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  1. Yes, forget discoverability but you can do better with captions and tags. Cute titles like "How"s my hair" won't be helpful. Be very literal and accurate in your captions and always include the scientific name of animals and plants. Imagine yourself as a buyer and think about the words you would use to bring up that picture. People do search for "Funny animal" but the more imaginative descriptions are not going to work for you. Your have wonderful images in my opinion. If you go to Alamy Measures on your dashboard and then to All of Alamy you will see what people are actually asking for. Paulette
  2. https://theculturetrip.com Looking at in now it seems they are picking up a lot of free images as well as from Alamy. Paulette
  3. When I sold two of those to that website I decided to leave NU because those sales were NOT for a novel use. I'm surprised that anybody is surprised by that license as a number of us discussed this situation on the forum. If you are in Novel Use you may wind up supplying that website and having your image on their app forever. Paulette
  4. I got this from Alamy.... "We understand it’s frustrating to see refunds but technically we’re offering a product so we have to have a refund policy. Common refund reasons are: customers believe they are buying the product, incorrect invoice, customer’s price agreement not factored in or occasionally a customer’s project cancelled. If at any point you do see an image being used where you’ve had a refund let us know. We do appreciate your concerns." I responded that it is the personal use refunds that I object to. There should be at least a 7 day policy on those purchases. It can't take a month to decide you don't want it on your wall. The image was of Maasai women and I had another of Maasai women three days ago so I will be watching to see if it is also refunded. Paulette
  5. I was surprised to see this sale for you, Marb, because I've assumed you follow the forum. A number of us had this experience with the same website and chose to opt out of Novel Use as a result. Unfortunately, the only time you can opt out is in April so it is a long wait for you. I was OK with the idea of a novel use but a travel website is not novel and I had two of my images go to them. Paulette
  6. I think the people who do the forum these days are separate from Alamy. Paulette
  7. I had a personal use refund today of an image purchased a month ago. It's the first time that has happened to me and I've asked Alamy to look into it. Since I don't usually sell prints myself and the price is pretty OK these days I have not wanted to opt out. Paulette
  8. I find the tiny camera more difficult to hold steady. You can get a simple little grip that gives a better purchase for your fingers. I have had to pay a bit of attention to how steady I hold it. Be sure it isn't moving as you press the shutter. Paulette
  9. I suggest that you read this ... https://www.alamy.com/contributor/why-alamy/best-place-to-sell-stock-imagery/ Also read the Forum for a while. This is a place to sell images, not words. Live News is basically restricted these days to people with a record of sales. Paulette
  10. If you do a search for your subject you'll see that you have the choice of "New" "Creative" or "Relevant". The ones you see under "New" are the most recently UPLOADED. When images are taken does not matter in search order. Generally, the ones most recently uploaded do appear first. In my opinion, the best way to get your images seen on the first pages of a search is to only upload excellent images and be diligent and thorough in your keywording. Beware of too many similars. You will have no control over which will appear first. Most of my images are wildlife and I think the date taken is not important for most buyers. It would be different for subjects where the skyline might have changed or fashions are out of date. Paulette
  11. Personal use... Enactment of a Maasai wedding in a village near the Masai Mara, Kenya, East Africa Paulette
  12. You don't need to untick Exclusive. Alamy only cares if you are selling them for stock elsewhere. It's up to you about Personal Use. Paulette
  13. Betty, I use SuperDuper to make a bootable copy of my drive and to copy my images to a back-up drive. It is very easy to use and the support is excellent. I just send an email and get a response within hours. It does things I don't understand but I don't need to know how to do them. I can just choose the drive I'm copying from and the one I'm copying to. I've been so comfortable with it I've never learned Time Machine. Paulette
  14. Betty, those cobblestone streets do come up and smack you in the face if you have not been picking up your feet. The good news is that in NYC you will pick up your head to see several sets of legs waiting to help you up. In a slightly different situation, I had a cut above my eye and someone called an ambulance while another woman brought out a chair for me and waited with me. I ran into her about a year later close to the same spot and could thank her again. Sometimes it is a big advantage to live where there are many people on the street. Paulette
  15. Sometimes it pays to put the money you would spend on insurance in your bank account. Then you use your own money in case of a loss. Depends, of course, on how much you will need in case of a loss and how high the insurance premium is. I do not self-insure my apartment. Paulette
  16. Yes, we have them here in NYC and you inspired me to take out my iPhone and get a couple of snaps to send to Stockimo. Paulette
  17. I think your photos are very beautiful. I looked by clicking on the blue numbers below your avatar. The link you supplied does not show in English. I do something very different from your work so I don't think I can advise on how well your subjects will sell. I just admire your work. Paulette
  18. Although we do sometimes chat, this is a forum for people who submit their images to be sold on Alamy. If you start uploading you will be more likely to get responses. Be sure to read Alamy's instructions carefully and read the forum too as many of your questions will have already been answered here. Paulette
  19. I have only mentioned the camera when it is one that newcomers might not think is good enough. I'm using Nikon D300 and D500 for wildlife but my Maasai people near the Masai Mara are shot with the D80 and I occasionally use the Sony RX100 in town situations and might mention that as people want to know about little cameras. Paulette
  20. Thank you, John. Some of my animals have been very good to me. Paulette
  21. My Alamy at upper right of homepage > My Dashboard > Alamy Measures > Your Images. Then click on your pseudonym. The default shows you one month of activity and you can adjust from there. Paulette
  22. Some people find drag and drop works. I go to my image in the image manager and enlarge it. Then I right-click to get the menu that allows me to copy the image address. In the forum I click "Insert other media" and make the choice to use the address. This gives you a smallish image that I like because it is not squished as the large images are. If you want the larger image you change either "comp" to "zooms" in the address or the other way around. I can't remember which but just change to the other one from the address you originally get. Paulette
  23. I would certainly feel better if Edo was near our friends on the forum. He's been rattling around on his own too long. Paulette
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