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  1. It sounds like you may have missed something. The space for the caption doesn't show until you click "add caption" in blue on the right. If you have done that and 5 or 6 tags you should be OK. Does the image manager show it as being on sale? The line underneath the thumbnail will be red if you haven't done everything. If it is orange or green there is just a slow time in the updates. That happens sometimes.



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  2. I'm an idiot about the technical issues but I found a practical way to look at the brightness of my images at the beginning when I thought they looked dull next to other images on the page. I would compare an image I was working on with one I liked on Alamy. Now I am better at judging my own but still sometimes do it if I'm not sure. Brightness seems to be so much a judgment thing.



  3. 1 hour ago, Matt Ashmore said:
    1 hour ago, Matt Ashmore said:


    Photos taken on a phone and uploaded via the "something" only earn the contributor 20% unless you were lucky enough to sign up at the very start compared with 40/50% (depending on exclusivity) via main Alamy. 



    Is that true even for people who were members of Alamy at the time it started? I honestly can't remember if I needed to do it right away. I know I did it and recommended that a friend who wasn't on Alamy get on right away so she would get the 40%. I don't do it extensively and I've only had two sales but they netted $51.25 total so not worse than Alamy. Anyway, if a long-time member of Alamy wants to think about Stockimo I think they should check with Alamy about what the commission would be.



  4. Good for you. I think I learned a lot by doing a challenge. Picking the 8 finalists was an education as I had to figure out which images were "best". I think it has helped me with my own images. I also see this as a chance to showcase images I particularly like. I chose subjects that allowed me to give "examples" using some of my favorite images.



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  5. 4 hours ago, Ed Rooney said:

    Since Alamy has a separate agency for iPhone photos, do you not think it makes sense to have separate agencies for Stock and Live News?




    Stockimo is more separate than you might realize, Edo. Everything is done on the phone. You upload with the phone and you keyword on the phone. Also, only those of us who signed up at the beginning get more than 20% of the income. I think the "style" of the photos is different too though I'm not so sure about how true that is. Much less difference, it seems to me, in the Live News photos.



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  6. 1 hour ago, Michael Ventura said:

    Yes, I think so.  We may need to add, when a challenge starts, that one must be able to run the next challenge, if you win.  In other words don’t enter if you can’t or are unwilling to run the challenge the next month.


    Or at least let us know after you win that it will need to pass to someone else. 



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