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  1. This is mostly to Alamy web programmers, but can be interesting to other contributors for understanding what we are loosing now. A bit technical, but it worth to be checked to be in the know. It is obvious that Google Images Search as a leading graphics content search system is a great sales/attraction tool in case of proper use. In case of correct use for the beginning. But looks like not in case of Alamy. Below are examples of four different (!) globally observed incorrect interactions (you can find same or may be even some new with your own photos): 1. Google Images Search query: abu dhab
  2. Looks like there is no way to use any other password than main (the only) Alamy password. As for FTP: as said at http://www.alamy.com/contributor/how-to-sell-images/how-do-i-send-you-my-stock-images/ - --- Enter Alamy’s FTP details into your FTP Client: Host name: upload.alamy.com Login/username: Your Alamy email Port: 21 Your password is the same as your Alamy login --- In last string there is a mistyping: 'password' is same as 'password', not as 'login', of course. No option to set specific password for FTP anywhere, same as for contributors forum. For forum you can only choose pub
  3. And (in order to not start new theme) - it is not to Image Manager, but to FTP uploading: in spite of all efforts failed to establish SSL/TLS-encrypted FTP connection (ftps://). If there is just insecure FTP connection allowed where user passes in open way its Alamy main login/password - that is rediculous nowadays. But if it exists - would be grateful for info how to use it. Thanks. This non-https contributors forum where same password is used is a hole in security as well, by the way.
  4. Would like to offer some fixes/improvements to Image Manager that can make dealing with it to Alamy contributors more effective and convenient: -get rid of extra click When user works with images one-by-one, after finishing with current one he goes to next one, selecting it. But previous one remains selected. Worth to change this behavior in case Ctrl or Shift is not pressed: when another image is selected previous one has to become unselected. Otherwise in normal conditions user is forced to click twice: first to unselect current image (returning to it if he forgot to do that at once), then
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