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  1. Yes, the links to our "Alamy Homepage" were converted by Alamy. I had been thinking I needed to change them but then discovered it isn't necessary. Sorry I didn't think to mention it here. Paulette
  2. I think there is a demand for images of us older ladies enjoying ourselves. Since you know the woman you will know her age and can at least put an age range in the keywords. Honestly, I think she would probably be OK with being called a woman. If it was me I'd be OK with mature, senior, pensioner or anything else that would promote sales. But then I'm only 78. By the way, I find Vibrance is a more subtle effect than Saturation in Lightroom. Paulette
  3. Magazine cover in South Korea... Maasai women doing a welcome dance in Kenya, East Africa Paulette
  4. I agree that they could be brightened a bit more in post processing with some color vibrance. The credit line for the Johnny Depp images says "Alamo Live News". When the red arrows fly it does seem a bit like the Alamo but better correct that. There is a rather mature woman drinking cider that you have captioned with "girl" and no "woman" in keywords. Do you mean Conwall or Cornwall? You have Conwall in some image tags. Maybe check your spelling. Nice varied portfolio. Paulette
  5. I was curious about this and found this...... https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Commons:Country_specific_consent_requirements Often seems very complicated. Paulette
  6. That just means that they haven't paid anything to you during that time period. You can adjust the time period and when I am looking at the figures that show up when I first go there it is just the month of May and it shows they haven't paid me anything in May. When I adjust the view for three months it shows how much money I have received from them in the past three months. Your cleared balance is shown after "Cleared balance". Once that reaches $50 you will be paid. Paulette
  7. I don't bother with downloading the sales report. If you go to your dashboard and look at Account balance you'll get the sale amount and the commissions to Alamy and any distributor. This doesn't show up as early as the downloaded report but it is enough for me. It will also show which sales have cleared. That can take a long time to happen. Months usually. Paulette
  8. I love the mourning doves. For a few years we had a lot in our NYC garden here but none so far this year. Even the sounds they make are beautiful. We do have a robin nest this year with babies. They are in an impossible place for pictures but maybe after they fledge they will be around for a while. Paulette
  9. I understand your desire to do this for the love of it but you might as well increase your chances for sales. I have spent a fortune on trips to wild places and have come to the end of the finances and "youthful" energy for doing that but the memories as well as the images are lovely to have. I do think the important information should always be in the caption as well as the keywords. I have experimented and it does make images come up earlier in searches. Give yourself every opportunity for a sale. Paulette
  10. If your wild things are shot in the wild I would definitely put "wild" and the location in your captions and keywords. If they are zoo pics I don't think you should be afraid to say so. I have sold zoo images as being from a specific zoo. You could try looking in All of Alamy in Measures to see any possible searches. I like your images. Great frogs! We are up against the best, I'm afraid, in the wildlife category but it is not impossible to sell. Latin names are crucial and I include them in captions as well as keywords. Paulette PS. Just tried putting %zoo in All of Alamy and got six pages of searches. Not all really zoo searches but I must get myself to the Bronx Zoo again soon.
  11. My images do come out smaller but I like them that way. The big ones seem a bit smushed somehow. Not the correct proportions? Anyway, I think when you get the address pasted in the Insert other media you could try changing the "zooms" in the address to "comp". That might give you the bigger size. Not sure about that but it seems to me I've done that. Paulette
  12. Hmmmm. I wonder what happened. This takes me to the preview page. Did you start from the Image Manager? Did you choose "Insert image from URL" in the Insert other media menu? Did the address seem to copy correctly? When i do it on my image the address looks like this... https://n1.alamy.com/zooms/e0ed031a-b5d9-4100-a44a-4945193776b4/P9JWNJ.jpg Paulette
  13. I have to do that too, Betty, even if I'm in my dashboard. Are people seeing it elsewhere? I have it on my bookmark bar so i wouldn't have known about the change if it hadn't been for this thread. Paulette
  14. Sometimes I have enlarged my view and in that case the show all doesn't show. Paulette
  15. Go to the image in image manager. Enlarge it and right-click. Choose copy image address. In the Forum choose Insert other media and copy the image address. You can also right-click for the address in a lightbox. Paulette
  16. Presentation sale... Berkshire pig lying in mud. Paulette
  17. My bank charges nothing for Alamy payments but they did charge me for DACs payments when I was doing my own. Something about the method used by the payer. I think it depends on the bank and I am charged almost no fees at all because I have enough direct deposits to be exempt from fees. Paulette
  18. Aha. We are at cross purposes. I wasn't referring to PayPal at all. I thought if she gets her social security deposited into a US bank the Alamy payment could go there too. Perhaps not. Just an idea. Paulette
  19. I got the email, Betty, but I don't do my own claims anymore. Paulette
  20. I get my payment at JPMorgan Chase. Since her social security check goes into a US bank I'm not sure I get your point. Paulette
  21. So you can't have Alamy pay into the same bank where you get your social security check? Paulette
  22. One ruling for our side.... https://www.pdnonline.com/photography-business/copyright-law/court-reverses-misguided-fair-use-ruling-restores-order-for-photo-copyrights/?utm_source=SilverpopMailing&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=PDN Newswire Newsletter 050219 (1)&utm_content= Paulette
  23. How wonderful, Michael. I love the people who put themselves in harms way to keep us safe. Your daughter sounds wonderful. And your girlfriend did an excellent acting job in that photo. She supplied the emotion. Congratulations on your win. Paulette
  24. I would suggest you post this in the section called Portfolio Critique. If you can post images at a place like Dropbox people will give you advice on them. Alamy will have told you the reason for each rejection. Paulette
  25. The grip just adds a small bump for your fingers. Otherwise you just have a flat, smooth surface. It does help in holding the camera steady. The steadiness is a bit of a difficulty with this tiny camera. The larger DSLRs are actually easier in that respect for me. Paulette
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