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  1. Good taste and photojournlism

    It is a little cold down here today Allan. I've been out of touch (blame a Northern woman I met the other day) for 2 days, so now I'm sitting back at my PC, catching up on any interesting threads. Some snow here this morning but it's already nearly all gone. I would have done live weather news but the snow is always a lot worse everywhere else but here, so those are the images the newspapers will choose. Geoff.
  2. I made a rookie error today

    Exactly what I was thinking.
  3. G'day from Oz

    G'day Bruce Mark. Welcome to Alamy. While you're eating lunch with your kangaroos today, have a read of the forums and Alamy's guidelines (if you haven't already) to get an understanding of how it all works here, and ask any questions in the forum. We're mostly a friendly bunch and happy to answer questions. Alamy's contributor Twitter account often posts what images customers are looking for that aren't already on Alamy, and lately there's been a lot of requests for things in Australia. So it maybe worth your while following that if you use Twitter. Good luck, Geoff.
  4. AIM - filters and a search term

    You're welcome, and thank you.
  5. upon adding tags my photos disappeared

    Your images are on sale now in the database, so all seems fine. You possibly had a filter to restrict it to only show images not on sale, and once you tagged them, they'd be considered "on sale". Don't worry about making them go green, it won't help you at all. If you fill out all the optional fields and fully tag/caption the image with only relevant tags, that's all you need to do. Your tags look pretty good, especially for someone new to this. Nice sharp photos too. Geoff.
  6. Re upload of images

    I have kept the old ID's in the past and Alamy have swapped just the image over. I wanted that because, like you say, it could be in a Lightbox, or a client may simply have made a note in an email to their boss. So now I do it manually myself, following the advice to reference the new ID in the caption of the old image, then removing tags and deleting it. A glass of cow juice is on it's way to you Mark. Geoff.
  7. discoverability

    Stupid spam filter! Grrr. I'm so sorry. I'll be sending a response in a few minutes. Geoff.
  8. Looking for a Nikon 500mm f4E

    It was £5489 earlier today, according to the site (which is a great site and always has accurate info, which has helped me many times). A 500mm f4 lens? Wow, I wish I was rich! Even at that discounted price it's over 5K, which is £5000 more than I can spare. Geoff.
  9. current highest IQ cell phone cameras = 1" sensor...?

    I was responding publicly to a public criticism aimed at me, and I did suggest it be resolved in private. After a whole day of quiet, I'm not sure why bring it up again now as it will simply draw more attention to the problem. Him and myself both said out piece and I'd rather leave it at that. Geoff.
  10. Interesting People's Court episode about stealing intellectual propery

    However much people nit-pick, and we all know there's a level of drama with these shows, it's still based on factual law so still an interesting watch. Thanks for posting the link Jill. Geoff.
  11. Image link suggestion (merged from previous thread)

    There is still an "enter code" button (left of the smilies button, and the one that was there has gone) but putting the appropriate code in there doesn't make it work. I tried to get it working in various ways, but couldn't. Geoff.
  12. Deleted

    :o Ok I'll stop.....for now. Happy eating. Geoff.
  13. Favourite images you have uploaded in April 2017

    I spy with my little eye ........ Cheers, Philippe I could barely see them through all the noise. Geoff.
  14. Tagging - British English or American spelling?

    Stemming was discontinued in 2008. Arrr ok, a couple of years before my time. Geoff.
  15. Best practice for keyword phrases in new Image Manager/search.

    Deleted!! Grrrr sorry about all the posts. Every time I edited my post on my phone, it just added another instead. So I had to put the PC back on to sort it out. Never had that happen before. Geoff.
  16. Payment

    However, I think the cutoff point must be the last day of the month. I had a small amount clear on April 1st, and it has been carried over. And, yes, a weekend at the end of the month always messes things up somewhat. The cutoff point is at least 1 day before the last day, but very likely 2 or 3 days. If it's a Weekend especially it can be 3 days. I've had that several times now. Geoff.
  17. auto processing -- how close to good enough does it get?

