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  1. Book in Ireland for me too, Colblimp... Polar Bear in the Svalbard Archipelago. Paulette
  2. Cats have a 3rd eyelid too and my sweet kitty has feline herpes so his white eyelid shows a bit at the inner corners. Paulette
  3. Honestly, Gen, Australia is scary! Paulette
  4. It's new. Someone mentioned it in another thread. Can't remember which thread. Paulette
  5. You should shoot RAW. You must submit jpegs. Read all the information Alamy provides carefully and you will be fine. Paulette
  6. I have found that supertags help and anything both in caption and supertags comes up higher in searches. Put both names in the same tag. Forget discoverability. Pauletter
  7. Ta da! The horse race has been won by... the Horse.. Congratulations Alan Beastall. The next challenge is yours... Paulette
  8. Wow. No, I didn't know how to do that. Fabulous trick. Paulette
  9. I haven't used it for Alamy but I have found Fetch for the Mac to be user-friendly. Paulette
  10. So ridiculous to stop you from doing news.... You are an inspiration to iPhone shooters! Paulette
  11. Voting closes at midnight tonight. Paulette
  12. I also noticed you described her as a "lady" and didn't put "woman" in your keywords. Alamy also suggests putting in age ranges if you are good at judging that. Paulette
  13. Just a couple more days to vote and we have a three-way tie. Yikes! I don't want to have to do a run-off poll. Those darn polls are hard for me! You guys are all too good. How to make up our minds who is best???? Impossible. Paulette
  14. I can't figure out who to vote for either. I love them all. Paulette
  15. I suspect they are asking us to mark our images as in public domain so they can avoid being accused of deception. If the images are so marked is that being shown to the client? I don't have any so can't check it. I noticed a long time ago that there are public domain pics here. Paulette
  16. I Googled it and still don't understand what you are saying..... 🤫 Paulette
  17. Blackbird Eating Berries Cute Toddler Topsy the Chimp Women Eating in Rome Striped Lychnic Caterpillar Oriental Pied Hornbill Horse Eating Hay Toddler Eating Cake So very hard to choose just eight images. Many more are wonderful. If I did it right the poll should close at midnight on April 6. Paulette
  18. Interesting that it says you can opt in at any time. Paulette
  19. Thank you for all your wonderful entries. I shall begin the difficult task of choosing 8. It is actually very educational as I see how certain images stick out and I learn for my own work. Paulette
  20. Cecile, I took a look again on Amazon and you still can find "22 used" from various sellers so I did not get the last one. You just have to look at the fine print below the one that shows up. Paulette
  21. I did it in a "New York minute". You didn't stand a chance. Paulette
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