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  1. I have been totally lazy about keywording in Lightroom until very recently so my keyword list is a mess but recently I did put in the animals I saw in the Falkland Islands and also did a hierarchy of the places. It is wonderful once it is done. Just put in the animal and all synonyms appear magically. I don't think I'll ever get around to doing it completely but it is definitely worth looking into.



  2. Unfortunately, copying my keywords from Lightroom doesn't work. I can copy when I am in the "Enter Keywords" mode but not when I am in "Will Export". Since I have used a hierarchy and synonyms I only see all of my keywords when in the "Will Export" mode. No matter. It is possible in the Image Manager to choose Select all and Copy all Selected. Then I can copy into a document and work from there.



  3. 3 hours ago, Harry Harrison said:

    Yes, I must try harder, depends upon the subject to a certain extent I suppose. 


    Yes, I do mostly wildlife and the possibilities are endless. Whenever I do another subject I find I don't need anywhere near as many keywords. Less is more in this system because if you suddenly think of one you want to add to all images of a certain subject you are blocked if any of them has 50 keywords. Very frustrating. I'm saving the corrective work for another day when I am rested and focused. So glad for the suggestion of copying right from Lightroom. My mind tends to go pretty blank when it comes to figuring out things on the computer.



  4. 1 hour ago, Harry Harrison said:


    Excuse me if I'm misunderstanding the problem but could you not just manually copy the comma separated keywords into AIM from Lightroom after doing a 'Select All' and 'Delete Selected' on what's there. Of course it's a huge pain having to do it at all but it might be easier than cleaning up whatever has appeared in AIM.


    I'm waiting to see if my latest upload from Lightroom has any problems, none of mine have so far.


    Good idea. Thank you.



  5. This is the response I have received from Alamy...

    Thank you for letting us know you are still having this problem. We are working with IT to resolve this problem as soon as possible. 

    Unfortunately those keywords that have already been double tagged you will need to go in and remove manually, we aren't able to do this for you. 


    I have hated this version of the Image Manager from the beginning and have said nasty things about it. Now I feel like it is paying me back. I have a lot of images from my last trip that I want to upload but am wondering if I should do keywording from a text document instead of doing it in Lightroom. Such a pain in the neck.



  6. Not fixed. I just had another upload accepted and all the ones I keyworded in Lightroom have more than 50 tags because they have been doubled. Two images only had my name put in the keywords in Lightroom and my first and last name have come in separated. The name is OK in the ones I did extensive keywording on. Sigh. I will email Alamy. I think I will caption and do super tags so the images will go on sale but I will put off the fixing of extra keywords in hopes that they will do it for me. I had deliberately not put in 50 keywords so I could add words specific to each photos. Cannot do that as long as I have too many words. Sigh.



  7. Just as an example, R8K29R doesn't give the name of the bird in the caption or its scientific name. Then the keywords include numerous different locations. If your images are not appearing in searches it is because you have not provided captions and keywords that describe the image. 



  8. My parents owned rental property in California and they depended on the rental income to pay the mortgage, taxes, and other costs. Taking on a new tenant was always a bit of a risk. So anything you can do to make yourself a less risky proposition will presumably help. Once you have had a place for a while and have a credit history and a history of being a "desirable tenant" you'll have more opportunities to choose your ideal place. It has to be very difficult to be new to the country as well as the city. Fingers crossed that you can settle down soon.



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