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  1. That is interesting, Allan. Is there a difference from using the Basic panel to increase the saturation and then the exposure? I do find the HSL panel very useful for individual colors and the little target tool works nicely. Paulette
  2. Another sale of that polar bear. A book in Brazil.... distributor and bulk discount so my share is just barely $$. Better than $2.20 at least. He's a busy bear. Paulette
  3. I remember when I was in Churchill the local guy said that the seals were thriving in the warmer temperatures so the bears actually had more to eat. Nature is very complicated and it is annoying when articles become propaganda for one point of view. A friend of mine who gets very upset if animals are hurt sent me an article about a colony of penguins in Antarctica that was disappearing. Actually, in the last paragraph it mentioned that a nearby colony had grown ten-fold. So why was that not the headline? Didn't fit the narrative. I often become saddened by how hard the wild creatures have it but, I'm afraid, that is the nature of nature. Paulette
  4. Well they do eat well..... Polar Bear Cub dining in the Svalbard Archipelago Paulette
  5. Actually, one of the annoying things about my polar bear sales is they are always used to say the polar bears are in trouble. The ones we saw were FiNE. The biologist told us the ice was perfect for hunting. It provided a good platform for hunting. Of course, I can hardly complain since I was deliberately taking images that I thought could be sold to illustrate climate change. Just don't believe your lying eyes. Paulette
  6. Thank you guys... Here by popular demand... Polar bear leaping in the Svalbard Archipelago It was an amazing trip so my memories are the best part. We had a wonderful Russian captain who got us way into the ice where we saw a number of mothers with cubs. I'm not the greatest at spotting animals--- especially white ones on a white background --so I was continually saying "Where is it? Where is it?" We would no sooner get inside to warm up when there was an announcement that another bear was spotted and we'd get our gear on again. Happy, happy memories. Paulette
  7. I didn't have the heart to put the image up here again. You have seen it more than once as it is maybe my best selling image. I'm just disheartened that it is everywhere and I am not rich!!!! I don't like to add to the moaning since I really do much better than one might expect from my small portfolio. It just seemed really, really bad. The everywhere aspect added to in perpetuity Paulette
  8. This one really has me moaning... Editorial website, any size, single use, but includes unlimited sharing across web and social media platforms, worldwide, in perpetuity. $4.40. It's the polar bear jumping that sells frequently but I don't like this sale at all. Such small money for using it basically anywhere on the web??? Forever?? Paulette
  9. I think these times can make us prone to that sort of error. Mine involves shoes. I'm having trouble with tendonitis on the top of my right foot and it does help to have a shoe that is soft and doesn't press on top but I have just bought some Orthofeet shoes online that don't do the trick and now I have to send them back. Of course, the usual FedEx places are not open at their usual hours and I ended up carrying them around all morning as I did my cat-sitting. But I don't have the virus!! Need to keep thinking of things to be grateful for these days. Paulette
  10. Incy Wincy!!!! You Brits speak so strangely???? It's Itsy Bitsy. Now don't start on Canon vs. Nikon..... Paulette
  11. Don't worry about the green stripe. Just put keywords that truly correspond to the image -- as many as possible without being misleading. I have all my photos as RM but don't have any experience otherwise. It just seems to me I'd rather know something about where my image is going and not give permission for it to be used many ways. Others, I'm sure, feel differently. You don't need to mark anything as editorial only unless it is something you would never want to appear in an ad. By having an image exclusive to Alamy you make a larger amount of $. That image must not appear in another agency though you may sell it on your own website or a website that only sells prints. Paulette
  12. Fascinating. Thanks for posting. The images are wonderful and the project amazing. Paulette
  13. I only took a quick look but I saw some keywords that did not correspond to the actual image. "Shoveling snow" on a photo of beets. Something about boats in the view of a mosque. This will definitely hurt you. I'm surprised at the lack of sales though. Paulette
  14. I"m in the US and I can't see it either. Paulette
  15. I saw it at the Film Forum... the only movie house in NYC that doesn't blast me with cold air and too-loud sound. I went with a friend who is not a photographer but is a potter and tile artist. She also enjoyed it enormously. It is good for anyone who wants to enhance their "looking and seeing" I think. Paulette
  16. $30.... if only. My little shop that has now closed was a real NYC bargain at $50. Another reason to wish I could visit you. .... good food... butterflies.. and you! Paulette
  17. For a book... high $$... through a distributor Lioness with her cubs, Masai Mara, Kenya Paulette
  18. Maybe I have misunderstood but I think if you end your subscription you only lose the Develop module. So you can continue using the Library module with the catalog, keywords, etc. You have to do your developing elsewhere but can still import those images into the Library. No? Paulette
  19. Grave of Frenchman who committed suicide in 1929 in the Falkland Islands Sand fills a room in the ghost town of Kolmanskop, Namibia, Africa Abandoned building in Mato Grosso, Brazil Paulette
  20. Oh, I am so sorry to hear that. It seems we have met your family here on Alamy. What sadness. Paulette
  21. Her eyes speak volumes. Bless her for all she is doing. Paulette
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