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  1. I love your frogs. You should put the scientific name in all your flora and fauna. People do search that way. Paulette
  2. You should put the scientific name in all your images of creatures. People do search that way. I think you have only done scant keywords on those images. They are the ones that always interest me so I didn't check anything else. Nice portfolio though. Paulette
  3. I think it would also be worthwhile to write to contributors@alamy.com about the "camera" comment. Could be a mistake? They do accept scans so there may have been a quality issue but that should have been the reason stated. Paulette
  4. He has always been an inspiration for me. There is so much thought behind his images. It is not just a picture of a lion. It is a picture that tells me something about the nature of lions. Paulette
  5. Some people find that drag and drop works. I go to the Image Manager and enlarge the pic I want. Then I right-click and choose copy image address. I then go to "insert other media" and choose the image address. You can also do that from a lightbox. I'm on a Mac using Safari. Paulette
  6. Ah, MizBrown you got me all excited because I have some very nice caracal images. Unfortunately they are looking for Caracal aurata, not Caracal caracal. The ones I have are the ones with the great ear tufts and Alamy is looking for the ones known as the African Golden Cat. This is a good example of the importance of the scientific name -- which Childa has supplied correctly on her Caracal caracal. Paulette
  7. Don't worry about discoverability. Just be accurate and complete in your keywording. We think Alamy makes a mistake in encouraging people to add unimportant keywords. It is likely to hurt you. Just search the forum and you will see how many times we have said this. Paulette
  8. This hasn't really affected me but I have been appalled to see the way it was done. Giving ample notice would have also given ample time for people to re-apply and for the decisions to be made on whether they could continue with their plans to shoot news. So unfortunate all around. Paulette
  9. You are the best mom I'm sure. I hope you will be getting lots of hugs. Paulette
  10. That's why I always put a link to the comp page. Making it easy for the buyer. Can't hurt. Paulette
  11. Magazine in Taiwan. This is one of my entries in the challenge... Hmmmm. Maasai women working on the roof of a hut, Kenya, East Africa Paulette
  12. Freedom of the press in the USA gives us lots of leeway when people are in public. If you have stated that there are people in your images and you have no model releases they can be used for editorial purposes. It is commercial use that requires releases. Paulette
  13. I'm glad you made it, Betty. I was hoping that monster storm hadn't delayed you. They were calling it a "bomb cyclone". Yikes. Paulette
  14. Limited use??? Just a guess. Did you put any restrictions on them? Maybe marked them editorial only? Paulette
  15. In a Maasai village the roles don't change for anybody. You have your role set for you at birth. The older children look after the younger ones. Woman look after children and they also take care of the cattle -- though they may wear modern footwear while milking into a gourd... Maasai woman in a village in Kenya, East Africa Women bring the water from the river... Maasai woman with water barrel... And it surprised me to learn that they build the huts -- out of mud and dung... Maasai women working on the roof of a hut. So glad to have been born in the USA... Paulette
  16. There is a travel website that is getting these Novel Use images. I had a couple and did not see the use as novel at all so I have opted out of Novel Use. April is the only month to do it so you might want to get out now. Paulette
  17. Book in Ireland for me too, Colblimp... Polar Bear in the Svalbard Archipelago. Paulette
  18. Cats have a 3rd eyelid too and my sweet kitty has feline herpes so his white eyelid shows a bit at the inner corners. Paulette
  19. Honestly, Gen, Australia is scary! Paulette
  20. It's new. Someone mentioned it in another thread. Can't remember which thread. Paulette
  21. You should shoot RAW. You must submit jpegs. Read all the information Alamy provides carefully and you will be fine. Paulette
  22. I have found that supertags help and anything both in caption and supertags comes up higher in searches. Put both names in the same tag. Forget discoverability. Pauletter
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