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  1. The blog I linked to has a section specifically on Supertags. There is a link to a video and a link to the PDF instructions. Keywords that are both in the caption and a Supertag will cause your image to appear higher in results when that keyword is searched so you should definitely choose Supertags. Paulette
  2. https://www.alamy.com/blog/tagging-images-on-alamy it's a good idea to look at as many Alamy instructions as you can. Paulette
  3. Light can be amazingly different. TV shows that are supposed to be New York but are shot in California never look quite right. I actually look to make sure I have some blinkies. If I don't see any I increase my exposure because, as you say, if they are a problem at all Lightroom easily takes care of them. Paulette
  4. I've had a $330 sale for travel direct mail and brochures. Happy! Paulette
  5. Edo and I were thinking the same thing..... Pearl Paint gone. If you can afford 16K a month you can live above the old store.. https://ny.curbed.com/2017/3/24/15048544/tribeca-pearl-paint-art-store-luxury-rentals Paulette
  6. Yes, delete before working on it. I'm not sure what happens if you already added all the caption and keyword info as I leave the caption until using the Image Manager but I think you'll be fine deleting it in the Image Manager right away. Paulette
  7. One reason I let Alamy do it for me has to do with that issue in the USA. I had to either let DACS take 20% (as I remember) or go through a long process with government forms and a fee of (as I remember) $80. I think I would have had to repeat this every three years (not sure about that). In the long run I guess it could have worked out in my favor since Alamy takes 50% and expenses (whatever they are) but I'm going the lazy route. I don't make $80 from DACS --- so far. Paulette
  8. Such a fancy dress! I do enjoy your sea creatures. Paulette
  9. I think Betty was right to suggest checking the histogram when you are shooting and using a setting that brings it all the way to the right. I'm a bit lazy about that and what I am more likely to do is set my LCD to show "blinkies" when I review my image. The sections that are over-exposed blink. I look to have tiny areas blinking and use Lightroom to make adjustments if I have gone too far. Like Betty, I have found that I usually want a +1/3 exposure compensation with my Nikons. A slight over-exposure is better than underexposure when it comes to noise. Paulette
  10. I can try to help with the poll but start by going to the top of this page and clicking +Create. The choices are going to be pretty obvious from there until you get to the actual creation and need to notice that there are two tabs and the one for Poll will be black at that point so not obvious. The place I messed up once was in not realizing which of the "Titles" they ask for is the one that will appear as the topic. Just use sentences that make sense "Time to vote...etc." Then after you give your selections there will be a choice again on a tab for "Content" and that is where you put up the pictures. I hope I have this right. It's even OK to put the pictures up in a separate post if you miss it the first time. Paulette
  11. The traditional number is 8 but some people have put up more. Personally, I appreciate only having 8 for the final voting though I know it can be hard to let go of ones that are favorites. Paulette
  12. No, it has no affect on discoverability. You may notice when doing a search that you can choose New, Creative, or Relevant. The "New" does not refer to the date taken-- only the date uploaded. Welcome to Alamy and to the Forum. Paulette
  13. I have Safari on a Mac and all is working for me. Paulette
  14. For an indoor display at a non-profit...$$$. Very happy about this one. Not so happy about one of my best bears sold for a pittance. An editorial website, of course. The personal and presentation sales look good in comparison. I'm not really complaining. So nice to see two sales pop in at the same time. Maasai woman wearing the traditional kangas, Kenya, East Africa Paulette
  15. Thank you for the tool to remove duplicates. I have lots of those from the days of three different boxes for keywords. I found the instructions for dealing with commas didn't work but I used TextEdit to replace them with spaces and that worked. I don't think I have the patience to go through all my old images but I may do some. Paulette
  16. Then there is the issue of becoming an old woman and finding that "rouge" is now called "blush". I see on Alamy it is also called "blusher". Paulette
  17. Presentation use... $$ Wake of a ship in the arctic. Paulette
  18. All that is missing is "Sweeney Todd". I post this at the risk of seeming even worse than the landlord. Paulette
  19. Just want to say I had a wonderful time looking at your photos! Keywords are a bit scant. I probably go overboard but I think all my animals have "animal, animals, wild (if they are), wildlife, nobody and (sometimes) copy-space". As far as the portfolio page is concerned they seem to have given it to us and then done nothing further with it. There have been other complaints. I don't often use mine and haven't done anything other than the basics... https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/paulette-sinclair Paulette
  20. I hope you don't mind a bit of advice on this subject. You have 8 similar photos of a very pretty little bird. Since you don't have control over which of them will show up first it is beneficial (in my opinion) to only upload the very best. I would choose 2AMTJER because the light is better. The little light in the eye is considered very much a plus in animal images. I don't necessarily upload only one image of an animal but I am pretty choosey since I'm aware that the inferior one may be the only one the buyer sees. Paulette
  21. Sounds to me like Ed shouldn't have to pay the tax??? Unless he is renting a distinct and separate building. That doesn't seem terribly likely in a big city like Liverpool. Renters in NYC can be paying tax as part of their rent but it is possibly refundable when they do state tax returns. Paulette
  22. I remember at one point a member was having trouble uploading and it turned out he had something "illegal" in his file names. I don't know if he was getting a spinning ball. Paulette
  23. What exact method are you using? I use the drag and drop method by choosing the jpegs from a folder on my desktop and dragging them in. Paulette
  24. I'm so glad Ed has landed in a place where people can help and advise him. I didn't like having him float around all by himself. Paulette
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