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  1. Thank you both. I'm rather fond of that shot because the guide (not our usual photographer guide) was telling me the light was bad and I shouldn't take it. I love that light and I fell in love with the capybaras after thinking I would have no interest in them. I wanted the jaguars. The capybaras lined the shore of the rivers, watching us go by. I would give them a royal wave. Paulette
  2. For examination papers. I've never had that before... $$ Capybaras in the Pantanal, Brazil Paulette
  3. I had my first dental cleaning and check-up in many, many months and I have NO cavities. Big relief. I love my hygienist and I think she is excellent at her job so I have not a speck of plaque left on my teeth. Unfortunately that takes a looooong time of wishing it was over. I did like seeing her after such a long time. My dentist is a teeny tiny Russian woman whose accent I find difficult to understand even when she is not wearing a mask. Today she had the usual mask and face shield but also those magnifying glasses that look like little binoculars and a light on the top of her head. Honestly, she looked like a space alien. She is delightful and didn't mind me laughing at her. She always checks for cancer of throat, jaw, etc. as well as looking at my teeth. So I am in good shape. In a couple of weeks I will go back to see the periodontist who is giving me a dental implant. I have been without my tooth for a long time and should have had the new tooth in April, but you know what happened. By this time next month I'll have a full set of healthy teeth. This was my first trip out of the Village and I took the subway. I wore my N95 mask that makes me feeling like I'm suffocating but I figured it is the safest one. It wasn't hard to keep distance on the subway but there were three beggars along the way..... Begging on the trains is not legal and I'd better not go into the reason it is unlikely at this time for that law to be enforced. Maybe just as well in these hard times but NYC is looking more and more like the bad old days, alas. I'm hoping for better days eventually. I had been worried about the elevators in the building where my dentist is because they are tiny but the sign said only one party of people at a time. I was alone going up but on the way down the elevator stopped and two women wanted to get in. They had their masks off their noses and the elevator is only about six feet square so I said I'd rather not. I'd prefer to have them think I was not nice than risk getting sick. Happy to be healthy with clean teeth! Paulette
  4. A dream come true. I ate a delicious pasta lunch in (or outside) a restaurant. My first time since the lockdown. What a pleasure. It was even a nice day in spite of dire weather reports. Somehow there was a slight breeze as we sat under an awning so it wasn't too hot. Such a treat. Paulette
  5. It has been three years since this thread was begun and he has not returned to the forum since then. I doubt he is reading your suggestions at this point. Paulette
  6. Thank you. I can just see the window of the room I stayed in on the right. It was my first trip to Africa and I had loved the book "Raising Daisy Rothschild" about the British couple who raised a baby giraffe to help keep that kind in the area. When she grew up and they tried to "free" her she just wanted to come into the house with them. Now it is a lodge and there are Rothschild giraffes that come every day and stick their heads in the windows for kibble. So enchanting. Paulette
  7. Lucky you. I have a neighbor here who is Irish and she has been in Florida lately. Too hot there and hot here. I have an Irish friend in Ireland too but many years since she lived here and many years since she moved back and I was able to visit her. I had such a lovely time. Fabulous food. Paulette
  8. Ireland is so beautiful. Paulette
  9. We are being taken to the top of the page that contains the next unread post. I now try to just go to the bottom of the page and then look for the next unread one rather than having to skim a lot of material I have already read. Paulette
  10. Yep. Me too. I think I'll post this problem in the section for the Forum. Paulette
  11. So terrible for you after the fire in NYC. I hope it can be stopped. Paulette
  12. I do love British humor (humour). I'm sure several dozen long belly laughs have been good for my health. Thank you. Paulette
  13. I have a similar bad thing about NYC currently, Edo, but it would be too political to say it here. Be careful. At least we are slowly returning to normal. It's just some of the normal that is worse than it was previously. Sorry to be enigmatic. Just to say we need to take care where we go. Paulette
  14. It's up to you. I usually put the place in my caption and keywords but most of my images are travel related so the place is important. I loved my time in the Pantanal. When you write the caption and tags think about what will bring your image up in a search. What will people be looking for? In my case, with animals, I think they usually want to know where the animal is... is it truly wild, etc. so I put that in. Paulette
  15. Magazine sale for $$. This is one of my favorite places... Giraffe Manor in Nairobi, Kenya, East Africa Paulette
  16. Do you at least get the automated response? I've had problems in the past with my computer wanting to use an address for them that is not the right one. If you've had no response at all make sure it is contributors@alamy.com. Paulette
  17. Ohhhh. Hugging. I remember what that was.. sigh. Paulette
  18. NYCat


    No. They were taking it for a while but not anymore. Sorry. Paulette
  19. My polar bear leaping is appearing on another editorial website for $. It is adding up. Polar Bear in the Svalbard Archipelago. Paulette
  20. And I did it with "PBHunt". Warning: polar bears eat seals and it is a bloody business. Paulette
  21. Something fascinating happens with water and the sandstone and limestone cliffs in Zion National Park. I imagine geologists and botanists here could probably give me some good keywords to add. I would appreciate it.... Hanging gardens in Zion National Park, Utah Rockhopper Penguin where the sea meets land in the Falkland Islands Storm and sunbeams in the Masai Mara, Kenya Paulette
  22. My suggestion would be to just use a different pseudonym for those images. I only use one so perhaps I'm not the best person to advise you. Some people who use different pseudonyms will probably have some advice. Paulette
  23. The last time I used Lightroom (the old standalone version) I was importing my robin photos. I couldn't do anything in the right panel so couldn't do what I usually do to the filename and couldn't add keywords but I went ahead and imported. Then I continued to only be able to work with the center panel. I could move to the next photo using the arrows or the thumbnail strip at the bottom but, again, couldn't add keywords. I finally shut it down -- optimizing the catalog. As I thought about it I wondered if I had allowed enough time for Lightroom to load into my ancient and very slow laptop. Maybe I had started using it before it was ready. So today I took a deep breath and opened it. I let it "warm up" for ten minutes and tried it. Hooray! Everything is working. Lesson learned. Paulette
  24. I'm finding all kinds of enjoyment difficult these days. I cheered up a little yesterday when things were more normal... but that was because of passing loud construction noise on my street. I didn't know I missed it. I do so love the activity in this city so its just too odd when it is quiet. I did pass someone speaking French into his phone and that felt good. Paulette
  25. Wonderful cartoon for these times. I couldn't figure out how to copy and paste it so here's a link.. https://laughingsquid.com/its-for-your-own-good/ Paulette
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