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  1. It’s very hard for me to avoid shooting similars. I shoot for non-profit organizations and it’s mainly music stuff. They are interested in the biggest name onstage and couldn’t care less about the others because when they print brochures to advertise other events they pick the big name people for their ad. In some cases in the photo pit you can be competing with 30 or more other photographers to get the shot. Usually you get 3 songs then you are escorted out. I hear people shooting on fully automatic and is like machine gun fire all around me. Similars are hard to avoid when it’s crowded out t
  2. All's well that ends well Joseph. It looks like they have found my photos!
  3. Thanks Joseph, you and Mark have pointed me in the right direction and that will be very useful in future. I was looking at a travel guide to San Francisco to find locations and it's pretty bewildering after a while for someone who has only been there once.... I need to go back! I just noticed that I am only credited with having two pictures on my post. I'm a newbie but I just passed 500 images last night....I must be wearing my cloak of invisibility. I am going to have to work on that as well it seems! Thanks for the advice!
  4. Thanks Mark, I never thought of doing the Google street view! That's great and I'll keep it in mind in future. I was working on photos I took in San Francisco years ago and I couldn't remember all the places I had been to. Discoverability seems to be a pain with everyone.
  5. Hi folks, I’m a newbie and I’m making some progress. Keywording and tags take much more time than checking QC on my photos. I’m realizing as I go along that I need to take more notes as I go along on trips. I’m so busy concentrating on taking photos that I haven’t taken the time to note down the names of streets etc. This causes me problems later, particularly if it’s a city I have never been to before. I had noticed that if I have the correct address for a building that discoverability goes way up! ​ How do you folks tackle this problem? I have read all of the recent posts on discoverab
  6. Many thanks wiskerke! All advice on doing this stuff is welcome to us newbies!
  7. Thanks spacecadet! I shoot for a lot of non-profits making me a non-profit photographer. In shooting concerts you usually get three songs, four if you are one of the official photographers. Usually the photo pit is full with everyone one trying to get the best position. Often if you get a good spot it's difficult/silly to move because then you have little chance. I get what you are saying but I'm trying to give the customer some options. I was one of the official photographers in 2010 and 2012. It would be nice to get some return on the photo shoots because I paid all my own expenses I see
  8. sb photos, and everyone else...... sorry for the delay in answering. I'm loading pictures every night just by using My Alamy upload because I have so many images to go through and check first for QC that it's taking me a lot of time. I'm figuring this stuff out as I go along. Malwarebytes on this iMac is unable to remove any malware and I am reluctant to risk it with the new iMac. I only upload at night because they load easily then do captions etc. the next day. Slow but steady. All the images since the initial submission have passed with no problems. I'm still trying to find out how to
  9. Chatham County Line play around here all the time Kelv. They are very talented and good songwriters too. I have shot them a couple of times in smoky bars with bad lighting....hardly worth the time, they deserve to be in much better venues! Good video by the way Kelv! A friend shot a 4K vidieo two weeks ago of my mates ....the Luxuriant Sedans (daft name! ) But they are really good, Brit based blues rock but they are all Americans. You can find them on iTunes and Cd Baby.
  10. Sorry for the delay Inchiquin and TeeCee! Yes, these guys have more guitars than anyone could ever need. I also had a Yamaha acoustic and two Eko's, one 6 string and one 12 string. Not pricey but I loved the 12 string. All gone now but I am still around music all the time. From 2005 on I did live recording gigs of my favorite local musicians. 16 channel and 24 channel mobile rigs. Great fun but very, very time consuming! I was hired to do a "Root Series" of 10 music concerts for a local arts center and got to record Chris Hillman of The Byrds and Manassass. Also Bettye LaVette. I couldn't beli
  11. All of this is very useful information. Lots of answers to how people tackle the key wording. What I have done so far is just giving the performer name and date when the event happened....after that there is not enough to say anymore. Since I'm a newbie I'll need to wait and see if what I am doing is not working and I'll change my approach based on what you folks have said. I shoot lots of music stuff but I have a lot more to post and the other pictures will reflect the info you have given me here. Thanks everyone!
