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  1. Nice image. I'm going to put a suggestion in the Forum section that they take a look at the problems many of us are having posting images. Paulette
  2. Thanks, Mark. I guess I may have to use Firefox when the time comes. Paulette
  3. I'm having problems too and had to use my enlarged images from the Image Manager to do right click and copy image address. Then I could insert other media. I am worried about how I will upload other people's images when it comes time for voting in the Challenge. I will be interested to see how people are proceeding. I am using Safari on a Mac. Paulette
  4. Oh, Allan. I was chided for that years ago. You have to understand that we primitive Americans watch our politicians voting for themselves at every election. So I no longer vote for myself but maybe some do. I saw it as a kind of pride in my work but I have learned that you lovely, polite English folk frown on it. It would not be enforceable anyway. Paulette
  5. As I thought about this I kept coming up with topics that would bring up images similar to the ones we just did. I think I have finally found one that will take us in a different direction.... It is "Eating". My examples, of course, will be animals but I welcome all --- insects, denizens of the deep, human people and even MONSTERS. Three entries per person Your own images of course The images must be on Alamy The winner does the next challenge The deadline is midnight GMT on March 31. Cocoi Heron in the Pantanal, Brazil Polar Bear Cub in the Svalbard Archipelago, Norway Baby Elephant at the Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage, Nairobi, Kenya, East Africa Yacare Caiman in the Pantanal, Brazil I look forward to your entries. A lot of us do LOVE EATING. Paulette
  6. I haven't used it myself but I was admiring a Cotton Carrier harness a photographer had on a ship is Svalbard. It allowed her to have her two cameras easily ready to use. She pointed out to me when we went inside for a while that she could not take off her jacket unless she also took off the harness so it was great for outside but not that versatlle for going in and out. Paulette
  7. Educational magazine in India... Maremma Sheepdog herding Finn-Dorset sheep. Paulette
  8. Oh, hooray. Thank you all. I didn't vote for myself but I confess I avoided voting for the charming carrots because they were giving my bears some strong competition. I do love them and this probably should have been a tie, My hat is off to you, Colblimp for a very imaginative creation. I will get to work tomorrow on a new challenge topic. Paulette
  9. Digital book... Polar Bear with a seal for her two cubs, Svalbard Archipelago, Norway Paulette
  10. We don't get a 1099. I just add it up and give the sum to my accountant. I have other self-employment income as well as pension, etc. Alamy is just one source of photography income. Are your other sites in the US with taxes withheld? Paulette
  11. Ahhhh. The dreaded black fur. I had a friend who found a new home for a black dog that was barking too much to live in an apartment. He only had her for a brief time and took one picture. She was lying on his black bathroom rug and all we could see was two brown eyes. Paulette
  12. Editorial Website, app, etc. A modest fee but much more than the same use in the Novel Use sales I had and it doesn't say in perpetuity for the app. I'm obviously still annoyed at the NU sales. Polar Bear leaping over melting ice in the Svalbard Archipelago, Norway Paulette
  13. I was thinking the Forum was fixed because it was accurate about which threads I have read BUT we are getting this instead of the link to our images. https://www.alamy.com/contrib-browse.asp?cid={2290F3EA-36EC-44BA-9423-F64D3540676B}&name=Paulette+Sinclair 1092 I thought that was just going to disappear. I am actually wondering now if the link will turn into a link when I post this. Right now it is just letters and numbers. Paulette Edit: Yep. It turned into a link in the post but take a look under my avatar.
  14. Marb is our very own Eeyore. I would be surprised if he came up with a positive post. Some people find Eeyore lovable, other people not so much. Paulette
  15. NYCat


    Don't pay any attention to "discoverability". it only counts the number of tags you use and too many is worse than too few. Only put what is actually in the image. If you look at the forum threads on "images found" and "images sold" you will get an idea what will sell. You can only put photos in categories if you do the portfolio that is available in your dashboard and that will only be seen by people you send it to or Facebook, etc. It may be a waste of time. Paulette
  16. Thank you for including my bears. Lots of happy memories about that trip to Alaska. Paulette
  17. There didn't used to be a box for editorial only and I doubt that many of us have gone back over our old images to add it. It has always been understood that if you have no releases it should be clear to the buyer. Paulette
  18. Yes, the mistakes by other contributors are a problem and all we can do is contact Alamy about them. Sometimes people don't even correct them after being notified. Grrrrrrr. You can upload newly processed images and after they are accepted ask Alamy to remove the old one. You can also delete the old one yourself though it will take 6 months for it to disappear. Be sure to put the old image reference number in the tags for the new one and vice versa. Paulette
  19. Thank you for sharing another of your wonderful images, Carol, and for teaching us something about it. Paulette
  20. Go to My Dashboard and then Your Alamy Portfolio page. It is right above Alamy Measures and is marked as New. Paulette
  21. And we have our very own wonderful underwater photographer... https://www.alamy.com/search/imageresults.aspx?&xstx=0&userid={E0F99E75-6A62-4E52-81F8-929EF89BCDF3}&name=Carol+Buchanan&st=12 I do enjoy looking at her images and she knows a lot about her subjects. Paulette
  22. I don't think people here are likely to fall for it but here is the information.....https://pdnpulse.pdnonline.com/2019/02/photographers-beware-kodak-subsidiary-is-grabbing-copyrights.html You take all the risks on an assignment and retain NO copyright on anything. I wish no one would go along with this. Paulette
  23. I found this about Culture Trip... https://www.forbes.com/sites/kittyknowles/2018/03/07/culture-trip-travel-app-for-millennials/#54bbd1c4f4ad It's the fact that it doesn't seem a novel use that makes me so annoyed at the low, low price. Two sales to them is why I will opt out of Novel Use. Paulette
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