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  1. Corin, Good to know someone else has the issue, same canned email to me as well. If more users are having issues with web uploads please post a reply to this thread. I will see if my FTP uploads show up, thanks for the heads up on that. But so far as noted, 2 days web uploads just end in "Error" Have a super day! Dave
  2. Greetings, New contributor to Alamy.com / we have uploaded our 3 images and passed, and they are on sale and searchable. User ID: ModernPics Web Uploads fail 100% for us / all images just report error Using FileZilla we are able to connect using our email address and password, we see the folders, we click into Stock and upload 4 images / all of them report a successful upload. However, we do not see them in file manager. DSC1495.jp, DSC1757.jpg, DSC1877.jpg and DSC2021.jpg File sizes are 6 megs, 12 megs, 10 megs and 6 megs We LOVE Alamy just need to get started with upl
  3. Great work and collection of images David! Had to bookmark your site for inspiration But also good to know about Editorial seems to be the best selling on Alamy - New here as well as to stock photography. * Sorry to step off the OP Topic ... DAStagg, I agree with others here - the 1st 3 images is just technical checks, upload 3 more, and give Alamy a try for a bit, I am new so I cannot comment like the vet's here, but I am a crash course learner, I too am on Getty, well iStock / ShutterStock / BigStock and Adobe Stock - as I learn about them, seems they all have a differ
  4. I use FileZilla but mainly use Photo Mechanic due to the enhanced features and purpose designed for image management along with Captions, Meta Data, License info and more. PM has been around for a LONG time, great tool. I use PM before and after I edit in Light Room... All the best!
  5. Hello there, So I tried to upload 4 images this morning, tried the web upload, then the FTP both the same throws upload error. Solid internet connection, 70 Megs Down and 20 Megs upload - hardwired LAN. I am new here, so I take it there was a older system, newer system in place as of ? I had thought it was only me, but perhaps not. All the Best
  6. Same here - Love PhotoMechanic using for years - so perfect to move mass files around, select files for editing in my LightRoom, and the Meta Data it is "golden" ... for sure the workflow is pop everything into PM, then sort it all out, import into LR and export But staying on topic I was not able to upload by way of Browswer, nor FTP upload - just a hard failure for every image of 4 that I was attempting to upload. I shall try again / I posted up a question in the chat - but due to time difference it is 01:00 AM in the UK Cheers, Dave | ModernPics
  7. Greetings all! Hello from LA California Super excited to be a part of Alamy and looking forward to contributing, News, Editorial, Entertainment, Stock and Travel Images Looks like Alamy has everything I was looking for in a Stock Agency New here but pumped to be here! Cheers, Dave Safley | ModernPics
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