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  1. Yes, this is a change and there was a great deal of discussion on the Forum at the time. Any images of yours that is not for sale elsewhere can be marked "Exclusive to Alamy" in your image manager. If all your images are only available here you can ask Alamy to do it for you. You can also set it as a default for future uploads. That will give you 50%. Otherwise, it is, alas, the 40%. Paulette
  2. Oh, yes. Nature is healing. Thank you for sharing that, Betty. Paulette
  3. Lonely grave of a Frenchman who committed suicide in 1929 on Sea Lion Island, Falkland Islands. Flowers on a Russian Orthodox Cross in the Graveyard of Holy Transfiguration of our Lord Church, Ninilchik, Alaska National September 11 Memorial showing names on the parapet surrounding the pool and the Museum in the background. Paulette
  4. Maybe something on the outskirts that has good bus service. There has to be something for you in Ireland, Edo. Paulette
  5. Such a "human" little creature. I love it when wildlife images help people to love wildlife. Gen's scary creatures in Australia are fun but scary. Paulette
  6. I have a series about a polar bear hunting, catching and eating a seal and I have put PBHunt in the keywords and explained in More Information that all the images can be seen with that keyword. As the subject comes up now I wonder why I did not put that in the caption. Hmm.. Not enough room? I must try today. Paulette
  7. Personal use... Polar Bear Cub in the Svalbard Archipelago. Paulette
  8. Allan, I am so sorry to hear that you are struggling. Unless I misunderstand, you are the executor for the will of a friend who has died. I did that for my best friend when he died of AIDS and it was enormously painful. On top of the grief there is interminable business with lawyers. I also had to sell his apartment and put the money in trust for his partner's children. His partner had died also of AIDS. This was a very long time ago and I came through it with a lot of sorrow but, believe me, the struggling does end. There are very dark periods in most lives I think. You are such a nice man I must believe that there are other people who love you and would be most happy to have you reach out for help. Support groups can be very helpful and most of our friends are only too glad to help. It makes people feel good to be of use. Paulette
  9. Put BHZ in an image as a supertag and wait for the update so it is active. Then do a search for BHZ. If you do that for each pseudonym you can see which one comes higher up in searches. This is a method started eons ago so we could check our rank back in the days when there were big periodic re-ranks. Now ranking is more complicated and not as likely to change but this should work to see rankings of different pseudonyms. If you are new (which you don't seem to be) all the pseudonyms you use might have a middling rank until you have established a record of sales. Paulette
  10. Editorial use.... Good $$ fee. Maremma Sheepdog herding Finn-Dorset sheep Paulette
  11. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. I remember how terrible it was to look for a new apartment in NYC. I'm sure you know what I mean, Edo. The Village Voice was the place to look for the inexpensive places and for some reason it came out first in Brooklyn Heights so I would make my way down there from the Upper West Side to get the paper right off the presses. Then the race began. That was decades ago and now I guess you go online to StreetEasy but then the numbers of people to compete with would be huge. And, of course, we have our strange online lottery to try to get a place in a new building that is required to rent to a certain number of low or moderate income people. It happens online but you can find yourself number 746th in line for consideration. Sorry to not be more upbeat. I'll be quiet now in my apartment that I dearly love. So lucky to have it. I hope luck is with you in Galway. It sounds like a wonderful place to live. Paulette
  12. Personal use... no discount... Maasai women wearing kangas, Kenya, East Africa Paulette
  13. I can no longer find Alamy's description of the IQ program for buyers. As I recall, it makes it easier for repeat buyers by doing some of the record-keeping chores for them. Something like that. I'm not sure they are promoting it anymore because it doesn't seem to exist in the help for buyers. Paulette
  14. Me too, John. But it has to be the Dos Equis Amber. As far as I'm concerned beer is food. Not meaning that I have it as often as I have food! Paulette
  15. I I bet I know which website that is. I had a couple of those sales before I opted out of Novel Use in April. I don't know why that website is getting these bargain basement deals. Paulette
  16. I suspect it's the plug-in giving you the message so perhaps look at their help pages. Paulette
  17. It looks like they have all of my images so I hope it is authorized. Paulette
  18. So lovely to hear a happy tale from you again. I visited friends in Ireland years ago and had marvelous food. Of course, they were taking me to favorites but I suspect the days of food being boring in England and Ireland are far in the past. I think the only food I ate out when I lived in London was Indian but that was long ago. Paulette
  19. I suppose you have tried Googling your question. I can almost always find answers that way. Paulette
  20. I am finally convinced that the subscription is worth overcoming scruples but my dentist has nixed it for now. I can't get it for my old MacBook Pro and El Capitan. I was going to buy a new computer this year but now I need a dental implant. I have had one before and they are great. A whole new tooth that will never decay. HOWEVER they cost more than a new Mac. And you can't process pics with them. So the new computer and the subscription will wait until next year when I take my next withdrawal from an IRA. I'm just lucky to be able to do all of this. As Edo says "poco a poco". Paulette
  21. Just had to add that I don't think KHA is "peddling" anything. Everybody take a deep breath. Ahhhhhh. That feels good. Paulette
  22. I'm not sure what you can see but when you are on your computer go to your dashboard and Alamy Measures. In Your Images you will find a lot of useful information. It will automatically show one month but as you go along you will probably want to set it for Yesterday and then click on your pseudonym. There are columns and if, for instance, you want your zooms to show at the top click on the black bar where it says Zooms and you can put them first. You'll see all the search terms that have brought up your images. I often adjust my keywords when I see that something inappropriate has come up. Paulette
  23. We definitely have sparrows in NYC and they seem to be quite fond of the openings of pipes in the street lights and traffic signals. Lots of pigeons, of course. In my garden (lucky me) we get robins, blue jays, cardinals, and mourning doves as well as an occasional stranger. We are on the flight path for migration and bird watchers love Central Park. Paulette
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