  12. That's good to know Geoff! I wondered how other people mange it short of getting some sort of robot writing them. I know you can get a subscription to one of those outfits where they can supply you with keywords or "tags" but that costs more than you would get for the photo I would imagine. I can't see me going "green"anytime soon!
  13. All of this is new to me and for the moment I think one pseudo is enough for me to handle. Alan's.... "A keyword is worth a thousand pictures" is the one I need to concentrate on! 50 keywords is harder for me to do that taking photos!
  14. TeeCee... I used to play guitar but since I came to the USA I gave up because almost everyone here is a guitar player! A lot of my mates are guitar players and they have some pretty exotic guitars. One friend has several Gibsons and Fenders that he's scared to take out to a gig in case they get stolen. Another friend has a 1962 Fender Jazzmaster that he leaves at home now because it's worth so much. He currently buys Hansens on ebay for under $500 complete with Bigsby 'whammy' bars on them that play great. He used to have a guitar shop and he knows what he is doing and he can make anything so
  15. Thanks for all the comments everyone. It's all very helpful to this newbie! Currently I'm going through lots of images and unsharpening as requested by Alamy before submitting them. They need to pass QC before I do any more so I can see if everything is working as it should. I should get some idea tomorrow how it's going. So far I have only loaded 130 or so pictures using My Alamy because I am not in a hurry to tackle anything else right now. Putting together 50 tags per photo and associated stuff is keeping me occupied. There is a lot more to this stock photography business than I thought!
  16. Thanks everyone, I'm still considering my options. Most of the malware that appeared on my old iMac was Windows based but there was some specific malware for Macs including a Trojan horse type. This Mac is about to die so in future I'll be on a new iMac but I definitely don't want to mess with a program that is open to malware problems. That looks as if Filezilla is out for me. As a newbie I have a lot to learn. I'm trying to concentrate on editing pictures at the moment but there is so much to take in when it comes to doing stock photography. Thanks for the help everyone, it's encou
  17. Thanks everyone! I'll look over the options you have all suggested and see which one I fancy most. I appreciate your imput and I'll report back once I decide.
  18. Hi folks, I’m a newbie and just got my first 3 images approved by QC and now I am ready to load some full size images @ jpeg level 12. I have been using Hightail to send files to clients without any problems and since I have a subscription to Hightail and never had any problems with it I'd like to continue using it. Is anyone else out there familiar with Hightail and do you use it to send files to Alamy? I have looked at Filezilla and see that it is a free open source client but I don’t like the idea that some types of malware specifically look for ftp addresses in plaintext files leading
  19. Many thanks TeeCee! I'll check on your advice!
  20. I looked at a bunch of stuff online TeeCee and was very impressed with what I saw. I shoot a lot of music stuff because I work for a bunch of non-profit companies which makes me a non-profit photographer! I'm hoping to change that once I get my act together here .... we will see! Phillipe's work is incredible, how he gets that close is amazing. Just absolutely wonderful pictures. I need to get out more. I shoot mainly wild and wooly musicians in poor lighting most of the time! One more question for you TeeCee. I have a subscription to Hightail.com and send all my full size images
  21. Hi TeeCee! Thanks, you and arterra have sorted things out for me! Now I can start submitting some fullsize images. I appreciate the help from both of you. I had looked at your work yesterday TeeCee....very impressive! I hope I can make the grade!
  22. Thanks arterra! That's what I was confused about. They had asked for the first submissions to be at the jpeg level 8 so that's what I sent but you answered my question because I assumed that everyone would be submitting the fullsize images because you can never know what the potential client would want. Now I'll go ahead and submit the fullsize images at level 12. As you can see I am a newbie and I'm full of questions!
  23. Hi Kelv, I used to do live music recording and recorded a whole session of Chatham County Line live at the Cat's Cradle in Carrboro some years back. They are a very talented band. A good friend of mine recorded a couple of the Avett Brothers first albums. They are huge now in the South and all over.
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