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  1. Ive been here ten happy years now! Here are my graphs


    10k of my collection is old reportage of music festivals (which only seem to sell in the spring)

    6k white background cutouts

    15k travel

    and the rest is a mixture of stuff


    looking at your graphs it looks like i need to do a major edit of my photos!


    <iframe src="https://onedrive.live.com/embed?cid=A593455311C59CD7&resid=A593455311C59CD7%214152&authkey=ALQ5xCKaAblU9Wk" width="320" height="120" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>

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  2. Wow 55 sales from one shot is great


    One of my best sellers is a very simple pack shot its sold 17 times shot with natural light on a old canon 6mp camera. Very similar shots from the same sequence have also sold 14 and 8 times


    From the shoot of about 20 frames Ive sold them 57 times (and more sales elsewhere)


    Ive photographed it again countless times but for some reason they still sell.

  3. Hi Ed


    With Alamy I find it takes about three months for me to start getting sales from a batch upload. I presume this it will be the same for Stockimo if not longer as its so much slower to upload images on a iphone. Its also new system so we might experience teething issues with sales being reported. I'm not expecting any regular until my collection is at least a couple of thousand which will take a very long time.  I'm sure stockimo will make money as alamy runs a tight ship. its just a case of having lots of fingers in lots of pies!

  4. Thanks for all the pointers! camera+ and snapseed seem to be the way forward for me. Lots of filtered punchy images. All of my moody HDR shoots seem to be rejected so I'm just shooting bright colorful happy grab shots. Like Kevin Ive found that editorial and travel style shots are not what alamy appear to be looking for at the moment.


    Thanks Edd

  5. Ive just bought iphone to have a go at shooting for stockimo. The majority of the images that have been accepted are RF style images that have been heavily filtered. Retro style still life grab shots ect. Ive been using snapseed to edit the images is this the same workflow other people are using?



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