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  1. PDXPA4 mid $, from Hebden Bridge protest 11/08/18, second sale from same shoot, plus another found in the Sun but no sale notified yet. Country: United Kingdom, Usage: Editorial, Media: Magazine - print, digital and electronic, Print run: up to 500,000, Placement: Inside, Image Size: 1 page, Start: 01 August 2019, Duration: 3 months. Any placement: Inside or cover.
  2. I have found that very subtle dust spots didn't always show easily on light blue skies shot at F16. When using a MacBook Air for lightness, as it doesn't have an IPS display as per retina's, I always keep the display parallel to my face to ensure brightness accuracy. If using the Air to check for sensor muck, I would angle the display right back so the light blue sky darkened considerably, this made any dust/muck easier to see before removing and eventual sensor cleaning. Re zoom lenses, the old trombone action type could pump in no end of dust. I suspect newer lenses can still cause problems. If you went back to primes that would likely cause more issues when lens changing. We just have to live with it and keep the sensors clean.
  3. Isn't that the Jessops method? Seriously, I suspect the quality of their sensor cleaning varies from store to store, depending on wether its undertaken by an experienced person or a Saturday lad.
  4. I used to have no issues with Safari, but now have for a little while. Now have to use Chrome on the Mac's. I also had to use Chrome to setup my portfolio.
  5. These days my D750's have the same lenses on most of the time, so in around 18 months I've never had to wet clean as with older cameras that had regular lens changing. If a rocket blower doesn't remove dust, wet cleaning is quite straight forward and there's no down time. Jessops never ever inspired confidence.
  6. It was OK sometime between 5 - 6 this morning, haven't looked since.
  7. One of mine of Bella Lack speaking at a London anti whaling protest earlier this year. Only credited to Alamy. RFTJ26 Country Living on-line https://www.countryliving.com/uk/news/a28657519/teenage-activists-school-strikes/ and in print but cropped, October issue page 98.
  8. 16 year old Bella Lack at a London anti whaling protest, second sale of this image. RM, $$, Country: Worldwide, Usage: Single company, editorial magazine, print and or web, multiple use 2 years, Industry sector: Media, design & publishing, Start: 17 September 2019, End: 17 September 2021
  9. I can shoot OK resting on one knee, but it starts getting uncomfortable if I have to wait over 5 minutes for someone to appear. If I then stood up I'd be blocking the view of a photographer behind me. If it starts getting uncomfortable I just have to grin and bear it. My Nikon's have tilt screens, useful for when you are on both knees and need to shoot really low. Last Sunday I was in a graveyard on my knees re-shooting the gravestones of some well known people, last shot long ago on a DSCR1 (Alamy non approved). No knee problems at all, may that continue.
  10. This is the most common reason for me to flatten an image.
  11. Last time I used an inverter was in a Canterbury carpark. I remember it well, as I accidentally uploaded in a batch of live news images one with no caption, headline or tags. Was the only time I ever received the catch all 'this is not what we are looking for' email. Quickly added the missing text and re uploaded, all was fine. The newer Apple laptops have fixed batteries, but older, up to 2017 MacBook Airs, have internal batteries held in by 5 screws. When camping and shooting the Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival over 3 days in Dorset last year, I took 2 spare batteries, and held the internal battery in with 1 centre screw, and the MBA's base held on with 2 screws only. When the original battery died, it was easy to fit another. Never used the 3rd. I have seen power banks for charging laptops, but they weren't cheap.
  12. I was 68 in July, but feel younger. I started contributing to Alamy back in 2017. I did consider Alamy long ago, pre DSLR, but was never over enthusiastic scanning many strips of 35mm negatives in my Minolta Dimage 5400. I actually enjoy researching what I intend to shoot, or have shot, people, organisations, companies, whatever. I've always had an inquisitive nature. Processed my first film at around 7 (127 film), and over the years used 35mm, 6x6 and 5x4 film, darkroom then scanning. Have shot digital since 2005/6. I can't see droves of youngsters being keen on shooting Alamy stock. Falling license fees, and thinking a phone can shoot everything come into play. I suspect most future contributors will be retired (I'm not) just looking to add to their pension. There will obviously be exceptions.
  13. Yes, and it also makes a more interesting photo. I remember shooting a Brighton biennial photographic exhibition of near A1 size LF prints. I waited for an interesting character to come along, and he leaned forward eyeballing a print close, click, and in the bag. With others I would wait for someone in a group to point towards a print. Never had to set them up, it was all natural. Prints, paintings, sculptures, same process. This was before I was submitting to Alamy.
  14. I use MacSentry VPN, usually connecting to Dutch, French or UK servers. I've yet to have issues connecting to Alamy.
  15. This area is a potential minefield, so I personally would avoid photographing stock in museums. Even personal photography in museums has issues, it may be allowed if the subject belongs to the museum, but banned if on loan. As JaniMarkus Hasa asks above re public art, that is an interesting subject.
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