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  1. Personally, I would redo the lizard. Crop to 3000 on the long side and add a more accurate caption with the scientific name included. Give the general location as that could be important to someone writing about that area. Also add "copy space" to the keywords. Paulette
  2. Editorial use in online learning product. $$ Adult Wild Olive Baboon Papio anubis, yawning with a wide mouth showing teeth, Ol Pejeta Conservancy, northern Kenya, Africa Paulette
  3. I suspect we are going to be occasionally checked -- just not every submission now. It would be a good thing to make sure we don't get careless. My Sunday upload has gone right through. Paulette
  4. The usual advice in bear country is to be making noise to let them know you are around because if you don't startle them they have no interest in bothering you. I don't know about coyotes but probably any wild animal is going to be leery of us strange clothed creatures. The worst thing you can do is run. The saying is, "Only food runs." Paulette
  5. I think Ed means post-processing when he writes PP. I often don't understand the abbreviations people use on the forum and English is my native language. Computers are not. Paulette
  6. Thank you. I forgot about that method. Paulette
  7. I use Safari and go to the Image Manager, enlarge the image and right click to copy the image address. Then I insert image from URL. The image is smaller than other methods but the proportions are correct and I am willing to give up size to have the image show properly. Paulette
  8. Mice! 🤣 They wouldn't be able to compete with the rats in NYC. Paulette
  9. Personal Use at the proper price, at least. Beaded necklace worn by Samburu Maasai women in Northern Kenya, East Africa Paulette
  10. The traveling I've done has been with a company of professional wildlife photographers who are used to taking people who don't necessarily have the most sophisticated equipment and their advice is often of the easiest variety. So for the dust in Africa they suggest pillowcases rather than the nicer Sea and Summit bags and for the arctic they suggest a plastic bag for transition from cold to warm. Also always a garbage bag to cover your bag in the zodiacs in case of.... oops, we are taking in water. Paulette
  11. I'm not sure what you mean, Harry, when you say the catalog can't be used if the develop module is taken away. The Library module is where you work on the catalog and the Develop module is only if you are changing the image in some way. I'm still on the old standalone version and resisting the subscription but since I need a new MacBook Pro I think I am going to be forced to do the subscription. If I ever left it would I not be able to use the catalog by moving into a different program for working on the images? Paulette
  12. Wonderful choices. I will have to ponder this. Paulette
  13. l get cold fingers so having the chemical hand warmers in my pockets is helpful to warm up now and then. Putting camera in a plastic bag before going into warmth will help with the condensation going from cold to warm. Let the camera warm up before taking it out. Paulette
  14. News from NYC, Edo. I went to a Thanksgiving dinner with a bunch of New Yorkers and one guy knows a relative of the owners of Angelos. They will be re-opening very soon. Really. I don't know about the rest of the building but it must be habitable if they are letting the restaurant re-open. Paulette
  15. One of my favorites sold for a calendar...$$$ Polar Bear in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada Paulette
  16. If you have a bunch of submissions waiting I'm afraid they do fail them all if there is a bad one in the first batch they look at. Paulette
  17. Yes, I also move to the content after doing the poll. It was totally confusing to me until I saw the "content" choice. I kind of messed up the title once because it seemed it was asked for twice and I thought one was going to appear within the message so didn't make it suitable as a title. It worked anyway and maybe it wasn't as confusing as I remember. Paulette
  18. Yes, I love them too. We even had some here in NYC a few months ago. I remember watching butterflies emerge in a jar when I was a child but I think they were swallowtails. i grew up in San Diego. Paulette
  19. I really like your images as well but I see problems with keywording and captioning with the first image. It is beautiful with ghostly deer visible but it is captioned as a coyote and some keywords are completely inappropriate. If you solve your problems with QC and continue here I suggest going over the keywords to remove any that are incorrect. In the long run you are going to want to establish a ranking that puts your images on the first page of a search and very specific and accurate keywords can accomplish that. Paulette
  20. Presentation or newsletter and I guess in Italy because part of the description of sale is in Italian and the price is about half what it should be. Sigh. Anyway, a sale (not through a distributor). Polar Bear in the Svalbard Archipelago. Paulette
  21. There is a lot of discussion of discoverability in this thread... https://discussion.alamy.com/topic/12236-keyword-question/?tab=comments#comment-225706 Basically, we think it can be harmful to try to reach 50 keywords unless every one is relevant to the image. Some images (like my animals) can take lots and lots but a corner store perhaps not so much. If your images are showing up in searches you want them to be what the person wants. Any extra views that are not zoomed or purchased will hurt you in the long run. Paulette PS. In case you haven't found Alamy's instructions... https://discussion.alamy.com/topic/7028-instructions-help-video-and-links-for-new-alamy-image-manager/
  22. Definitely prefer my old landline phone at home. The receiver is comfortable and the sound infinitely better than my iPhone. Praying for my copper wiring because I know the phone company won’t want to replace it. Paulette
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