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  1. I think if they halved the platinum level to 12.5K or even 10K then it would still only benefit a few hundred photographers out of the thousands on alamy.
  2. Its a shame but not unexpected, I see predict to further cuts to royalties down the line. Is anyone on here actually in the platinum level? I'm not there yet!
  3. Thanks Alamy It’s great to hear from you! More communication and videos in the future please. I was happy to hear that the PA collection wasn’t being prioritised with a priority ranking. I would have generally liked more details rather than a summary Happy Christmas!
  4. I have best selling collection from years ago a dozen images of the same subject (taken on a 6mp Canon). They have sold regularly for over a decade making in excess of $20k. Ive tried re-shooting the photos every way and variation I can think of, but its only the originals images that sell. I think they must have reached escape velocity!. I had a image of a castle in Serbia that sold every month for around $20 it lasted about for years and hasn't sold since! My best selling image went for $2865 just before lockdown.
  5. Morning! Ive had a successful upload! All my archival uploads yesterday disappeared on the system and are now showing as 0 images on each upload. But Ive just uploaded another batch and the images have gone straight through. Hopefully things are slowly getting back to normal!
  6. I sold 38 images in October (and 13 refunds) for a total of $1363 slightly above normal. Fingers crossed for the next few months!
  7. I've had the email and had 36 images removed all of St Pancras, Eurostar and Waterloo. But having a quick search I've got more that have survived the cull, I wonder what they were searching for?
  8. Hello Once your images are ready they will automatically go on sale when the site updates overnight. But there does seem to be a delay at the moment, I'm having the same issue with images waiting from Monday I'm sure they will go live soon
  9. I'm privileged to be part of the 500 club, How many times have they emailed out the list? (4th time here)
  10. Thanks Wim Your right! On 11th May 2010 I sold 124 photos! for a huge $124 followed on 20th August with another 131 images totaling a massive $64.19 all on Novel use 1. I don't think Ive had a novel use sale since then.
  11. Ive been here ten happy years now! Here are my graphs 10k of my collection is old reportage of music festivals (which only seem to sell in the spring) 6k white background cutouts 15k travel and the rest is a mixture of stuff looking at your graphs it looks like i need to do a major edit of my photos! <iframe src="https://onedrive.live.com/embed?cid=A593455311C59CD7&resid=A593455311C59CD7%214152&authkey=ALQ5xCKaAblU9Wk" width="320" height="120" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>
  12. Congratulations! everyone who has made the top 500 I've made it again! 126 sales so far this year!
  13. Wow 55 sales from one shot is great One of my best sellers is a very simple pack shot its sold 17 times shot with natural light on a old canon 6mp camera. Very similar shots from the same sequence have also sold 14 and 8 times From the shoot of about 20 frames Ive sold them 57 times (and more sales elsewhere) Ive photographed it again countless times but for some reason they still sell.
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