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  1. About $225 gross. My leaping polar bear is probably more. The combination of an animal people love with the newsworthiness makes it sell, I think. The articles it appears in are usually depressing. All my polar bears were doing just fine with good ice for hunting but that is not the story anyone wants to tell. Paulette
  2. Thanks for the hint... I found my polar bears in the Times... https://www.nytimes.com/2020/07/20/climate/polar-bear-extinction.html Paulette
  3. Why compete with yourself by offering a lower price elsewhere? Why would anyone buy it here for more money? Paulette
  4. Newspaper sale at a high $$ price. We were very lucky to see the hunt and feast from beginning to end. It was the first time that happened for the biologist with the trip. Polar Bear mom with a seal for her two cubs, Svalbard Archipelago Paulette
  5. I thought the exploding ants sounded pretty wild. I wonder if the image would have to have them in mid-explosion. Paulette
  6. I am back to doing quite a lot of cat-sitting these days... usually about 4 visits a day walking around the Village to the apartments owned by the cats. Today we have a big storm coming with tornado warnings (not usual here). One of my visits would have had to be in the late afternoon or evening and by then we were supposed to be having deluges. The woman who is owned by the cats wanting the late day visit contacted me last night to say that if I left extra food in the morning the cats would be fine without an evening visit. I have worked for her since she "was a sprout" (her words). She was not yet married and has moved to two different and increasingly large and luxurious apartments since I started. Her oldest child is in college now. So we are dear, old friends by now though only in contact about the cats (about seven cats on from the original three). I also had a couple of other visits this morning and ran into some rain and wind gusts but am safely home now that the storm is picking up. So nice when your old friends take care of you. Paulette
  7. On the Twitter feed Alamy has suggested we try to fill the 300+ needs they have for animals and wildlife. I had already checked the one that I have but I noticed a couple that don't look too hard for some of you.... "feral cat in Australia" (assuming it is just a domestic cat living in the wild) . There are just 37 already on Alamy. The other one is "pigeons in an allotment". Just 14 already on Alamy. Who knows if it is worth your time but maybe you have something. Paulette
  8. Search the forum for discoverability and you will find many long discussions. The usual advice is not to worry about it. Just be accurate. Paulette
  9. Don't. The green bar is very misleading. Just put in accurate keywords. There are many threads on the forum on this subject. Just search "discoverability". Paulette
  10. It takes much, much longer than a few weeks to get sales on Alamy. It is not microstock. Paulette
  11. Cotton Carrier has a lot of solutions similar to this one... https://www.cottoncarrier.com/pages/slingbelt. I've used one that holds one camera on the hip. This was on wildlife trips. I don't like to change lenses and I could be using my 80-400 on a tripod and have my 18-300 on my other camera on my hip. I have teeny shoulders and big hips so it worked for me to not have something hanging on my shoulder. Paulette
  12. That's a red, red robin. What was he saying to you? Paulette
  13. Another from Giraffe Manor. That lovely man made sure we all had good experiences with the giraffes. Alas, this sale is one of those bulk discounts to Estonia. Shameful price. Feeding a Rothschild Giraffe at Giraffe Manor Paulette
  14. I don't recognize the concept of too many strawberries. Paulette
  15. I had lunch outside a restaurant again and we were entertained for a while by a mama sparrow and her three fledglings. They could all fly perfectly well but only to go to mama for more food. So sweet. Paulette
  16. Oh boy.. One guy in our group had been there ten years before and he said we were getting a much better road. The bridges seemed sturdy, at least, but you do feel quite cut off from the rest of the world. If we had to give up in our progress it would have been a long time waiting for help. I hope your upcoming trip to "nowhere" goes smoothly. Paulette
  17. I just use one of these wraps... https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/80974-REG/OP_TECH_USA_6811352_15_Soft_Wrap_Steel.html I may be wrong, but I don't think my Nikon cameras are very fragile. Not that I want to drop it, of course, but hanging under my arm it seems OK. Paulette
  18. We were there the end of August-- beginning of September so it was dry season but, even so, we had a helluva trip in our bus along the Transpantaneira after a rainstorm. That mud is beyond slippery and we kept slithering sideways. For a while the owner of the lodge was following and helping us but he finally had to go back. I don't know if you ever traveled that way but there is bridge after bridge after bridge and you have to speed up getting to them to go up onto the wood. At one point there was a big drop-off and Joe VanOs had us get out of the bus. He said to bring our passports. The poor bus driver couldn't get off and, thank heavens, he made it and we got back on. A two hour trip took us nine hours. Most of the time there was no cell signal but we finally were able to reach a lodge along the way and they prepared us some lunch. I know this is mild compared to some of your trips. I went with photosafaris.com and we were well taken care of but it is a company of photographers so they want you to get the shots. I never went on the really difficult trips. I'm old and have never been much of an athlete. PhysEd was my least favorite class in school though I did enjoy hiking in my early teen years. The animals are what drew me to the wild places. I have many fabulous memories and acquired a lifetime friend. She and I were traveling alone to the Masai Mara and they put us together as roommates. We laughed always during any troubles. Paulette
  19. Editorial print and digital... $$ Yacare Caiman in the Pantanal, Brazil Paulette
  20. Yes. I even saw it before I went on my tiger trip. I don't know why I wasn't really afraid of the tigers... The mahout was even having the elephant do something that made the tigers snarl. There was one time in Africa when a lioness made eye contact with me (she only had one eye) and that made my heart beat faster. Honestly, in the tiger reserve we were in open jeeps so probably safer to be on an elephant. Paulette
  21. We were warned by our travel company about carrying a blower in hand luggage. It has to go in the checked bag. I knocked a lens hood off when I was on an elephant in India. We were photographing tigers and, fortunately, none were near so the mahout retrieved it for me. Unfortunately, the elephant had stepped on it. I kept it as a souvenir. Paulette
  22. Editorial use..$$ Polar Bear in the Svalbard Archipelago....a nice fat one Paulette
  23. I have a proper small Kata backpack I used for my wildlife trips but if I am just taking the D500 with 18-300 lens on the subway to the Central Park Zoo I prefer to look like I'm not carrying a camera so I use the bag my Crumpler computer bag came in. Just a canvas shopping bag that has short straps so the opening is right under my shoulder and not easy for someone to reach into. At the zoo I have it around my neck but usually also hold it in my hand to relieve the heaviness. I often think that if I had bigger shoulders life would be easier. Paulette
  24. A supposedly true story that makes me smile is the one about the doberman who didn't stop the burglar from coming in but didn't let him leave. Paulette
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