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  1. It's buried in the Alamy contract small print. I'm not driving tonight. Richard. Thats why it is always good the read the full contract . Especially when it was a glass of beer it should be a sign that maybe i missed something with not reading it. Unfortunately Polish people are not such whisky drinkers.....but i can always take Zubrowka Vodka Ha Ha I should run like the guy I saw once on a golf course who hit a hole in one he ran to the car and left fast there were a lot of people in the club house did you know they sell insurance against getting a hole in one I wonder that
  2. It was probably me and my eyes now I am more aware ill be more careful good news is my latest four passed QA so I am very happy
  3. Sorry to disagree but I have shot in RAW for some years now and never looked back there is so much control gained from RAW that I don't really get why people shoot jpeg it's such an unstable format. However I guess it's working for some of you as sales say it all here I guess.
  4. Doc yes I always take raw and I have seen the idea that the first 4 should be safe images and to be honest I thought they were the problem wasin tree branches against a sky which on reflection is not safe at all so I have resubmitted different images, I was really just curious about the process as you really need to zoom in further to see the CA and its going to be there in a lot of images so it will need removing. Thanks for the fast responses they confirm my assumptions.
  5. I have two questions here, firstly I just submitted 4 images for QA and 2 failed for CA, now thats not a complaint they both do have CA, but I could not really see it untill I got past 400% zoom, so my first question is should we be doing that to check images before submitting or do I just have bad eyes not good enough monitor (probably not this) or something. Clearly there was a problem but what lengths should we be going to to find these problems and fix them. OK so accepting I had a problem I did some research and it seems that the lens used has a tendancy to give some CA at the extreem
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