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  1. Sometimes... when i'm lonely... i Google myself... and found this: https://www.nyteknik.se/teknikhistoria/lista-gamla-minnen-med-historiska-datorer-6888152 A Picture of my Timex Sinclair 1000... First picture i sold here on Alamy. There are some more Pictures from Alamy members.
  2. Always have some older software available. e.g. I still have Photoshop 7 here (even have 3.0 here but that one is so 1994).
  3. Reflection of the lights on the boat cased by UV filter, indeed. You can count the green dots according to the lights. I've been told that UV-filter are mostly obsolete for DSLRs, only filters I use are grey-filters and Pol-Filters.
  4. Interesting site. And also interesting program indeed. I'll have it as go...
  5. When you are used to Nikon, stay whit Nikon. Because the operation stays the same. Other brands have other body-layouts, meaning that the buttons are on other places of the body and have other functions. And you can keep all you lenses. But when switching to a D3x00 or D5x00 keep in mind that you must have AF-S lenses. AF lenses (without the S) won't autofocus. Those models lack a AF-Motor.
  6. I always use my laptop, but after a quick search I found Nexto, that also supports CF: http://www.nextodi.com/product/nd2901_feature.html Ohhh but for a price like that, i'll keep using my laptop.
  7. Noticed yesterday after shooting product pictures that most time consuming is PP. When shooting something else it's just some 5 minutes per photo but product pictures are different. On a small device like 15x25 cm / 6x10 Inch, does not matter what colour, you see every... EVERY little dust or small scratch reflecting the light. Even after a good and long cleaning job, also took some 5 or 10 minutes per device. And on white or beige devices I have to Cut-Out the device, also taking some time. On dark devices I simply can adjust the curves a little into the white. Yesterday I edited 12 Pictu
  8. Yes indeed, they now call it macOS instead of OSX since Sierra. But it still is numbered, Sierra is 10.12
  9. Have you tried looking for it using book cover as a search term? Google keeps suggesting it's about the 2nd battle of Ypres. But does not come up with an image for that. Weird. Could it be it's only the clouds they have used? Maybe then try this. Or something with any of your caption/keywords. wim If you remove the Alamy text below , it only comes up whit "Sky" But I have a book whit some kind of cover that looks like it, but that is somewhat older book. How long is it ago that you sold it? Makes searching also easier.
  10. And do not confuse with with whit . yes indeed... back to school...
  11. Do not confuse IOS whit OSX. But both are not affected.
  12. The program DxO Optics Pro has a pretty good Noise reduction, called Prime. http://www.dxo.com/us/photography/dxo-optics-pro/features/denoising
  13. Something in your export settings must be wrong. I used that NX2 software once (I shoot whit a D3300) and was able to export at 6000x4000. Nowadays I use DxO Optics Pro 9 Elite, has quite a good Lens Correction in it.
  14. I have a 25/5 connection. When the contract expires i change to 60/10 for only 3 Euro's more. Previously I had 1.8/.04... That's a drama... Oh and i pay about 45 Euro's at this moment. Country side....
  15. First that, and indeed they have some delay. Read here: http://discussion.alamy.com/index.php?/topic/7567-batch-still-not-cleared/
  16. I only found this http://www.alamy.com/blog/stock-photo-requests-april-2017 But that are more generally request, not explicit ones. And my wife is gonna kill me if put Potty pics on-line
  17. I wonder is there a Forum or message board available for editors asking for pictures? For the case that a suitable image is not on stock but someone could make one. As some of you know, I am a a collector of vintage Computers and planned to make and upload lots of pictures. Like this nice Timex 1000 http://c7.alamy.com/comp/J237TB/front-view-of-a-times-sinclair-1000-J237TB.jpg. But, lets say if some editor is busy whit an article about MOS and needs a close-up from a 6510 in a Commodore C64. I would be glad to make that picture next. If not explicitly asked for, I'll maybe make that pictur
  18. Yeah.. my first 5 test images are on-line...
  19. I doubt that the files wil be deleted after you removed it.
  20. Had not much time lately, but I edited my first uploaded pictures (brighter and more contrast) now I had some time to shoot some more Product Pictures. Small objects are not the problem, but bigger are. On small object I just can adjust the tone curve a little and I get a nice picture, like this nice calculator. But bigger machines are a bit of a problem, like this Apple II. Here I did a Cut-out rather than a tone curve modification only. Good is that it has straight lines. Did not add shadows on this one. What do you guys think.
  21. I made something like that from an old TFT screen (see previous page), but did not tried something like colour or frosted paper on it. Could be a nice effect, will try that sometime. So.. yesterday I had some time to edit pictures I took last week. Now I need to practise my scratch-removing-skills. The program I normally use is DxO Optics Pro 9, but that has no good scratch removing options, so I have to export some pictures into another photo editing software.
  22. Live view if you've got it combined with a remote release or use the built in timer to minimise operator induced shake. I noticed when i shoot in Silence Mode I have less shake. I think it is the mirror. Live View is something i should test indeed.
  23. Yes i read that. Also that this kind of light makes people look a little ill. But the good thing of old Computer is, look at 5 same machines, they all have a different colour. The problem that occurs is that some pictures looks shaky because of a too long exposure time. Even 1/60 on a tripod looks shaky. Didn't had this problem whit the flash lights. I have to use 1/100 and a little higher ISO. My DSLR does not have MLU.
  24. Oh, by the way... is it possible to make something like an own page or an about page on Alamy so that customers could read some thing about me and send request if the want to? If someone needs for example a picture from the inside of that CDI, or in a different angle.
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