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  1. Personal use... Polar Bear in the Svalbard Archipelago. Paulette
  2. My dashboard has all the information but is narrow. My problem is I get no content in Sales History. Paulette
  3. Don't delay, Betty. I got mine a few weeks ago at CVS because a friend of mine feared that they will run out this year because of the awareness of viruses now. The woman who gave me the shot said they were already running out. Speaking of not delaying. I had a very minor shingles episode and because I went straight to my doctor he was able to give me something that stopped it in its tracks. I don't remember what it was but it has to be given very soon to work. Stay healthy everyone! Paulette
  4. Yes, I would put Latin names and locations where taken in both captions and tags. Paulette
  5. People seem to be finding it anyway so not important, I think. Paulette
  6. From the Alamy homepage at the top click My Account and then Contributor Dashboard. Lots of information there (none of your beautiful jaguars though). Explore. Paulette
  7. They are really encouraging bikes here in NYC these days and I'm sorry they do. When I was very busy as a cat-sitter (and younger) I would use a bike on the big holidays. I was only in the Village and little traffic on those days but, even so, I was once knocked over by someone opening the door of a parked car. I was lucky no one was coming behind me. I know someone here who was hit by a bike and has a cracked skull so being a pedestrian around them is rather frightening. There are electric ones now that don't make any noise and come out of nowhere at high speed. The people who really upset me are the ones who have their kids on the bike. Too dangerous. Rant over. Paulette
  8. Definitely ornate!! Pretty amazing. This subject is usually put in the Lets Talk About Pics section. Maybe you'll want to move it... not sure how to do that myself. Paulette
  9. I have just reached the number of sales I made in 2019. The rather surprising thing to me is that I have made about $700 gross more than I made in 2019. So I'd better stop moaning about the wee sale amounts I get now and then. Thank you, Alamy! Paulette
  10. OMG. You guys are on the 3rd page of this..... Paulette
  11. Websites, app and social media.. $$. I really enjoyed this visit to a Maasai village because they seemed to be having a good time with us. These women are laughing because they were messing up the song they were singing for us.... Maasai women in traditional clothing and jewelry, Kenya Paulette
  12. This is a sort of good/bad thing. When I was visiting my wonderful travel companion last year she told me she had one credit card that she only uses online so when it had to be cancelled because of fraud it didn't cause a big problem. I took her advice and I have just found small amounts being charged to my online card... purportedly from Amazon. So I've had to spend some time with Amazon and with my credit card company but all is well and I will have a new card on Monday. None of my automatic payments will be affected since they are on another card. Paulette
  13. Go to your Dashboard and then Account Balance. I just noticed something new to me. If you go to My Account on the homepage there is a choice to go right to the Account Balance. I'd advise looking at the Dashboard. Lots of good information there. Paulette
  14. Oh, yes. All the images I could be doing something with ....and it's hard these days. I don't even have the excuse of having been sick. Paulette
  15. Very beautiful. Nice to see your images, Michael. Paulette
  16. I looked at some of your pics and I particularly liked this one.... but caption needs editing.. A painter is painting a scenery and a group of women sitting infront having panic and conversation on a sunny tropical afternoon - Image ID: 2CFXFGC I think you mean the women are in front and are having a picnic. Lovely shot. Paulette
  17. I suggest you check your captions. Some captioned as a pony are not right. The Image Manager can be tricky. You need to deselect before moving to the next image or your work carries over. Paulette
  18. That is interesting, Allan. Is there a difference from using the Basic panel to increase the saturation and then the exposure? I do find the HSL panel very useful for individual colors and the little target tool works nicely. Paulette
  19. Another sale of that polar bear. A book in Brazil.... distributor and bulk discount so my share is just barely $$. Better than $2.20 at least. He's a busy bear. Paulette
  20. I remember when I was in Churchill the local guy said that the seals were thriving in the warmer temperatures so the bears actually had more to eat. Nature is very complicated and it is annoying when articles become propaganda for one point of view. A friend of mine who gets very upset if animals are hurt sent me an article about a colony of penguins in Antarctica that was disappearing. Actually, in the last paragraph it mentioned that a nearby colony had grown ten-fold. So why was that not the headline? Didn't fit the narrative. I often become saddened by how hard the wild creatures have it but, I'm afraid, that is the nature of nature. Paulette
  21. Well they do eat well..... Polar Bear Cub dining in the Svalbard Archipelago Paulette
  22. Actually, one of the annoying things about my polar bear sales is they are always used to say the polar bears are in trouble. The ones we saw were FiNE. The biologist told us the ice was perfect for hunting. It provided a good platform for hunting. Of course, I can hardly complain since I was deliberately taking images that I thought could be sold to illustrate climate change. Just don't believe your lying eyes. Paulette
  23. Thank you guys... Here by popular demand... Polar bear leaping in the Svalbard Archipelago It was an amazing trip so my memories are the best part. We had a wonderful Russian captain who got us way into the ice where we saw a number of mothers with cubs. I'm not the greatest at spotting animals--- especially white ones on a white background --so I was continually saying "Where is it? Where is it?" We would no sooner get inside to warm up when there was an announcement that another bear was spotted and we'd get our gear on again. Happy, happy memories. Paulette
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