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  1. Website, app and social media for $$.. Necklace worn by Samburu Maasai women Paulette
  2. I had two sales of polar bear pics for a book in March right before lockdowns started. It has taken a long time for them to clear so I was worried it might be cancelled but they have just cleared. Paulette
  3. Here you go.... I love it and mentioned it before in the thread about films..... Paulette
  4. If you learn well from books Gary Friedman has done good ones I think. I have the first one but he seems to have also done more recent ones. Paulette
  5. I'm too lazy for that so just look at the Sales History in my dashboard. It probably means I am a day late in learning about them but keeps me more relaxed. Paulette
  6. It is in Safari. Go to the top of your screen and click on Safari. Click on Clear History. I only did it for two days but that may not be enough now. I did it at the beginning. Paulette
  7. I have a new tooth at last! I have been getting a dental implant and had my old tooth removed probably a year ago. I had just reached the point where they put in the new tooth when the lockdown began. The implants take a long time and are weird with a screw being put into your jaw as the "root" but I had one done years ago and it's like having a real tooth but with no nerve to get into trouble. I went to the dentist on the subway and it is still not too crowded in the middle of the day. We are pretty much 100% masked these days at least inside. It can be fun to see what the fashionable young women do. I saw a woman today wearing a beautiful patterned summer dress and she was wearing a mask that picked up a color from the dress. Very stylish. Paulette
  8. Ohhhhh. Is this where you went after crossing the river with crocs? Paulette
  9. That's exciting. The wonders of nature. Paulette
  10. I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I haven't eaten them in decades but when we were discussing french toast I remembered that Annie Oakley's in Lakeside, California would put a layer of peanut butter between two slices. So I bought peanut butter and still haven't done the french toast but I had forgotten how good a peanut butter and jelly sandwich can be. Easy to make, too. Paulette
  11. I have a couple of book sales in March that haven't cleared. I haven't inquired with Alamy yet because I suspect the project was at least delayed by the pandemic. I hope it goes through. Maybe in a month or two I'll ask Alamy. This seems not a good time to bother them since the website problems must be keeping them busy -- not to mention their problems with the pandemic. Such hard times. Paulette
  12. I cleared two days in Safari and got into my dashboard but no news there. Measures showed no activity on Monday or Tuesday. Nice to have you folks back on the Forum. I was lonely with only a Zoom yoga class yesterday. Paulette
  13. Old boots used as planters in Seldovia, Alaska Sandhill Crane spending the summer in the backyard of a home in Homer, Alaska Windowbox with cat and flowers in Greenwich Village, New York City Paulette
  14. I got to looking at stuff about Jay Maisel after the discussion in the thread about films and I came across this ......... Apparently it worked.... In this picture, the guy got up and came toward me and said, “what the hell are you shooting?” I said, well, I was shooting the light and you. You were in it, you look great. Paulette
  15. He's a wonderful teacher. I took a brief seminar with him at PhotoPlus Expo one year. I think you will love the film. Paulette
  16. My leaping polar bear sold again for an editorial website in Turkey. Pays three times what they pay in Estonia. Still not enough! Don't mean to moan. I've had some good sales this month (and all year) Paulette
  17. Estonia again. Bulk discount ..... you know the $. Nice that they like my images but I wish they had more money to pay for them. Grizzly Bear at the Denver Zoo. Paulette
  18. I am definitely not one of the experts here but I can attest that the newer 80-400 is significantly better than the original one. Maybe check some of the reviews. Paulette
  19. I can see that this thread is going to send me into extreme house-envy. Paulette
  20. Click on BusyBee and you will see yours. Paulette
  21. My bad thing today was rather fun in a way. I take a crosstown bus to some of my cat-sitting. It stops right in front of my building but on these weekends the block is closed off for outdoor dining. I made a point of finishing with cats in time to get the last bus before the street would close. It came very late but I expected to be able to get off at my stop. We hadn't gone more than a block when the street ahead of us was unexpectedly blocked off and the driver had to turn north. I heard her speaking on her phone trying to get instructions. The West Village is a very difficult area to navigate in a big bus. The streets are very narrow and there are often delivery vans double parked. It sometimes amazes me that the drivers manage to get through on the regular route. So she was checking out the streets as we went to see if she could make the turns. She was quite possibly new on the route. I have sometimes had to help drivers navigate because they have been put on the route without ever having traveled it. I was the only one on the bus and I had an idea what she could do but it was hard to communicate because they are protecting the drivers from the virus by having a plastic divider blocking the front section and riders get on and off at the back door. It is free. If I could have been next to her talking to her I might have helped but she was wandering on her own (in a giant bus) on our tiny streets. She headed back south and I expected her to turn where she could have been back at the terminal but she may not even have recognized the street if she is new to the route. She was passing it by so I had her let me off and she went downtown on her own. I wonder where she is now? On the way home I saw that the street that was blocked had a lot of fire trucks on it. I don't think it was a big fire. Nothing on the news. So that was my adventure for the day. Paulette
  22. I love the reaction of the other bird..... so funny. Paulette
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