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  1. You make a copy of the url and then you click on the little square icon in the line above where you are typing. It appears for me above the word "click" in this message. I can't remember exactly what happens then but it will be pretty clear. Paulette
  2. I really, really want this one and don't know if I will manage the cost. I have the old one and, yes, it is slow to focus and not the sharpest lens but it has been perfect for me. I love to shoot wildlife (with a camera) and I am not a big guy with strong hands so I need a long telephoto I can handle. Apparently the new version is half a pound heavier and is longer but I think I still could probably manage it. Anyway, I am usually using that lens on a tripod or beanbag. A photographer I've traveled with who knows I use the 80-400 has bought the new one and loves it. The focus is faster and it is sharper than the old one. I hope I can eventually manage the cost and also manage the lens reasonably well. Paulette
  3. Ger, I meant the way the light falls on the subject. You have some great shots with the detail showing in feathers and fur and a catch light in the eyes. I think you have the ability to do wonderful work. I'm going to shut up now. Paulette
  4. Ger, I apologize for remarking on your images. It has apparently made you uncomfortable. I did it because I see some wonderful, wonderful images in your portfolio and I think you are hurting yourself by uploading the ones that are inferior (many in bad light). I wish you good fortune. Paulette
  5. Perhaps they will have a word to add to this thread. Paulette
  6. Did Alamy actually say that? Interesting. I have always thought that having too many views versus zooms was the problem. Paulette
  7. I don't think Alamy deliberately puts your photos further down if you have 252 photos versus 2. I think that happens naturally with the ranking system if you have diluted your images with the less striking ones. They still heavily promote Steve Bloom for his wildlife images even though he seems to not be adding any new work. Try an advanced search for Steve Bloom African Lion or Elephant. Every image is terrific and there really aren't that many of them. The wildlife photographers on Alamy are amazing. I do it because I love it but I don't think I can compete with Martin Harvey, Frans Lanting, or the National Geographic Collection. I take amazing trips though to get images that I enjoy working on so I am happy overall. Paulette
  8. Tee hee. "Member Services". Email memberservices@alamy.com. Paulette Sinclair
  9. I suspect we will have to agree to disagree, Ger. I LOVE some of those shots. If D35WBT came up in the first few pages of a search I'm sure I would click on "More by this photographer". The problem is nobody sees all of the variety of their choices from you unless they do that and if the first one of your images that shows up is one of the less interesting shots you may wind up being overlooked. Of course you should do what makes sense to you. Paulette
  10. I'm a bit concerned about this idea that massive numbers of images are going to generate sales. I usually hesitate to criticize the work of other contributors since I am not any kind of expert but I hope I can add something helpful. I'm sure you've heard it before that similars can hurt your ranking. As an example, you have about 40 images of a European Grey Heron. There are only about five of them that I, personally, would have uploaded. I think you know which ones are best because you have taken the time and trouble to crop and work on some. My opinion for what it is worth is that you will do better if you only upload the images you are really proud of. I haven't always done that myself but I am moving more and more in that direction. It doesn't help to just have lots and lots of images. We have to compete with some amazing photographers on Alamy and the site looks best when customers are not having to wade through our less successful images. I hope you don't mind the suggestion. Paulette
  11. I hope it is appropriate to post this. There have been questions about whether Alamy can let us know about events we might be able to cover. As you have probably noticed, I love animals. I foster an orphaned elephant through the David Sheldrick Elephant Trust. There is an organization called iWorry that is trying to do something about all the poaching of elephants for their ivory. There will be a march on Friday October 4 in fifteen cities including London, New York City, Washington DC, Munich, Ediburgh and Toronto. Here is the website where you can get information and register to march. I assume they will be happy to have as much publicity as possible. http://www.iworry.org/join-the-march-2/#.UjosLhbMEoV Paulette
  12. LOVE the chickens. Chickens can be amazing. Paulette
  13. I'm just fascinated by your avatar. What IS it? I've seen improvement personally but I think it is probably just a reflection of my own improvement in photography, processing, keywording. At least I'm not falling backwards. So far. Paulette
  14. Check out the thread "Anyone else had this problem". Paulette
  15. You can put the old code in the keywords of the new version so people can find it with the old reference number if they have been interested in it. Paulette
  16. Gave me a giggle, Danny. Good one. I am disturbed when new people are looking at how many images they need to get in order to sell. They would do much better thinking about quality and good keywording. Not to mention finding subjects that are not overdone. I'm afraid I am a sinner in that department. Paulette
  17. Expect to start out at a middle ranking until you have some sales. Paulette
  18. So now YES I'm having problems with the forum. I did not mean to stutter up above. I ALWAYS vote and am looking forward to the END of all the robo calls I have been getting. Paulette
  19. I can't zoom on them either, Ed. Mine seem to be OK. Have they been recently added? I haven't had forum troubles. I usually just stay logged in so don't know what would happen if I logged out. Paulette
  20. It's animals for me and what makes them triumphant is a bit of something to eat! Sooo delicious. Paulette
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