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  1. Are you at least getting the automatic response from emails? Make sure your computer is giving you "contributors@alamy.com". There is another address that they use in sending you emails and for a while my computer was using that one to email them and it doesn't work. Paulette
  2. Thank you. They were new for me also. Paulette
  3. Ohhhh. The dreaded lampshade. Paulette
  4. This is so perfect! Paulette
  5. They can be very generous with corpses. She was feeding you! Paulette
  6. During the pandemic they can't really follow us as well as they previously did. They have never, to my knowledge, read every word. We are supposed to help each other and behave ourselves. Paulette
  7. My folks lived in a cowboy-friendly town and the place called Annie Oakley's had french toast with peanut butter between slices. Yummy. Paulette
  8. It could even be a Maine Coon, Edo. The New York Cat-sitter doesn't know! Paulette
  9. I think he does understand now. I think he thought that the 45 days meant an automatic payment after that amount of time. The language problem made it difficult to sort out but I think he's OK now. I suppose he will speak up if I am mistaken. Paulette
  10. I don't know what you mean by "reset". When i look at my Account Balance on my dashboard I can see which sales have been paid to Alamy. If Alamy has not been paid it says "uncleared" in the right hand column. Is that what you are talking about as "reset"? The truth is that some clients take a long time to pay Alamy. I have two sales for a book that are from March 10. These sales are not cleared and I won't get that money until after Alamy has it. Books can be delayed or cancelled and therefore can take a long time to pay. Have you looked at your Account Balance? It is one of the choices on your dashboard. Paulette
  11. That's interesting. I didn't even know that page existed and it mentions personal messages. We don't have them anymore. The problem, Wim, is that I would like to get the notifications that someone has quoted me but lately they have started telling me that someone gave me an up or down or trophy or laughing face or whatever. These just get in the way and are annoying. Paulette
  12. My guess is that you are not using Safari. Dragging and dropping won't work for me and I'm too lazy to move to another browser. I get what I want but I do wonder if I would be able to put up other people's images if I run a Challenge again because I have to do it from my Image Manager. Paulette
  13. Some people can just drag and drop but I use the enlarged image in the image manager and copy the URL. Then when you paste in the URL you can change the "comp" to "zoom"s or the opposite. I can never remember which but it gives you the larger image. I usually prefer the smaller ones because the horizontal images are squished a tiny bit in the larger one. I do change to the larger one for vertical images as they seem to keep the same proportions. Paulette
  14. I also think this is unnecessary. Paulette
  15. I think you mean the caption. Alamy says that sentences are what they want. Paulette
  16. Instructions for the Image Manager are here... https://discussion.alamy.com/topic/7028-instructions-help-video-and-links-for-new-alamy-image-manager/ Paulette
  17. All wonderful. So hard to choose! Paulette
  18. Still at least one survivor and it's being fed. I had the frustrating experience of seeing it go up on my fire escape right in front of my window while I was down in the garden photographing it. I wouldn't have been able to get a good shot from the apartment without scaring it away but it would have been nice to see it so close. Paulette
  19. Steve, I have noticed that you spend a lot of time checking out someone's photos when they ask for advice. I suppose it is possible that you could make sure the person wants editing advice as well as captions, keywords, etc. but I haven't noticed anyone seeming insulted. I am just impressed that you will spend so much time on helping another contributor. Bravo. Paulette
  20. I have a bit of good news and bad news. Nature is so tough! I was worried about our robins nest last night because we had a very fierce storm with buckets of water pouring down and I didn't think the nest was sheltered enough under the fire escapes. This morning the nest is empty and I did see a wee dead body on the cement a distance away. I also saw a live fledgling and saw it fed once. It's looking good and I got some images. I waited a while to see if I might get shots of it being fed but finally gave up. I'll keep and eye out. I couldn't bring myself to take a picture of the dead baby. It's too sad. Those birds can have a hard time surviving. Paulette
  21. I haven't been outside after dark in months.....Is that sad? Or just smart. Paulette
  22. I'd say about 3/4 of the people I see are wearing masks. I pull mine off my nose to breathe as I walk and put it back up as I approach people. I'm getting pretty good at it. Fortunately, the streets aren't that crowded as I do everything I can in the morning and then hole up in my apartment. The people without masks are usually young. All the indoor spaces require masks. Paulette
  23. A report from NYC for you, Edo. Some of the restaurants near me that already had outdoor tables have been allowed to put more out into the parking spaces in front. One place that always seems to do mostly outdoor dining has added plastic partitions between tables. The weather has cooperated so far and I've seen dining going on. A Persian place near me was very actively promoting their take-out during the shutdown and also taking donations for food for the hospitals. That was very lovely, although the cut in income I suffered made me feel like I had no extra money to donate. I only have two or three cat visits a week right now but it looks like picking up in a couple of weeks. Alamy is being good to me these days with a nice payment coming up. My main worry now with the cases of the virus spiking in the South and West is that people here may not be able to travel. Best to stay away from the worrying and just appreciate what I have. I know I am a fortunate person and having a courtyard garden to enjoy has been wonderful. Paulette
  24. My leaping bear also sold today for three figures after two one figure sales.... It's a trend... may it continue... Paulette
  25. I keep the wrist strap on and also have the grip for easier steady holding. Holding steady was my main problem when I got it. Paulette
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