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  1. Nope. Tried it. I do have the Develop on my menu and could get the page source but it was totally mysterious to me and command f didn't show me anything I could see. Thanks anyway. Probably I would just have to use Firefox if I had to show someone else's image. Paulette
  2. OK. That seems to be reasonable. Thank you. Paulette
  3. Thanks, but seems hard to me. It's just a bunch of stuff I don't understand. Paulette
  4. I'm not understanding this. So if I go to one of your images.... what next? What am I copying? From where? Paulette
  5. Yes. When the image is enlarged in the Alamy Image Manager (click on the + sign) you can right-click and get the little menu that allows copying of the URL. It's probably the same menu that Lars sees in his method. I do use Safari but I'm sure it works the same way in Firefox. Paulette
  6. I just got some good news about a cat-sitting client. I was asked to start taking care of her cat because she was in the hospital for "something serious" and would be having surgery. Today I got an email informing me that it was a benign brain tumor and she is doing well. Sounds like a really frightening experience -- for her and for her family. The kitty is a sweetheart and I get to continue to take care of her for now. Paulette
  7. What a nice story (and photo). Paulette
  8. That was my year of studying in London --- straight from Southern California with none of the right clothes or experience. I wonder how I survived. There was also one of the famous fogs and that was rather fun in its weird way. Paulette
  9. Thank you, Cecile. We are getting nests every year. You will notice they used some untraditional nest material of blue and white plastic. I'm a couple of blocks from Washington Square and I think they see us as a safe nook away from a lot of people. They don't stick around once the babes have left the nest. Paulette
  10. Check out Stockimo. Paulette
  11. I finally got around to uploading the robins we had in my Greenwich Village garden. I love the way they look like they are singing together.. American Robins in New York City Paulette
  12. This has somehow made me think of a Southern expression I just learned. "Don't spit in my face and tell me it's raining." Those Southern expressions are the best. Paulette
  13. Oh my goodness, Wim. My head is spinning. I am using Safari on a Mac and my method is to enlarge the image in the image manager and right-click to copy the URL. The images are smaller but I can make them bigger (and squashed) by changing zooms to comp (or the other way around) in the URL The vertical images don't get squashed so I usually do change the URL for them. Paulette
  14. Editorial website.. $ Polar Bear mom and her cub in the Svalbard Archipelago Paulette
  15. One plan I haven't acted on yet is to look at what I have on my hard drive but have never uploaded. In the time of travel for me I concentrated on those images but I know I also took some images around the city that should be uploaded. But I am very lazy about the whole process so don't upload a lot. Paulette
  16. Eloise obviously loved her photographer. Lovely woman, lovely photo. Paulette
  17. Personal use.. apparently in Germany... about half the US price... Yacare Caiman in the Pantanal, Brazil Paulette
  18. Personal use for about half the US price. I did some time travel to capture this beast. Fortunately, it is extinct.... Dinohyus hollandi, a carnivorous piglike entelodont at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science Paulette
  19. Tiger at the Wild Animal Sanctuary, Keenesburg, Colorado, USA The salt pan of Dead Vlei, Namib Naukluft Desert, Sossusvlei, Namibia Rear view of a Cheetah in the Masai Mara, Kenya Paulette
  20. Welcome. Don't worry about discovery. It is very misleading. Putting tags that are not really accurate can hurt you a lot more than having only a few tags. Just put the relevant tags of what is actually in the image. Do add plurals where appropriate. Someone might search for "cat" or "cats". Add the location in caption and tags if it is relevant. Try to think like a buyer and what words they would be using to find your image. Paulette
  21. Thank you for the explanation. It makes sense. I think for the aerial views in which a significant portion of the image shows the roofs it would make sense to include "orange tile roofs". I think in places like Pacific Palisades, California with Spanish tile roofs there is an aesthetic goal but it certainly makes sense that tiles are very practical. Paulette
  22. The truth is, nobody really knows. I think sales may have something to do with it. If a high percentage of a contributor's images do sell it makes sense to want to put their submissions up quickly. Just a guess, really. Probably lots of people will say this isn't their experience. Paulette
  23. The high potassium in bananas is supposed to be good to cure cramps. The magnesium in nuts is also supposed to be good. Paulette
  24. Thank you, Wim. Still not sure why the uniformity of the roofs. There are communities in California that require the Spanish tiles. It seems the government was responsible for some renovating of the neighborhood. I doubt there was the same uniformity as the area grew originally. Paulette
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