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  1. You didn't ask for advice so I hope you don't mind if I give some. You have such beautiful images it would be a shame if they can't be found. You are being, in my opinion, too minimal in your keywording. Scientific names for flora and fauna are important and a lot of your images lack any information about the location. I think a lot of them might get views if location was in the keywords and captions. Put as much in the caption as will fit and make supertags of important information.



  2. 10 minutes ago, spacecadet said:


    Said, of course, by one of the clever dicks with a long and fault-free record. And five stars.

    Did I mention I have five stars?


    Can I assume you haven't seen this Wikipedia definition?   Dick is a common English euphemism for the human penis.[1] It is also used by extension for a variety of slang purposes, generally considered vulgar, including: as a verb to describe sexual activity; and as a pejorative term for individuals who are considered to be rude, abrasive, inconsiderate, or otherwise contemptible.


    I, of course, don't have one of those nice appendages.



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  3. 4 hours ago, Kate said:

    Probably the lowest possible, as I've only had a few images and it was ages ago. I saw new contributor's work was approved quicker than mine, so it doesn't matter after 6 weeks of waiting. Still very long. 


    Go to the top of your dashboard. In the white section it will tell you your qc rank. Three black stars is standard but some people only have one. Some with a long and fault-free record have five



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  4. Speaking of distribution, I have two today with bulk discounts for editorial websites in Estonia and Lithuania. Tiny, tiny money but after a fabulous day yesterday I am not going to complain. I don't think I've ever had 5 sales in a 2 day period before...  I don't usually get sales for my lions so I will put that one here. This was on a wonderful day when our guide Henry (very well-known and highly regarded guide in the Masai Mara) had noticed a lioness leaving when the pride was eating and he figured she had cubs somewhere. He was right and we had a fabulous morning...



    African Lioness with her three cubs in the Masai Mara, Kenya, East Africa







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  5. 11 minutes ago, JaniMarkus Hasa said:


    Thanks. I'll correct that. Clearly a typo, but I also labelled several images of skylights as skylarks in the past. Somehow I believe Shark wasn't my last mistake.


    If you have some kind of "spellcheck" it can be treacherous. It would very likely want to turn shard into shark.



  6. I don't know about by-passing QC by using Stockimo. The judging is different but Stockimo submissions can be rejected with no explanations. They are looking for a certain kind of look. Using filters is encouraged. Also, those of us who joined at the very beginning are getting 40% or 50% depending on whether we were already Alamy contributors. I suppose I should be doing more with Stockimo but my iPhone photography doesn't seem to be my strength.



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