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  1. I wanted to check the keywords on an image I was looking at from the Search page and there is no longer an EDIT button, alas. Sometimes I find it much easier to work from a search instead of in Manage Images with it's squished thumbnails. Paulette NEVER MIND..... I tried to go to Manage Images and found that I was not logged in!!!!! All is well except that I still can't see an image on the homepage.
  2. Some of your similars are almost identical. For example D75CY6 and D75D0T. The latter has the tiger's eyes almost closed and I think that would only work for you if he looked to be nodding off. I would have only uploaded the one that shows the beautiful eyes. Sometimes it is hard to choose when we fall in love with our subjects but it is best for YOU to be deciding which is the best shot. If you have a different view or different pose similars can be OK. I see a number of instances where I think you should have chosen one. Hope that is helpful. Paulette P.S. I love image D71N7N.
  3. Not seeing an image at all right now. Paulette
  4. The cover images have been so well chosen lately that I've come around to liking the new design for the homepage. Paulette
  5. Hi Paulette, I have just checked and I can see all D8's. On IE on a PC. Allan I still am just getting a little blue box with a question mark after a bit of a wait. I had the same problem with Russell Watkins" images and he is contacting Member Services. There was a previous thread about this and it was cleared up but seems to be back now for at least some people. You were just two I happened to look at. The previous time I could see everything even when other people were having problems. Paulette
  6. Allan, I just checked out your images and about 18 of the ones beginning D8B are not showing. I didn't have a problem seeing the D8 images that had problems before but now this is the second time this AM that I have looked at someone's images and had the problem that I thought was cleared up. I am using Safari on a Mac. Paulette
  7. Russell, I took a look at your images and the ones beginning D83 are not showing. I thought that problem was fixed. I actually could see the others that were reported but can't see these. I use Safari on a Mac. Paulette
  8. There is no real point in adding quotation marks or commas but the order of the words can be important. If the buyer puts quotation marks around their search only images that have the words in that order will appear in the search. Also, the brackets are something that was talked about by Alamy but never implemented. Paulette
  9. The only way I have found to affect the order the images appear is to keyword something I want to appear first in a batch on a subsequent day. In other words I am uploading 10 polar bears and I want one to appear first. I save it to keyword on the next day after the first 9 have gone on sale. It is just the case that the most recently submitted are the ones that show first. The thing is that when someone is searching for a subject they won't see your images all at once unless they click "more". Careful keywording is the best thing you can do in order to be seen. Paulette
  10. So I got curious and Googled it. It is in the left "Source" panel. Your device will show there and you can choose it and check a box that you want it ejected after import. http://forums.adobe.com/message/4710984 Paulette
  11. I'll take a shot at this and say it is on the Import page -- I think bottom right. I seem to remember something you can check to have Lightroom eject your card after importing. Maybe you had it checked and that's why you saw no icon on the desktop. I'm on a Mac and i can go to the Finder to see that the card reader is connected. I eject there rather than having Lightroom do it. The Kelby book is great. Martin Evening's book goes into more detail and can be easier to look up specific things. Paulette
  12. You actually don't have to do anything to "release" them. As soon as you have filled in required fields for keywords in Manage Images they will go live the next day. You will see little red or green checkmarks by the different categories such as "Keywords" or "Attributes". The ones that haven't gone on sale yet will have one or more red checks. As you fill in those categories you will get a green check and as soon as there are no more red ones you will be considered to be finished. You can add more keywords after they are on sale either in Manage Images or from the Search page by zooming and clicking "Edit Image" at the top right. Paulette
  13. Thank you for including me. it's funny how funny too much of something can be. Many of the images give me a chuckle. Very interesting theme. Paulette
  14. No you don't have to wait. People are referring to the fact that sometimes Alamy will make you wait by not sending your failure results for 28 days. It is a way they have of making us be very careful with our submissions. Paulette
