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  1. I only started in January 2017, knew of stock image sites years ago but didn't think I had the skill, gear or portfolio to bother uploading. Had DSLRs since 2009 but it's really since getting the D800 in 2013 that my images have been good enough for the most part.


    In January I uploaded around 200 images to microstock sites, then got annoyed at my photos selling for pennies. Been exclusive on Alamy since March and steadily working through my old catalogs, uploading anything I think would be saleable. I'm primarily landscapes and animals so I think I missed a few opportunities on those trips to get the "stock" images people seem to love. I'm trying to capture those in-between getting the shots I want. I used to hate people walking in my shots but now I'll take them too.


    Anyway I am now up to 1000 images, got a sale at the end of May for the Telegraph when I had around 800 images. 


    Not many zooms, my CTR is OK. I realise this is long term, at least the images are online instead of sitting on my hard drive.

  2. Hi everyone,


    I have a quick question regarding property releases.


    For example, if I am taking photos of my own property such as phones, old cameras etc, anything I have bought, do I need a property release for them. The guidelines on Alamy are vague in this regard.


    My query is mainly that although it is my property it is actually a product that some company has made so would a personal property release be sufficient.


    Many thanks,



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