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  1. According to the Alamy Image Manager the "Additional Info/Tell Us More About Your Image" field should not be searchable. However going through my recent Alamy measures results I have found multiple image showing up in search results for keywords that only appear in the "Additional Info" field. Anyone else finding this happening?
  2. I have noticed over the past couple of months that a small number of my images are now regularly turning up in searches for terms that I have never used. The most recent example was a search for "out of sight". When I checked the image that showed up for this search I found that had not used any of those three words in any of the fields. Very odd.
  3. For clarity, the caption in question was "90003 with the 16:00 Norwich-Liverpool Street service at Brantham on the 25/10/2010" and is completely relevant to the image. However it meant the image showed up in a search for "Norwich High Street"! Previously I would have used the second "editorial" description field for a detailed caption but this has now gone.
  4. Is there any way of making the caption field non searchable as I am getting non relevant images showing up in searches from words in the description field. Very annoying!
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