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  1. So I just stumbled across some of my images that I uploaded a while back which I haven't Supertagged. The problem with the current Discoverability is that it is basically an all or nothing deal. Once you get your images online (5 normal tags and a title) there is no difference between that and an image with super tags completed and the extra fields filled in until you get to the Optimised green stage.


    It would be useful to have an option to search and narrow down in AIM to the images which don't have a full set of Super tags and / or the additional fields completed.


    As it is now I am in the process of hunting down the images that I think were not Supertagged, which could be 1 or many images.

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  2. 11 minutes ago, Marb said:

    Ahh sorry, I didn't realise you meant that one.


    That was a bit of a struggle due to the dynamic range, plus I was shooting on my d3300 and kit lens not d800 so not as much latitude to pull shadows etc. I've not done much else with it.

  3. 1 hour ago, Marb said:

    I agree, nice portfolio. I like the lighting on your Riverside hotel shot. This is the kind of photography that is right up my street (no pun intended) I must get back into urban landscapes. I find that making bigger panoramic images from a 50mm lens with shots taken vertically works very well as it medium format (my old college days when we had access to hasselblads.

    Not sure if youre talking of my photos, I don't think I have a Riverside hotel one.


    I tend to shoot my panoramas with either my 50mm or 80-200 vertical and stitch in post, tends to work well.


    5 hours ago, Betty LaRue said:

    James, I looked at your images. Very nice!

    I jumped back pretty far and saw a couple of images you have titled Cherry blossoms.  I could be wrong, but after looking at a lot of images on Alamy, it seems most of the cherry blossoms with small emerging leaves have reddish leaves. 


    Your blossoms, to me, look like redbud blossoms. They are smaller flowers than cherry flowers.  Plus the leaves in your images are green, and appear to have the redbud’s distinctive heart-shaped leaves. There are few of them, though, and rather difficult to see.


    The rebud is Oklahoma’s state tree. I was born and raised there, and only recently moved. I used to have two redbuds in my garden! There are two redbuds...one, the most commonly seen that looks like yours, have a purplish or magenta cast, rather than pink.

    Anyway, you might want to check them out. If I’m wrong, I’m sorry. I worry all the time about my ID of the plants I shoot. It’s a difficult subject.

    I assume you were in the U.S. east during cherry blossom time, right?  Then maybe that fraud tree masquerading as a cherry sneaked in? :D


     Thanks Betty for the kind words. The cherry blossom tree was taken in the UK but of course could be any imported variety, now you mention it I remember having a hard time pinpointing exactly what type it was, so I may have given up on correctly identifying it. I will take another look through, I plan a recheck of my keywords when I get some spare time, I just never seem to have any these days. :blink:

  5. 6 sales this month which is now my best month since starting last February. 3 decent $$ and 3 $ but the positive for me is that they are all that I shot with stock in mind and my chosen niche area so to speak. 


    I've learned a lot in the late year, variety, finding a subject or area not well covered and also minimising costs involved in taking the photos so any sales are net profit.


    My advice, take a small camera with useable zoom lens with you when you can, take a few photos each day and at the end of the week edit and upload. I carry mine each day to work, there's always something to photograph.

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