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  1. In the Export page .... creating the jpeg.. You'll see it. Paulette
  2. Cowboy at Western Days parade, Lakeside, CA, USA Maasai woman in Kenya, East Africa Tiger at the Wild Animal Sanctuary, Keenesburg, Colorado, USA Paulette
  3. Ah, Marianne, I'm surprised you don't know about this outfit. A number of us left NU because of it. My two sales there were $1.23 and $1.24 so they are even falling a bit. Such a shame. I agree that I didn't expect this travel website when I signed up for Novel Use. I am out now. Paulette
  4. Definitely kidding. My father was Canadian. Lots of funny people from Canada (including my father). He did an amazing impression of W.C. Fields (not Canadian). Paulette
  5. I agree with Edo. I always wanted to take my nurses home. I was told that if I had questions my chemo nurse would know the most and it was true. All angels and knew more about how to cope than the doctors did. Not that the doctors aren't great but a whole different task. 18 year survivor of breast cancer and grateful every day. Paulette
  6. Thank you. That would be perfect. Paulette
  7. And I thought Canadians were supposed to be boring. PaulettešŸ˜
  8. A while back... years?.... they did remove a lot of our murals. I thought of going back to the artwork in question and providing more context but haven't done it yet. Paulette
  9. It wasn't that long ago that I saw his work in a Chelsea gallery. So very beautiful and interesting. Paulette
  10. It is so sad to think of people locked away but not as disturbing to me as the look of downtown Los Angeles these days. I am a freedom lover but it makes me wonder. Still a freedom lover, but upset about the situation. Paulette
  11. I am wondering how long we should wait for LSP to set up the new challenge. Thoughts? Paulette
  12. Thank you. That was my first trip to a wild place. Not terribly wild but the bears were. Paulette
  13. Measures up now here. My zooms have been dwindling for a while, alas. As long as I keep seeing sales! Paulette
  14. Fine Art America also has a choice to make images available for stock and I know I'm OK there because I never did make that choice and I think other people here just removed the choice so that they would not be selling for stock there. I don't know about 500px but it sounds the same. Paulette
  15. I've been thinking about you, Ed, on this sad day. There have been, as always, a lot of interviews with people who were affected. The most inspirational are the people who just came to help. They came from everywhere and the hard-hats who knew how to deal with the pile were the ones who put us back together again. Flowers, as usual, are in front of the firehouses and police precincts. Paulette
  16. You can sell your images on your own website or sell prints at a site like Fine Art America but if an image is being sold elsewhere for stock it is not exclusive to Alamy and you will get 40% of any sales. If image is exclusive you get 50%. It doesn't seem to make any difference for the client. It is just a bit of an incentive to us to keep our images with Alamy and not be competing on another site for the same image. Since you will generally make more money here it doesn't make sense to also have the same image on microstock. Others might disagree with this. Paulette
  17. My opinion is that you are better off here than in microstock but, no, not at all likely to make a living unless you are doing more than stock with your photography. Alamy is honest and fair but have gone from giving us 50% of a sale to 40% unless the image is exclusive to Alamy. Prices are falling and a lot of us (not all) blame microstock for that. For someone like me who is a hobbyist it is a swell place to license images. All this my own opinion, of course. I like it here. About releases, no you don't need them. Just be honest in your declarations of whether you have them. You can't get a commercial sale without them but Alamy is primarily editorial. Paulette
  18. Self-published book. Not had one of these before. $$ Alaskan Brown Bear with Salmon, Brooks River, Alaska, USA Paulette
  19. You not only failed but were stopped from uploading for a period of time. I think if you had several failures you were locked up for a month. Peter, I see you've been here longer than I have. You must have been terrific right from the beginning so never experienced jail time. Paulette
  20. I've uploaded a couple that I think are suitable for concept keywords but I am very bad at thinking of them. Any suggestions would be most welcome.... Man encounters Sea Elephant Pup, Falkland Islands. Little Rockhopper Penguin traveling across rocky ground, Falkland Islands Thanks for any assistance. Paulette
  21. It's been almost 3 years since this sale but it does say it is for a cover... Country: WorldwideUsage: Consumer goodsMedia: CalendarPrint run: up to 20,000Placement: Front coverStart: 01 January 2017End: 01 January 2018Includes thumbnail use on the back page It was also the January pic. It paid in the high $$. Paulette
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