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  1. Got it!!! I changed to only show IPTC and all was clear. Many thanks. Still wonder if I have to add the credit line. Paulette
  2. I guess the thing that confuses me is that they are in different sections with the section titled IPTC only having Headline and nothing titled Caption. So I guess Caption in the section above called Caption and Headline in the IPTC section called Headline? Do I add the credit line? I was assuming Alamy did that. Paulette
  3. I may have the opportunity to submit images for the News Feed tomorrow and I'm not exactly certain where to put the information. If I set Lightroom to show EXIF and IPTC there is a space in the section about the file that is Title and one for Caption. Then in the IPTC section there is a space for Headline. If I write the 600 words or less to caption the photo where do I put it? I assume in Caption? Then do I put a headline in the section called Title or the one called Headline down in the IPTC section? Or both? I've emailed member services but who knows how long it will take for an answer. Never tried the news route before. Paulette
  4. Actually I'm an Anglophile and I love James' accent. It is an accent, you know, to those of us in the US of A. We, of course have no accent. Paulette
  5. Yes, that's what I heard too. Paulette OOOps. Talking at the same time as Allan. So sorry. No need to speak up.
  6. I do appreciate the way he is willing to talk to us and I know for sure the economy is wretched these days and it's great that Alamy survives and still brings us at least some money if not what we would like. I feel that I am treated very well here. I will say again that I turned up the sound on the video itself and my computer. I do not have external speakers. Of course, we Yanks also think he has a funny accent so maybe that takes a bit more concentration too. I know my hearing is pretty OK because EVERYTHING in New York seems too LOUD for me these days. Paulette
  7. Yes, turned up everywhere. Guess it's the long distance. Paulette
  8. Literally quiet talk from James. I turned everything up as high as I could and could hardly hear him. Not much content either. I was hoping for a lowering of the payment threshold as I am just under it now. So by the end of the year something will happen and then more in the next six months. Guess I just have to sell more!!!! Paulette
  9. I was curious so I did an Advanced Search for Aurora. Almost 62 thousand images here. What does that do to your commission? I always wonder if it's worth being with an agency that submits here. I guess they also have their own territory with clients who approach them rather than looking on Alamy. Otherwise I think you'd do better to submit to Alamy yourself. Paulette
  10. Have you looked at "My Alamy"? I realize you must have in order to get to the page where you can submit images. I guess I mean have you looked at "Measures" under "My Alamy"? Lots of information there. Explore and you will see your zooms and (one hopes) sales. Or maybe I don't understand your question. Paulette Oh, I see. You were referring to the fact that Duncan said he had zooms on his reference number. Sometimes instead of a search word reported in Measures the search has been for the reference number of the image. That is usually a good sign. They have seen your image before and want to look at it again or maybe buy it. I get those and usually that means a sale -- but not always, alas.
  11. Every review I've read says the tripod collar is no good. Really Right Stuff has one -- for $235 -- as if the lens didn't cost too much already. I still really, really want one. Paulette
  12. It's really HARD for me to not vote for myself!!!!! Fortunately one of my very favorites made it to the finals so I could vote with a happy heart. Not ALL of my favorites made it. So MANY terrific photos. Thanks for including my successful bear. Paulette
  13. Nice to see so much variety too. Congratulations. Paulette
  14. You're welcome B.t.w. because you're very interested in African wildlife, here's a book that will interest you: "The Behavior Guide to African Mammals (including hoofed mammals, carnivores, primates)" by Richard Despard Estes ISBN 1-875091-10-6 Cheers, Philippe Double thank you!!! Paulette
  15. I was inspired to put up this image of mine -- so similar to the fox. Unfortunately, people don't seem to be looking for jackals but maybe some day. Paulette
  16. Did I manage to erase someone's post? It had thumbnails including this one. I was doing a "quote" but needed to erase all but this thumbnail. My post was very weird and I had to go away and return and now the quoted post seems not to be here. Sorry if it was my fault. Paulette Never mind!!! It is there. Dizzy today.
  17. The Observer [uK] 29 September, pages 20-21 AMAR3W Scottish Wildcay snarling and being aggressive Ron McCombe [incorrectly credited to David Tipling] This is really called a "Wildcay" in the caption. Wildcat in the keywords. Paulette
  18. Who are you? Not really new to Alamy, I think. Not that I necessarily disagree with you but I'm not happy about your dishonesty. Am I being unfair? Paulette
  19. Oh yeah. Why didn't I shoot wider so that the playing cubs wouldn't have their heads cut off when they stand up!!! I habitually zoom too far in. Paulette
  20. Since I found out that some picture needs are announced in tweets I have tried to start looking at the section of the Forum that has tweets. It is awkwardly placed and when I am scrolling down to see it I wind up scrolling in the tweets. There are only a couple showing and scrolling sends me back in time very quickly. I have to adjust my window in order to scroll with some control. All very awkward. Paulette
  21. Alamy is tweeting some picture needs. There is a "tweeting section" at the bottom of the Forums page. I find it frustrating because as I scroll down to it I end up scrolling the tweets too. Only a couple show at a time. It is all very awkward. I guess I should say this in the section on suggestions for the Forum. Will do. Paulette
  22. You make a copy of the url and then you click on the little square icon in the line above where you are typing. It appears for me above the word "click" in this message. I can't remember exactly what happens then but it will be pretty clear. Paulette
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