  15. I wouldn't know as I am an American too but it is a gorgeous image! Paulette
  16. It seemed to clear up quickly for me and is fine now. Paulette
  17. I find this really interesting. I have 35 Masai images on Alamy and many more that I hope to eventually submit. I was in the Masai Mara with Joseph Van Os Photo Safaris. Joe Van Os negotiated with the chief of a village and we each paid about 50 dollars to be able to photograph dances, a mock wedding, construction of a home, etc. We were told that we (about 25 of us) were giving them 6 months worth of income. Some of the villagers seemed to genuinely enjoy us -- especially a young woman who thought my attempts to sing their song were pretty funny. We women were taken into the women's dance though the men didn't have to do the jumping dance that the men do -- to "impress the ladies" I was told. And they were impressive. I was uncomfortable about what we were doing even though we had paid and had permission. I always put in the description field of my images that we paid a fee for permission but there were no written releases. It was a drought when I was there and the poverty was very apparent in the skinny cattle. We were invited into a mud home -- no windows -- dark -- I said a little prayer of thanks to whatever god allowed me to be born into the wealth we enjoy in the USA. Most of our guides were Masai and one talked to us quite a bit about their culture. By the way, we were told that if we had brought gifts we were NOT to give anything to an individual. They were to be given to the chief to divide as he saw fit. I was feeling rather cranky about the fact that one of our guides spoke very poor English until I realized that he also spoke French and German -- as well as Swahili and his native language of Maa. We have a joke in the US that sort of goes like this -- "What do you call someone who speaks three languages? Trilingual. What do you call someone who speaks two languages? Bilingual. What do you call someone who speaks one language? American." That is pretty much it for most of us. Anyway, I very much liked the Masai people I was able to know a little and I hope they can benefit from use of their imagery. Paulette
  18. I wanted to respond to the post about the Masai people so I was checking to see how many Masai images I have on Alamy but when I put in my name and the subject nothing was loading but if I switched from Creative to Relevant or vice versa I would get the images but a few minutes later the first search would kick in and say that there were no images under that search term. Is anyone else having problems searching? Paulette
  19. I looked it up and have NO idea what the answer would be but I wonder if you have asked Alamy about it. Perhaps they need another choice for your situation. Paulette P. S. No one is going to know what I am talking about so why don't I copy and paste your previous post... "I've posted a number of images from my own commercial Web site (fromoldbooks.org, hope it's OK to mention it) and a lot of them are woodcuts, often with people in them. The people are usually generic, e.g. to give a sense of scale in an engraving of a building, or two Victorian gentlemen comforting a forlorn-looking boy at a funeral (to illustrate a story, fiction). I have done extensive research to make sure the pictures are not encumbered in any way. If I say there are 3 people in th funeral engraving then I have to upload a model release in order to sell the imate as royalty-free. if I say there are zero people (which is what I have done so far) I fear people won't find the picture. Should I upload a "release" that simply says no release is needed?"
  20. Or you can zoom on the image during a regular search and there is an edit button at the top right of the window. Paulette
  21. You can see the description at the bottom of the window IF a description has been entered during keywording. On my new submissions I am putting the caption in the description field in addition to the caption field. I'm hoping I won't have to go back and do it for older submissions. Waiting to see if Alamy fixes this. Maybe they could tell us their plans? Paulette
  22. Thanks for the heads-up. I bought mine new and I'm sure I registered it but no word here in the USA about the update. Maybe it will come. Of course I also don't expect to get a new and huge lens!!! I can't handle them even if I could afford one. Paulette
  23. Interesting. If I go to discussion.alamy.com I can get here. But if I try to go to the homepage from here I get the same error. Member services has sent my email to the technical people. Kind of nice that I'm not alone in this. At least it looks like I haven't done anything WRONG. I think I would have been great at this when I was young but now I just feel incompetent most of the time. Thanks, losdemas. I am on a Mac. Paulette
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