    I haven't used auto yet, as it never gets things anywhere near what's correct to my eye. All it does it set the white and black points so there is little or no clipping and the whole range of the histogram is used. Beyond that, it's as good as guesswork (I know it probably tries to get a nice spread across the histogram), and I don't like the look it usually gives. I can often tell an auto-adjusted image for the same reasons as I can tell an image straight from the camera as a processed jpg. After all, the algorithms used are going to be similar. I've tried auto a few times with images where I cannot seem to get it looking right myself, but auto hasn't yet helped me at all. It takes seconds to set the white and black points myself as a starting point, and I manually do the rest from there. Geoff.
  18. Another search engine shake-up?

    You're welcome Matt. Yes I agree about continuing to tag/caption in the "sensible" way. So rather than trying to tailor it to the current search engine, just do it in a way that will give us good placement no matter what happens. The only real different thing I'm doing is adding a few more phrases into captions, even if they don't then read quite right. I'm not using that as a replacement for tags/supertags, but in addition to, in the hope Alamy resolve the supertags issues soon. I'm sure they are busy sorting it, and CR must be busy replying to us lot emailing them with questions too! I asked them something this morning and haven't had a response yet, which is unheard of to be honest. So I'm sure they're flooded at the moment. You'd think they would use the forum to give more answers as they'd only have to give them once, but oh well, that's up to them. Geoff.
  19. A quick question

    I'm assuming you have the new MI, where you tag rather than keyword? In which case you're referring to supertags. They are SUPPOSED to have more weight in search results than normal tags. Check this post out from Alamy, and look through the links. All the information you need is there. Geoff.
  20. Keywording in batch

    The question has already been answered, but it seems a good thread to add more about finding images we want to batch edit. The problem is finding them. It's fine for new or very recent images, but often I want to copy tags from an older image to a new one. Let's say it's an animal or plant with a non-memorable Latin name that I've looked up before. I have to find an older image (or look the animal/plant up elsewhere on the web), copy the Latin name, then paste as a tag in the new image. This is a big waste of time. Of course the solution to this would be to allow selected images in the new MI to remain selected between searches, or to allow the filter to be used on search results. Not being able to search and use a filter at the same time was the only thing wrong with the old MI (apart from it using Flash of course), yet this hasn't been changed in the new MI. This surely needs to be a top priority on Alamy's list of "how to make the new MI work better" (that and batch deleting tags). Geoff.
  21. What Happened to picture i have upload

    I personally studied the guidelines when I was new, so I knew what to do. It's important to do this when you're new to anything. You'll find you have many more questions as you go, and the guidelines will answer most of them. Good luck, Geoff.
  22. Keywording images

    Plus I saw him reading this thread earlier, and someone said they saw him read it yesterday, yet no comments or thanks. I have better things to do, like calibrate AF on my new lens. Geoff.
  23. Reordering of images in portfolio?

    Yes I think you're right, and that's what I meant in my previous post. I have seen cases too where the date taken may play a part in the ordering. I've seen that with a few of my images where I take an older photo of something and change it (like changing the symbols on a computer keyboard). Add it to the list of things about the system here that are not consistent and don't seem to always follow one particular rule. Geoff.
  24. Unclear?

    It will never make any sense to me why we have to wait so long for our money. I get some parts of it, such as a delay in clearing to allow for refunds (although 45 days is ridiculous), and allowing for customers and distributors to do their books once per month. I get that, but why are they allowed to get away with not even logging a sale, let alone paying, for so long and sometimes never? I spend a long time every week looking for sales, as if I don't get proof of them I know that if I need to chase, which I often do, I'll be told there's nothing they can do. I wonder how those with larger portfolios than me have time for taking photos with all the chasing they must do. If they don't chase, how much money are they not getting due to non-reporting? We were told months ago that a better way to deal with this was being looked at, and I'll welcome that being put into place, and I hope it's fairer to the photographer. I think there need to be timescales put in place, and if images are not reported within that time, they are charged for at a non-discounted rate. Then a penalty for non-payment within a certain time after the invoice. All stock agencies need to do this of course so the clients don't go elsewhere. Geoff.
  25. Hello!

    ...but should be decided on an image-by-image basis. Alan Yes absolutely, I agree Alan. You're welcome Megan, and as others have said, it's nice to receive a response from someone asking for help, as many newbies don't ever write again. Geoff.