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  1. Interesting, so pay cuts come in the context of an increase of profits? That makes it look like sustainable growth is just an euphemism for a company's greed.
  2. Doesn't Alamy now have a big conflict of interest to prevent contributors from earning more, so they can be downgraded to the lowest tiers? With sales like the last one I got (for the astronomical amount of 0.22 USD) it will *only* take Alamy selling 1,136 more of my photographs at such rate to escape Silver.
  3. I stopped uploading new material altogether back then. With these new terms, it's just further motivation to actively move everything I have in Alamy to another agency which isn't threatening/changing commissions on a yearly basis.
  4. Your commissions are going down to <40% (this gets the euphemistic name of "Gold", as if it was a good thing?) unless you sell over 25K per year. And if you sell less than 250 dollars/year, you'll be downgraded to silver so Alamy can earn even more commissions from your photographs.
  5. Basically everyone's earnings are going down to <40% per image (this dramatic pay cut has been euphemistically named "Gold" as if it was a good thing, or maybe it is gold from Alamy's perspective) unless you are selling 25K worth of photos per year (a tiny minority I imagine?) who would go to the Platinum segment.
  6. Answering one year later, but maybe still pertinent to anyone out there, my zooms/sales ratio is 1.12
  7. A fine line to collective punishment, but this is the usual for other people (i.e. Iranians) on a much wider and indiscriminate scale anyway. In both cases, there always seem to be certain companies much more eager to comply, take the initiative and find ever more "creative" means to punish/disrupt the lives of millions of other human beings for no reason other than their nationalities and based on blatant lies - I dislike the Venezuelan government, but come on, it's the only one in the scene that Venezuelans have voted for, and no, Iranians are not developing and will never develop nuclear
  8. I received one of those inquiries in March of 2019 and didn't hear back from them (its October now). Germán
  9. I've got 2 stars and I just recently started here at Alamy. It's 17 submissions so far and 4 of them failed
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