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  1. I think tagging looks little better now. Espetially with new photos, but still not finished corecting old tags. Intersting thing is that there are not that many photos form Serbia and espetially not that many from the area I plan to represent (Old mountain, Pirot) and present on my images. Is there a demand for it? We will see, atm probably not. How do I make this interesting for buyers... I'll think about it. Any advice is welcome. Nature is there, waterfalls and landscapes are there, fantastic photo oportunities are there, I'll work on improovimng my photograpy skills, but will I sell an
  2. All advices understood and accepted. I already started to remove unneccesary tags and next photos will be tagged with basic relevant info about them. Again, I'm very glad that it works that way, because other way is not fun and not real. As for the photos themselves, they are from my archive and were not taken with the purpose to sell. I just joined. So I wanted to explore and get the hold of how things work here until I start going out with the goal to take photos to sell. I'm sure I won't be making living from this, my job wont let me :-), but connecting something I like, that I can impr
  3. Thanks everyone for the info. I will keep that in mind and I am happy to hear that is works like that. 50 is too much, maybe once in a hundred pictures :-). Thank you again, Nikola
  4. I did some research and I have some doubts. There is space for 50 tags. It's almost impossible to have that many for almost any image. Especially if you don't use adjectives like amazing, great... I'm sure you are right about the irrelevant tags, but I'm not so clear on everything else. If that bar turning all green is what will make photo more visible for the search engines then I don't see other way. Also, people do type adjectives when searching for something, like amazing sunset or colorful butterfly and so on. I wish you are right tho, because I would hate to have to think of 50 tags
  5. Hello Alan, thank you for your welcome and for the advice. I surely will accept it and put some more thought in to it. I did look at what others usually put as tags for landscapes tho. I just found out about this forum yesterday so I will listen to your advice and check out the forums you recommended. Nikola
  6. Hello everyone, just want to say hi and to introduce myself to the crowd. I'm from Serbia, from town called Pirot. I recently joined your comunity. I'm an amateur photographer and like most of you I'm in love with it. I like shooting landscapes like you can see from my photos so far, plus my location has a lot to offer in this area. I'm also mad about astronomy and astrophotography. I'll be uploading some of those soon as well. Anyways, nice to meet you all. And ofc, I'm looking forward to learn some new tricks from you, to get to know you better, and to make some money together :-
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