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  1. Thanks for the responses. At least my curiosity has been satisfied about the full image. I'm still curious about why I can't see this contributor's images. Paulette
  2. I decided maybe I had a filter on without realizing it so I put a filter on and and then clicked "clear all filters". So I have no filters on and still can't search that number or the contributor's pseudonym in advanced search. Am I the only one? Paulette
  3. Curiouser and curiouser. When I hover I get this as the reference number-- D3P15P and that is the number on the image if I follow your link. However if I go back and search that number I get nothing. So peculiar. Paulette
  4. I was curious to see the entire image of the swimmer and I came up with no results using the reference number. Then I tried some keywords and finally went into the advanced search for the contributor. No results. Very odd. Paulette
  5. Some Alamy images appear here.... one of them mine: http://www.hs.fi/matka/a1376633963875 It hasn't shown up as a sale. I can't read the page so would appreciate any information anyone might have. I'm assuming it is a legitimate sale as there are credits. Paulette PS. Just noticed the date -- so it was August -- not September. PPS. The language is Finnish. I assume it is a distributor sale.
  6. I'm not sure what you mean. I look under Summary of Images Sold. An image that sold to a newspaper was not showing up at all for many months. I knew it had sold because I found it by Googling My Name/Alamy. I eventually emailed member services. From what they said it would have eventually shown up even if I hadn't contacted them -- but who knows. I recently had a couple of nice sales for books and they seemed to be reported promptly and were in my Summary of Images Sold but it took a while for the money to appear in my Balance of Account. So I knew I had the sales before the money actually came in. Paulette
  7. You do get a sale reported before they pay --- hence the sometimes long waits for funds to clear -- especially from distributors. I know with the newspapers it can be several months before the sale is reported because they have a subscription and report the specific images a while after they use them. Paulette
  8. My experience has convinced me it is a mystery. My images are on an external hard drive. Most of the time my deletions just disappear but sometimes they wind up in the trash. I think the only preference that may be different is the one about storing preferences with the catalog. Otherwise I don't think I do anything different from session to session. Paulette
  9. Phil, there is a choice below the list that gives the option of seeing results and if you click the "view" after the voting result it shows who did the voting. I guess I am giving away the secret to the not-secret ballot but I discovered it by accident during the last poll when I thought that clicking "view" would show the image. The last poll was kind of mixed in terms of being able to see the identity of the voters. Anyway, it is all fun except that I gather that setting up the poll is complicated so maybe best not to win! Paulette
  10. Oh dear. I have voted for myself even when I thought someone else did the better photo. I must ponder this. How long to I have? When is the deadline for voting? .....And people will be able to see what I have decided. I long for a secret ballot..... (I do have a lot of fun with these contests.) Paulette
  11. I can't tell because I'm not supposed to vote for myself. Maybe it's "the American way" but I thought it was pretty standard to do that. The only problem is it takes away the fun of deciding who to vote for. Oh well. I guess it's your contest this time so I'll look over the other ones and decide. Thanks for including me. It's an honor. Paulette PS. I'm having problems. I can't find the image of the second one you list and they are not all in order I think.
  12. Andy is taking it easy for a couple of days. Judgment to come soon. Paulette
  13. Hope it is a nice holiday! (Taking it easy.) Paulette
  14. I have just learned that Alamy puts picture needs on Twitter. I have too many reasons already for putting off getting images ready and doing my keywording. I don't want to start following Twitter. Please put picture needs on the Forum or the Blog. Paulette
  15. Brazil? There are a number of us who sold for a textbook there. I think Alamy has since dropped that distributor because of non-payment. I thought about not allowing Brazil distributors to sell my pics but someone shared that they have sold a lot there and always been paid. So I am still in and today a sale for a book was reported. I have my fingers crossed. Paulette
  16. Thank you. Very clear. I bought my RX100 right before the new one came out and I was upset about that but after what David has said about the image quality and the fact that a viewfinder is not as useful as I had thought it would be I feel just fine about having the old one. The tilting screen would be nice but who knows if I would even use it. Paulette
  17. It seems that if a model release is not needed the image comes up. Happens to me all the time. Paulette
  18. Thank you. Still haven't mastered all the MANY choices on this teensy camera. Paulette
  19. I haven't tried it out in the world yet but I think I have found a "viewfinder" for the original RX100. I have this Hoodman loupe for chimping in bright sunlight on my DSLR. http://www.hoodmanusa.com/prodinfo.asp?number=H%2DLPP3 I got the "cinema strap" to hold it to the back of the camera but found that awkward to use on my DSLR. It fits easily on the RX100 and the loupe has a diopter adjustment so it makes a swell viewfinder. There is another thing to carry, of course, but it is light. The cost is $100 for the loupe and $25 for the strap so not cheap but better than the expensive one for the RX100 II. Paulette
  20. Sometimes -- but not always -- if you click on the zero you see their images. Our image numbers don't update unless we log out and then log in again. Annoying. Paulette
  21. I will probably get the red flag for this -- but I like his images. They do say it is the photographer -- not the equipment. Paulette
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