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  1. I hope you don't mind a bit of advice on this subject. You have 8 similar photos of a very pretty little bird. Since you don't have control over which of them will show up first it is beneficial (in my opinion) to only upload the very best. I would choose 2AMTJER because the light is better. The little light in the eye is considered very much a plus in animal images. I don't necessarily upload only one image of an animal but I am pretty choosey since I'm aware that the inferior one may be the only one the buyer sees.



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  2. 4 hours ago, Thyrsis said:



    Hi Betty,

    Council tax is payable, to your local council who set the rate, if you rent or own your property. There are 8 bands and you pay according to the value of the property. The tax covers ‘Local services such as planning, transport, highways, police, fire, libraries, leisure and recreation, rubbish collection and disposal, environmental health and trading standards.’ 

    In a rental, If the whole property is rented out on a single contract the tenant pays.  If the property is split into several units with separate tenancy agreements the landlord pays.


    Sounds to me like Ed shouldn't have to pay the tax??? Unless he is renting a distinct and separate building. That doesn't seem  terribly likely in a big city like Liverpool. Renters in NYC can be paying tax as part of their rent but it is possibly refundable when they do state tax returns.




  3. 2 hours ago, CrowingHen said:


    Am I right in thinking the number on the dashboard is what the person paid for the picture?  I get a percentage of that based on if I marked 'exclusive' or not and I don't get the money until I sell more photos to make up the minimum amount?



    You want to look at Sales History to see what the sale was and the amount the buyer paid. Then go to Balance of Account to see what Alamy took. The sales will show as "cleared" when the buyer actually pays Alamy. When your cleared amount is $50 or more you will get paid at the end of the month.


    I'm so glad you were able to take the advice here and that you understand that any special knowledge and experience you have can make a difference.





  4. So hard for me to understand this. No doubt I am very self-absorbed and when I am in the final voting I check obsessively to see how my bears are doing!! It has happened now and then lately that people don't seem to understand that winning means taking over the next challenge. We are counting on you Alex. Wonderful evocative image! Let's hear your idea for this month..



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  5. Oh, Betty, I am so sorry. I have been known to tell a cabbie he will get a bigger tip if he slows down. That works. I don't take cabs very often and these days I feel sorry for them. Uber has taken a lot of their business and some who paid a lot for their medallion are really hurting. We have had some suicides. I actually agree with the idea of Uber but the way taxis were controlled in the past has left a lot of victims of the change.





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  6. This is a pretty good explanation of choices for doing this...  https://www.lightroomqueen.com/move-photos-another-hard-drive-leaving-catalog/  I'm not sure I understand your exact situation but when I updated to a larger external drive to hold my images I used SuperDuper to copy the images from the old drive to the new one. I disconnected the old drive and then went into Lightroom (the catalog is on my computer) and right-clicked on my top folder to choose to show Lightroom where my photos were. I had followed a Scot Kelby suggestion when I first started so ALL my photos are in a parent folder so I only had to do that once. Since you have more than one catalog you may have to do something differently. I only have one catalog and keep images on one drive. I do have my more recent images still on my computer but can delete them whenever I want.



  7. One tip for working on a laptop is that you have to be aware of the tilt of the screen. Betty, I think that may have been your problem since images can show as much brighter or darker than they really are. I have a black and white gradient at the top of my Lightroom. Can't remember how I got it but it is instead of my name. Hope I can find it again when I (sigh) have to get the subscription. I don't always remember to check it but it is very useful in making sure I am seeing all the tones.



  8. That is my MacBook Pro and I am planning to replace it with a brand new one because it seems so weary. I have no trouble using Lightroom once the program opens but I've learned to go make a cup of tea while it is starting. Doesn't sound as bad as your Dell and I don't know enough about computers to know if the SSD drive would affect it. I haven't noticed any slowness while working on an image but when I want to go to Color Efex Pro that is a slow transition.


    I was going to get a new one last year but the money for it has gone for a dental implant so 2020 is going to be the year I take the step and expect to have to get the Adobe subscription so a lot for me to deal with. I think the delay has been lucky for me because they are coming out with a 16 inch version that sounds rather fabulous. Not leaping right away until I see how people like it over time.



  9. On 27/12/2019 at 12:54, emily2k said:



    I moved to USA to  live.  So I want Alamy to send my money to my new bank account where I am living.  I found my address and phone number in my alarmy account webpage but I could not find where to change my bank setting.  


    By the way, is anyone know is there fee to transfer money from Alamy to my bank account in USA?


    I don't pay a fee at JPMorgan Chase but do ask your bank. It could have something to do with my type of account as well as the bank.



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