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  1. So if you want the easy life as a lion you have to live here... https://www.wildanimalsanctuary.org The wild places are tough! Paulette
  2. Be sure to choose to be a male lion. The females do all the hunting and then the males insist on being the first to eat. I hope this won't offend anyone's politics. Paulette
  3. I may be wrong about what you are saying but if I put %bear% in the search box in All of Alamy in Measures I see all searches with bear in them. Paulette
  4. My theculturetrip sales were under Novel Use so I could opt out. But now similar ones seem to pop up that are not done under Novel Use. Paulette
  5. We've had sales to theculturetrip.com with that "app in perpetuity" through the Novel Use scheme. I opted out of that after two sales at $1.24. I think Novel Use should be more novel. Now those teeny tiny sales to editorial websites come along all too often though so far at least not less than $2.12 for me. Of course, if through a distributor it drops even lower. Paulette
  6. I admire your portfolio. If you keep up that quality I'm sure you will make more sales. Paulette
  7. I was fortunate to be able to photograph this California Condor chick a month after he fledged in Zion National Park. He is #1000 in the Condor Recovery Program and the first one to fledge in Zion. His parents are the only known breeding pair in the park. California Condor chick in Zion National Park California Condor chick California Condor in Zion National Park, Utah Paulette
  8. This trick won't work for you (unless you build a moat around her room) but a good trick for cat owners is to set their food bowl inside a larger bowl filled with water. If they can't reach food they tend to stop dropping by. Paulette
  9. I don't know what camera you are using and I am far from being an expert on technical matters but I can test and adjust the focus on lenses for my Nikon. Your problems could be due to inaccurate focus in your autofocus. Paulette
  10. Well I've had three sales but my net pay is $3.80 total. I think it is some kind of personal worst for me. Hoping for a three figure sale in the future. 😁 Paulette
  11. Editorial website through a distributor in Estonia, bulk rate, discount......... a tiny sale, obviously... Sigh. African Cape Buffalo in the Masai Mara, Kenya, East Africa Paulette
  12. I have one of those firewire to thunderbolt adapters and I stopped using it and went to just USB because it was more reliable though slower. Sometimes "speed" slows you down when there is a glitch! Paulette
  13. I'm still waiting for this one to sell for a greeting card. Alas, this time it's a tiny editorial website sale. Two of those today... Alaskan Brown Bear Cub in Lake Clark National Park, Alaska, USA Paulette
  14. I guess you could say I “lost the thread” of the discussion. ☹️ Paulette
  15. I came across this on another forum... "For anyone wanting to know how to convert color negatives, yes, you can do it in Lightroom or Photoshop but just because you can, doesn't mean...there's not a better way. Get Negative Lab Pro (Lightroom plugin) and life will be better. They have a very active group on Facebook. " I never thought I would have anything to contribute to this thread! Paulette
  16. I loved how he twirled his head. What??? Impossible....🤨 Paulette
  17. I guess all my trips would fall under the category of "eco-travel". I've been twice to the Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage where they are bringing up baby elephants who have been orphaned. Elephants are wonderful in many ways and help to sustain other wildlife where they live. They can smell water underground and will dig (with their feet) a waterhole that is also used by other animals. It is thought that if we lose them we will also lose a lot of other animals. Baby elephants coming to the nursery for their milk.... Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage This little elephant was rescued from a well when she was only a few days old. She has had delicate health and is older now and learning about living with wild elephants at a reintegration unit that is very lush and easier for the weaker elephants. Her name is Shurkuru and I foster her. She is wearing a blanket to protect her skin from the sun. If she were with her mother and herd she would be in their shade all the time. Baby elephant with blanket protecting her skin from the sun. The milk they get is a special formula that Daphne Sheldrick created with trial and error. Villagers have been warned not to give them cow milk because it will kill them.. Baby elephant drinking from a bottle... Paulette
  18. That bird has an amazing variety of moves. Quite the choreographer! Paulette
  19. I suggest contacting Alamy about this. I seem to remember a situation in which a camera was initially rejected but then accepted after a consultation with Alamy. Paulette
  20. I just have to comment that I really admire you guys. I think you are all guys. I hope I'm not being sexist but it seems to me one of those admirable guy things that you enjoy the technical talk and trying things, helping each other. Bravo. Paulette
  21. Thank you for that explanation. I will stop cursing whoever is putting %20 in their searches and just curse whatever the computer languages are doing. Paulette
  22. I"m getting a bunch of them and thinking if it is just one person doing it they are very busy! It's kind of annoying to read. Paulette
  23. I'm glad what I wrote made sense to you. You did it perfectly anyway. Paulette
  24. That is wonderful work you are doing for wildlife. Thank you. Paulette
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