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  1. 39 minutes ago, VbFolly said:

    A couple of good wildlife image sales today continue a surprisingly good month for me. Thanks Alamy!


    Country: Worldwide ; Usage: iQ sale: Corporate client.

    Magazine Up to full Inside

    Internal and external marketing communications. Excludes advertising. One time use only. 

    Industry Sector: General business services ;  Start: 26-June-2020 ; End: 26-June-2030

    Low $$$:






    Since you can make a worm look this beautiful maybe I'd better have you take my picture.. 



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  2. I didn't quite get the "anorak" since I thought it was a jacket... but I found this... rather strong but I get your point.. 


    Anorak" /ˈænəræk/ is a British slang term which refers to a person who has a very strong interest, perhaps obsessive, in niche subjects. This interest may be unacknowledged or not understood by the general public.


    I was mostly kidding around but I have to admit that I cringe at those photos before I start wondering if the only men in the UK are the funny-looking ones. I guess we should be careful not to get carried away with this but I bet most of the guys here are pretty darn good in their attitudes towards women. Just don't start submitting those pics to the Challenge!!!!😁






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  3. 7 hours ago, Betty LaRue said:

    Paulette, dappled shade/sun is one of the hardest photographic conditions to contend with, don’t you agree? Maybe you can get bright overcast before they fledge.


    Got some even light yesterday morning. First thing in the morning seems to be my best opportunity. The little things don't even have feathers now and barely peek up. I suppose I should take a ladder down to get a better angle but I'm afraid of freaking out mamma and scaring her away. I shall do what I can without harming them.



  4. I've been checking our robin's nest every morning and I was worried that I wasn't seeing the mom sitting on the nest and sometimes she wasn't around. This morning I saw three little chicks!!!! Just big enough to stick up their open mouths. I took some pics but the light was difficult -- dark with some very bright sun spots. I'll go out earlier tomorrow and try some more. Such fun.



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  5. 1 hour ago, Nathaniel Noir said:


    Also how do you opt in and out of NU? It's puzzling that Culture Trip would be considered NU


    Unfortunately you can't opt out until April. I know it's a long way away. I've been getting some $2 distributor bulk sale discounts in Estonia that I would like to get out of but can't for a while. You go to Additional Revenue Options on your dashboard.



  6. 17 minutes ago, MDM said:

    I wouldn’t worry about setting up a new computer as it will come already set up and you will have 90 days support from Apple if you run into any problems which you shouldn’t do anyway. Macs tend to work straight out of the box with minimal messing about - unlike PCs. That is a major advantage of having the hardware and the OS designed to work together. The biggest issue can be getting older hardware such as printers to work but even that is easy on Macs.

    The Adobe subscription software works just as easily and there is nothing to fear but much to look forward to. You will find Lightroom is way faster and has loads of new features. There are some changes but It is.not a steep learning curve really. When you buy a new Mac, definitely keep the graphics card in mind if you want future proofing. 

    I don’t believe the sky is falling on our heads if there is any truth to the rumours about an upcoming change of processor. This has happened before a few times and  the software developers will have it all in hand. Apple and Adobe didn’t get into their present positions by stupidity and they certainly will not be throwing away their huge market shares by dumping existing users however they manage a major transition. 


    Thank you for reminding me of the help I will get from Apple. I always get the AppleCare and I think they train the phone help to be very, very soothing. I have always felt well taken care of. I am also within walking distance of two Apple stores.



  7. 1 hour ago, MDM said:

    Nothing to worry about for several years. Apple has a history of supporting older hardware for many years after a change. it is often more of an issue getting the developers to support the new hardware than the opposite. I remember when the PowerPC processors arrived in 1994 and it was a long time before any big developers actually produced software to take advantage of the new supposedly superfast processors. The first major program that was native was Microsoft Excel if I recall correctly. They kept supporting PowerPC for several years after they went to Intel. 


    In any case, for many graphics programs nowadays, it is probably equally important to get a powerful graphics card (GPU). For Macs that means one that will fully support Apple's Metal than to get too worried about the CPU speed. 


    Thank you, Michael. The laptop I am replacing is more than 10 years old so you can see I only move forward very slowly. I know one of the reasons I have delayed is I will have to set up the new one, get the Adobe subscription (yikes) and learn new things. All this time locked down should have been a good time to do all that but my brain has not been very good at focusing. We are now in the first step of reopening NYC so I may come to life as the city does. So far it doesn't seem that thousands of protestors marching and shouting for hours has hurt us. I don't know how that can be possible but we are OK so far. Please don't anyone take that as a political statement. Just the facts, ma'am.



  8. 12 hours ago, Bear said:

    I believe he was talking about two zooms at the time of that post which was in January 2018, and the study was done in 2017 (of which I believe his link to it is not correct).


    Yeah buddy!




    Looks like Mr. Heap (Backyard Silver) has done some digging into SS revenues and even some white paper corporate revenue stream and stock holder info.  (Too boring for me).....My interest lies in I had signed on at SS before I found Alamy and I just left what little stuff I had there.


    I see I misspelled your name in an earlier post, my apologies.......



    system guess GIF

    This addition of animated gifs is cool Alamy has added to the forum....




    Please don't make me sorry I encouraged you to stay on the Forum. No politics, please. It can ruin it for all of us.



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  9. I am wondering what this might mean in practical terms for me. I was planning to buy a new MacBookPro last year and then the money had to go to a dental implant (which is still not implanted due to coronavirus shutdowns) and so I was going to get it this year with people seeming to love the newest one. Of course the plan has been delayed again because my cat-sitting income disappeared with no one traveling. Things will pick up again in about a month so maybe I will buy it this year. But..... now something new making me wonder if I should wait for the new shiny thing.



  10. 1 hour ago, Allan Bell said:

    Your image of the swan family Alan reminded me of a similar one in my port. Hope you don't mind me pitching in with it.


    Keep up number Six



    Oh, that's me. I walk more slowly than anyone. When I was in the Falkland Islands I found that even penguins walk faster than I do. I used to blame it on my short legs but that doesn't work with penguins.



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  11. I understand why you feel the way you do, Bear, but there is no reason to leave the Forum just because some people occasionally bring up their political ideas. It is not really OK to do that but the best reaction is no reaction. Lots of people enjoy themselves here without giving an inkling of their political positions (which may even be the same as yours). The most popular political position here is "no politics".



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  12. 1 hour ago, Allan Bell said:


    Hmm! Must remember to add it to the tags in AIM.





    I would also add funny, humor, humour, humorous, humourous, concept. I honestly don't know how useful those will be but I see searches for "funny animals" and I've sold some.



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