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  1. Hi everyone! Thank you all for reading and replying to my post, I have found everyones advice so helpful, I am really learning a lot. I will persevere until I get it right! In the mean time, you are all lovely! Thank you kindly Stephanie
  2. Hi all At the risk of sounding clueless and completely out of my depth.. I have just joined Alamy as I have some lovely photos of flowers and plants & such, and it is a waste to have them sat on my Mac unused! Although I studied the art of photography at college, when it comes to post production, using a Mac and file handling, I am completely self taught, and still have a great deal to learn. I'd like to think that I am fairly competent with my camera & have the potential to submit some great images, but I am saddened to think that my lack of technical knowledge is proving to be my downfall, as I feel my creativity and capability to produce a beautiful image should not be dictated by my knowledge of metadata, file sizes etc! I have made my first attempt at uploading 4 images and they unfortunately failed QC. Although as a group they all failed, there was only an explanation next to one image, which stated it failed on 'soft or lacking definition'. Where I could maybe see where this could apply to the one image addressed, (my images have been taken at close range with a 50ml 1.4 lens, and have a very shallow DOF) I am confused to why the others did not pass, as I feel they are comparable in subject style to many of the photos I see on the site. At full size they still have focus in my opinion. I am sorry to say my images are not on the web to add a link for you to see, (only on Facebook where they are low res) I generally shoot in RAW (and occasionally high quality jpeg) using a Canon 30D & an Olympus E400, I edit in Lightroom and then further in photoshop. I try to keep editing to a minimum. I am obviously going wrong somewhere during my workflow. I think that most of my problems are occurring with file sizes, I haven't yet worked out where to look at my photo data in lightroom or photoshop, I am not sure what I am doing wrong? and I don't know if maybe I am exporting my images wrongly from lightroom in to jpegs before editing in photoshop. ...Basically I am looking for any simple advice from people who have plenty of technical knowledge. Please feel free to speak to me as you would a complete novice! I am frustrated that my lack of knowledge is holding me back! Thank you kindly & keep up the good work! Fingers crossed I pass the grade soon Stephanie
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