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  1. Ta da! The horse race has been won by... the Horse.. Congratulations Alan Beastall. The next challenge is yours... Paulette
  2. Wow. No, I didn't know how to do that. Fabulous trick. Paulette
  3. I haven't used it for Alamy but I have found Fetch for the Mac to be user-friendly. Paulette
  4. So ridiculous to stop you from doing news.... You are an inspiration to iPhone shooters! Paulette
  5. Voting closes at midnight tonight. Paulette
  6. I also noticed you described her as a "lady" and didn't put "woman" in your keywords. Alamy also suggests putting in age ranges if you are good at judging that. Paulette
  7. Just a couple more days to vote and we have a three-way tie. Yikes! I don't want to have to do a run-off poll. Those darn polls are hard for me! You guys are all too good. How to make up our minds who is best???? Impossible. Paulette
  8. I can't figure out who to vote for either. I love them all. Paulette
  9. I suspect they are asking us to mark our images as in public domain so they can avoid being accused of deception. If the images are so marked is that being shown to the client? I don't have any so can't check it. I noticed a long time ago that there are public domain pics here. Paulette
  10. I Googled it and still don't understand what you are saying..... 🤫 Paulette
  11. Blackbird Eating Berries Cute Toddler Topsy the Chimp Women Eating in Rome Striped Lychnic Caterpillar Oriental Pied Hornbill Horse Eating Hay Toddler Eating Cake So very hard to choose just eight images. Many more are wonderful. If I did it right the poll should close at midnight on April 6. Paulette
  12. Interesting that it says you can opt in at any time. Paulette
  13. Thank you for all your wonderful entries. I shall begin the difficult task of choosing 8. It is actually very educational as I see how certain images stick out and I learn for my own work. Paulette
  14. Cecile, I took a look again on Amazon and you still can find "22 used" from various sellers so I did not get the last one. You just have to look at the fine print below the one that shows up. Paulette
  15. I did it in a "New York minute". You didn't stand a chance. Paulette
  16. While we are throwing these names around, I studied Cibachrome with George Obremski at ICP and took a seminar at the PhotoExpo with Jay Maisel. Wonderful teachers. There is an advantage to living in NYC. I ordered your book, Edo, supposedly the last one on Amazon. Paulette
  17. Tomorrow is the last day for your entries. Make it more difficult for me to choose! Paulette
  18. No elevator. Lots of stairs. Keeps you healthy. Paulette
  19. Not sure what you mean. My photo is an example? We paid the village an amount that was supposed to support them for six months but I still had some uneasiness knowing how much better my life is. That particular village did seem to enjoy us, at least. Much laughing and fooling around. We women had to dance, men had to jump. They do find us pretty amusing. Africa is so amazingly beautiful and sad all at the same time. I went for the animals but loved the people. Paulette
  20. Educational editorial use... Photographers and Maasai women near the Masai Mara in Kenya, East Africa Paulette
  21. Some people are succeeding with drag and drop. I usually go to my Image Manager and can right-click the enlarged image to copy it or copy the URL. You can also copy from a lightbox. You can change zooms to comp in the URL to get a large image. Paulette
  22. I had six months of chemo and definitely lost most of my energy for many months but I am still here 18 years later after stage 2 breast cancer. I hope you will see many, many more healthy diving years. My heart is with you. Paulette
  23. I think I need to add that truly poor people get free care here. Neither of my half-brothers ever paid a penny for insurance and they were taken care of by the taxpayers. I just get annoyed at the way the hospitals handle their billing. There is talk here of Medicare for all but I have seen the difference in what my doctor is paid now that I am on Medicare and he would be out of business, in my opinion, without the decent fees he gets from insurance companies. Paulette
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