking in the garden I went near it and peeked. When I didn’t see a bird sitting on it I figured they were gone but then I noticed a bit of movement. When an adult bird across the way began an alarm call I knew there must be babies! I went to the other end of the garden and stood behind a bush for a while. The robin finally stopped screaming and flew in the direction of the nest… Hooray. Such good news.



  7. 15 minutes ago, Allan Bell said:

    Were you still in the UK in 1963 and the long cold winter which started just before Christmas 1962 and lasted till early/mid March 1963?

    Deep snow and extremely cold. We even had ice on the inside of our windows. I remember Dad going into the attic with a blow-lamp to thaw the ice blockages in the pipes many times. The only good thing was that it seemed to be sunny all the days making it seem to be not so bad.


    I even have vague memories of the other bad winter of 1947. At that time we were living on a farm. Really deep snow and yes it is true that you would see a farmer or farm worker moving about in the snow and not realising they were mounted on horses.





    Yes, Allan, I was studying in London for that winter of 1963 and had clothing from Southern California. I wonder how I survived. I had noooooo idea how to deal with cold. We had little gas fires in the classrooms and I would huddle nearby. Then the teacher would decide we needed some fresh air and throw the window open. I had a sweet roommate who was originally from Czechoslovakia and she did me the kindness of getting up first in the mornings and lighting the paraffin heater. We had long breaks at Christmas and Easter and I would flee to Sevilla for the warmth. I lived near where Sylvia Plath lived when she committed suicide. She had the same awful flu I had that year and I always thought the cold and the flu did not help with her despair. Fortunately, I actually had a fabulous time and finally got over the stomach issues with the flu after a couple of months of eating nothing but yogurt, toast and honey.



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  8. Last year we had a robins' nest in our garden and then (happily) some fledglings. I got some photos that I suspect will never sell because the backgrounds are city walls and fire escapes instead of nature but they are, at least, unique on Alamy....




    American Robin fledgling on a fire escape in New York City




    American Robin feeding fledgling in New York City




    American Robin and fledgling in New York City





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  9. I woke up this morning in the Big City to see a fledgling bird on the fire escape opposite me. At first I thought it must be a robin because I know we have a nest this year. It was too big though and all gray. I got a terrible photo of it and decided it was probably  a mourning dove. We have a nest near enough that I hear the cooing and I've seen a couple visiting our garden. It was not in a good place or good light for photos so I went ahead and did some shopping. When I got back I saw that it was at the front of the fire escape where I might get a decent photo but by the time I got up to my apartment it had flown away. I'm so happy it can fly because I hadn't seen it being fed. New life!



  10. 1 hour ago, Bryan said:

    Social media is full of angry folk denouncing others and their temerity to exist. 


    Our mayor is now encouraging people to take pictures of people not obeying the "rules". Ouch. I was out this morning and a lot of people are not wearing masks even though it is supposed to be the "law." Good luck with that. New Yorkers are about as good at following rules as cowboys are. Have I ventured into politics? Oh oh. Please don't reply to this. I love New Yorkers and cowboys and I love people who hate New Yorkers and disapprove of cowboys. Am I OK now???



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  11. 12 minutes ago, Betty LaRue said:

    We had a needed rain, too, Jim!  Fried egg sandwiches go back to my childhood when we kept layer chickens.  I loved them then, too. Both the chickens, one of them I made a cuddle pet, and the sandwich!


    A very long time ago in San Diego when I was a wee girl and Easter was approaching the local drugstore was giving out a live baby chicken (in a Chinese food take-out box) to anyone who spent a certain amount of $$. I know, this is terrible but there is a happy ending for at least 2 chicks. My friend and I asked people to please, please give us a chick. The fools did so and we each scored a baby. My friend's mother wouldn't let her keep hers so I had two. Mind you, my mother and I lived in a small apartment on the second floor of an apartment complex. I could never have a cat or dog because it was hard enough for her to find an apartment that accepted kids without also accepting pets. So I was animal-deprived (probably why I photograph them) and my mother spoiled me. So she let me keep them in an open box in the apartment. We did have a front lawn and I would take them down to play with them. I remember how good they felt sitting in the palm of my hand. They turned out to be bantam chickens and one was a hen and the other a rooster. My mother was afraid the rooster would start to crow and we would be evicted. She had warned me that I wouldn't be able to keep them forever and she found a little boy who raised bantam chickens. A happy story all around. I have discovered that in Africa if a child adopts a baby wild animal they are carefully taught that one day the wild animal needs to go back to the wild. I am going to hug my cat Possum right now! I do miss the cats I take care of when my clients travel. No cat-sitting right now.



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  12. 1 hour ago, Olivier Parent said:

    Grizzly bear (ursus arctos horribilis - female) in Denali national Park - Alaska. The arctic tundra turns red during the very short autumn season.




    Wow. That is gorgeous. I know the Denali bears are more aggressive than the ones in Katmai that I have photographed. I hope you took great care!



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  13. 1 hour ago, Betty LaRue said:

    Good catch, both of you! That’s been one of my most fun things to do, trying to catch the herons around here, the Blue Heron, fishing.

    I was never as talented at it as you, Paulette, I kept getting them without as much action.




    We were cheating. It was a photo tour and fish were being thrown to the heron. Oooops.... giving away secrets.



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