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  1. In his video James made a comparison between stock agency royalty percentages and Alamy but did not make any comparison between celebrity or news focused agencies. The royalty percent that I currently get with these ranges from between 50% and 75%. By reducing its royalty rate to 40% Alamy now becomes the least attractive to me when I I am deciding where to put my images. Obviously at the end of the day I am concerned with total revenue which must also take into account sales volume and sales price, but I am not convinced that these will be sufficiently better in any event. Looking at the balance sheet of Alamy it appears to have a reasonable level of cash assets and I would recommend going here first. Also reduce payments to charity to nil and use this money for development if necessary, rather than corporate virtue signalling. Creating what is effectively a 20% immediate reduction in revenue to contributors provides a big incentive to upload elsewhere. Also lets not forget that that is assuming a direct Alamy sale. If subagents are used does this now mean our royalty rate is reduced from 30% to 20%? On the more positive side I must give some credit to James for his openness and I have found Alamy to generally be a very competent organisation with good systems and generally good treatment of photographers. However, please do not become complacent or take us for granted because if you lose the photographers you will be nothing and worth nothing. Any loss in images will affect your bottom line (profit) as other costs are likely to remain relatively fixed.
  2. I don't think that Alamy images appear in Google searches. Are there any plans to change this?
  3. Does Alamy provide media accreditation for news photographers? I currently work for a competitor of Alamy, but am not happy with their service as they just ignore my emails and do not bother chasing up unpaid usage by the Daily Mail and Guardian. I want to move across to Alamy, but will need to be able to gain access to events. Often this requires a media accreditation letter.
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