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  1. As a side note it is always helpful if you are the fastest runner in your group. Just kidding.
  2. A really good rule of thumb is If you know what you are doing and understand their behaviour tread with caution. If you don't then steer well clear. They are really temperamental and though they may seem relaxed, all it takes is for a juvenile to initiate a mini charge (they do this often and to almost anything they are unsure of or just for the hell of it) to get the mother to launch into a full scale charge without warning. I am more wary of the females with calves than the bulls. Luckily I live in easy access to them and they remain my best animal. I do have some images in my port if you in
  3. The problem is that to use your camera equipment you have to take it out of all the above precautionary stuff, exposing it to the humidity. Zoom lenses suck in air and therefore moisture. Changing lenses also allows the humid air into the camera body. Probably the only effective answer is to use something like the Fuji x series which are weather proofed and make sure you have the weather proofed lenses. High camera usage also prevents the onset of fungus. Very few high volume pro photogs have a fungus problem possibly due to the constant usage.
  4. I am just working through my images with the new IM and it appears that if you select the submission batch from the left hand side you cannot scroll up or down to the next batch via the center window. Being able to scroll is helpful as it allows me full access to previous submissions if I have images that would share common keywords. It seems you can only scroll via the center panel if you start off there. It would obviously be great to select the batch from the left panel and continue scrolling from there. Please correct me if I am wrong.
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