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  1. 1 hour ago, Allan Bell said:


    Hmm! Must remember to add it to the tags in AIM.





    I would also add funny, humor, humour, humorous, humourous, concept. I honestly don't know how useful those will be but I see searches for "funny animals" and I've sold some.



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  2. If you are primarily doing this for enjoyment I should think the 10 cent sales elsewhere might take away from that. I cringe at the occasional $3 sales here but at least it is dollars. Exclusive as they are using it here does not mean the same thing as someone buys your image and asks that you not sell it elsewhere. Alamy would contact you about that sort of exclusivity and you would have to honor it for the time period required. Otherwise, I see no reason that you should feel locked in if you are "exclusive" here to get the extra money. I am exclusive and not on any other agencies. I also am RM on everything as I want to know where my "babies" are going. The income is much appreciated but this is still mostly for pleasure for me.



  3. My cat-sitting route used to go regularly through Washington Square Park and I carried nuts to feed them. They got to know me and would approach without being called. One time when I was in a store a squirrel came in the open door and everyone was trying to figure out how to get it to go. I pulled out my nuts and took it right out. When we had a blackout one time people were putting their food on their window sills to keep it cool since the fridges weren't working. We soon learned we needed to put it in plastic containers or the squirrels would take it. One day I saw a squirrel in a tree with a piece of pizza. New Yorkers do love a good slice.



  4. The wide angle lenses are not ideal for either macro or wildlife. I'd want to maybe get a zoom that goes to 300. Almost all of my Falkland Island pics were taken with the 18-300 on a Nikon D500. I needed to shoot handheld in that situation and that is as big as I can handle. I'm not as knowledgeable about equipment as a lot of other people here but my images do sell.



  5. Due to the coronavirus it is taking longer than usual. If you search the forum you will see that many people have brought this up. Once you are in it will be faster though a little slower than normal. Each image will be carefully scrutinized on your first submission.



  6. My father's dental office was a little house right next to the mortuary. The mortician was a good friend and he often gave the leftover flowers to my stepmom so there were always beautiful flowers in the house --- both the dental house and the home house. He was a very charming southern man named Virgil and I have to smile just thinking of him. Some people carry sunshine with them everywhere with their hearts and personalities.



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