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  1. Editorial website for $. It is a repeat seller so this adds something to the total anyway. Tourists and bear in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada Paulette
  2. My experience with Alamy is that images are sold for books, magazines and newspapers so if you can shoot images related to subjects in the news it is helpful. Quantity and variety count also, of course, but if you have any special access or knowledge about a subject make use of it. You'll need to have the proper name and latin name of your plants and flowers if you are to get sales. The same with any wildlife you shoot. You will probably not make more than those few bucks so be sure you are enjoying it. Paulette
  3. You are very welcome. These computer oddities can be mysterious (and annoying). Paulette
  4. Sometimes my computer puts in "contributors@alamy.com-updates.com" and then I don't get a response. I assume it is picking up that address from emails from them. I have to be careful that it is just "contributors@alamy.com". Paulette
  5. Hooray for libraries. Mine is the Jefferson Market library with an amazing building that I always take out-of-town friends to see. Stained glass windows, curving staircase, lovely, lovely. And it is so easy nowadays to order a book online. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jefferson_Market_Library So glad you have a good library there. Paulette
  6. Thanks for your efforts. I don't plan to use my iPhone for this so will continue with my method in Safari. Paulette
  7. Which browser? I've never succeeded in doing drag and drop to the forum in Safari. Paulette
  8. I couldn't see which browser was being used. And maybe because I'm on a small screen with my MacBook Air I didn't see what you were doing at the top of the screen. It went pretty fast. Written out perhaps I would grasp it. I'm actually not unhappy with my method. Paulette
  9. None of the dragging and dropping works for me in Safari. Not from the search page. Not from the Image Manager. Not directly into the Forum and when I did it into TextEdit I got the image itself instead of the image address and when I dragged the image into the Forum it said I needed the address. Anyway, I'm happy with what does work for me -- which is to go to the zoomed image in the Image Manager and right-click to get the image address. Just curious as to why it won't work for Allan. Paulette
  10. I'm trying to see which part of my method isn't working for you. When you enlarge the image in the Image Manager and do a right-click or control-click do you get the menu that includes "copy image address"? If that happens can you get the box to paste when you click "Insert image from URL" in the forum. Maybe I shouldn't worry about it since you are happy using Firefox. I like to stay in Safari. Paulette
  11. Here is a useful thread on that subject... https://discussion.alamy.com/topic/11883-discoverability-poor-vs-good-vs-optimized/?tab=comments#comment-217249 Paulette
  12. Do any methods work for you with Safari? What part of it doesn't work for you? Paulette
  13. You are submitting quality images and you will gradually learn what keywords are working for you. You might do a search on one of your subjects and then check out the keywords on the first page of the results. You will probably see a lot of nonsense keywording along with the appropriate words but it will give you some ideas. Just don't be lured into adding words to get your numbers up to "discoverability". You can go into Alamy Measures on your dashboard and then look at "All of Alamy". That will teach you a lot about what search terms people are actually using. You can take one of your subjects and search, for example, %Chicago%. That will bring up the searches that contain that word. Paulette
  14. So do I. I go to the image in the Image Manager and enlarge it. Then I right-click (control-click) and choose copy image address. I go to the forum and use Insert Image from URL. If you change "zooms" to "comp" in the image address you will get a larger image. I usually just use the smaller one and there is no distortion either way. Paulette
  15. Our public libraries here have DVDs to borrow. How about there? Paulette
  16. There have been some discussions on the forum. Try searching for drone photography to find threads. Paulette
  17. Yes, give us the Alamy reference number and we might be able to help. Paulette
  18. Decorations on homes in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY The decorations in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn can get a bit over the top. Santa coming by way of a fire escape in midtown Manhattan, New York, USA Paulette
  19. I love the juxtaposition of the statue reading a book and the live man reading a mobile phone. Times change. Paulette
  20. Seeing a report on another sale of a photo by Keith I looked to see if there is any new information. No new news but a nice tribute here... https://photoarchivenews.com/news/photographer-keith-morris-dies-aged-61-his-pictures-published-in-the-national-papers-nearly-every-week/ Paulette
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