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  1. 8 hours ago, gvallee said:

    I had two sales of the same village in Oz but I won't share, sorry, it's the only two on Alamy! Way too easy to replicate for anyone in the right area. Yes, Alamynopolies still exist.


    So here's a Presentation on Friday. Not so pleased about usage but happy that my effort to photograph people has paid off in this case.




    I note that this image is not available for Personal Use. Can you advise me how to opt out of that, please?

  2. 33 minutes ago, David eastley said:

    best year ever for volume of sales and we still have 3 months to go. Revenue about 30% behind my best ever year but it could be close


    I am also having my best ever year (in 12 years with Alamy). Volume of sales is up more than 60% on my best ever year (which was last year, as it happens). My revenue is up about 7% on my all-time revenue high, which was in 2009.


    A big factor in this was my increasing use of the Alamy live news feed. Mostly, as the great @RedSnapper suggests these were weather images, but not all. Some shots of Airport queues - I was a victim too - sold well.





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  3. 37 minutes ago, John Walker said:

    I would really like to open my RAW files straight into Lightroom without all the selection system Lightroom uses with images.  Can I just open an image directly in Lightroom?


    Lightroom does not work directly on the image file, as PS does. It uses what I call a "reflection" (others may have a more technical term for it), of the image file and over-writes the changes you make onto it, in a non-destructive way, not unlike when using a layer in PS, or perhaps an acetate in old-fashioned animation.


    This has certain consequences:


    1. You need to import the files into the LR catalogue.

    2. If you move the files from where you installed them on your hard drive, you need to locate them in LR (and tell it the new location) before it can work on them again.

    3. if you delete the files from your HD, you won't be able to work on them at all.

    4. If you look for the original file on your HD, after making changes to them in LR, you won't see the changes you made.

    5. In order to see the changes, you need to export the image as another file and save it on your HD. This has a number of advantages for the working photographer: Mainly that you can save the changed file in several different forms and formats (for Alamy, magazines, newspapers, emails, Facebook, printing etc, etc) with a couple of clicks of the mouse, having set up export presets in LR.

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  4. 14 minutes ago, John Walker said:


    Thanks Steve

    Those control keys work fine but the menu bar (Library I Develop I Map I Book I Slideshow etc)  still does not appear.


    Just wondering if my Lightroom is not opening from the correct location perhaps.


    John :(



    I don't think it's that John. Try right-clicking in the space between the top of the main image and the task bar (file, edit, library, photo etc). You should get a list ofmodules to toggle on or off - Library, Develop, Map, Book...etc . Also, see if you have a tiny dotted triangle, in the middle of the screen below the taskbar. If so, click that to make it solid and it should show the modules menu.

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  5. 9 minutes ago, John Walker said:

    Sorry to be a pain but I'm still confused with Lightroom. On all the tutorial videos for Lightroom CC there is a menu bar across the top with Library I Develop I Map I Book I Slideshow etc.

    I don't have this menu bar.   I've tried every option I can find including toggling F11 etc but no luck.   I am opening Lightroom from the icon on the task menu.


    What am I doing wrong?



    Press Shift+Ctrl+F (Windows) or Shift+Command+F (Mac OS) to enter Full Screen And Hide Panels mode, which hides the title barmenus, and panels. When in Full Screen And Hide Panels screen mode, press Shift-Tab and then the F key to display the panels and menu bar.

  6. 15 minutes ago, MDM said:

    However, the levels adjustment in Photoshop is indeed a bit quirky if you don't mind me saying so and with all due respect to a guy who writes in David K's magazine :). So what do you mean when you say more accurate? I'm not getting this one.


    I totally agree, and it feels quirky, even to me when I doing it. But, I'm (half) convinced that when I pull the histogram to the corners of the graph in LR it can still leave the image (usually) under exposed. If I take it into PS, there is often still a flat line on the whites side - or even on the left (blacks) - and further levels adjustments brings it where it looks right to my eye - and usually less flat. It may just be my imagination, but it's a habit I'm stuck with! Often, though, just as a belt-and-braces "check".


    Incidentally, I've just been promoted to Associate Editor of Cameracraft (David K's magazine). So, quirky works sometimes. ;)

  7. 5 hours ago, John Walker said:

    When I open a RAW file in PS it opens in the ACR part of the program.  When I open the same RAW file in Lightroom it doesn't open in ACR or at least not the ACR screen that I am used to.  It goes straight to what I believe is the main Lightroom screen.  What am I doing wrong?


    For what it's worth; I won a major Photoshop award a few years ago and have been using Lightroom since version 1. The Develop module in Lightroom is basically the same as ACR, except that, in my view the LR version is better laid out and has some additional tools. I now only use PS for very limited, and some would say, quirky adjustments.


    For example, I prefer to adjust exposure using the levels slider in PS, by dragging the Blacks and Whites sliders to where the curve begins and ends. This can also be done in LR, but I find PS to be more accurate and this simple adjustment can really push up the contrast and tones, and if you're nearly "there" with the original image, there's not much more to do. I also do spotting in PS, as I find the spot healing tool much faster and again, more accurate, than the LR version.


    Then, in LR, I work down the basics panel, but I always start by eliminating CA and adjusting the lens. I usually then (after exposure) set a medium tone curve, add some clarity and Vibrance (never saturation) and the job's a good 'un!



  8. 12 minutes ago, Martin Carlsson said:

    @Alamy - any update or hope of a "delete all keywords" button in AIM?


    I'm the OP of this thread and I have been in direct contact with member services about it on at least 3 occasions.


    The feedback I get is that there are no plans to introduce this option into AIM; the rationale being that some "testers" found they were inadvertently deleting images that they wanted to keep. In my view that's Pilot Error and not a good enough reason to exclude what could be a very valuable and time-saving option. I have several thousand images that could be re-keyworded far more quickly with it, than without it.


    If anyone else feels like it would be a good thing to have in AIM, I suggest letting MS know directly, as posting here is likely to have little effect.

  9. 3 minutes ago, Colin Woods said:

    Because this is an open forum and publicly displaying very low fees could lead to buyers seeing how low prices can go. Not everyone subscribes to this idea but quite a few do, including me. Buyers already have almost all of the negotiating power, no need to give them any more


    The buyer is not in charge of the fee if they buy here. Alamy is or YOU are. I can't see the problem (and I've been doing this for a VERY long time).

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  10. On 7/16/2018 at 19:40, JEDphoto said:

    My portfolio is super small but I try and shoot strategically with a purpose instead of just random quantity.


    I came at stock photography (over 30 years ago; and nearly 15 of those with Alamy) from a different starting point than you. That is; I avoided Microstock like the plague, since it's inception (I can remember the first adverts for FREE iStock images in US based digital imaging magazines).


    It's only in the last year that I decided to test the waters of Microstock with less than 200 images. I have sold 77 images so far, and made a grand total of €22.80. With Alamy, In the last 6 months, I sold 58 images, with total sales of $1700. No contest.


    The crunch came with the Microstock images when, only 2 weeks ago, a perfectly good, creative set of model released images (that I had gone to some lengths to take and have MR'd), were rejected on the grounds that the original artwork of the model's tattoos was not similarly "released". No furhter images of mine, of any kind, will be "released" to that library.


    As far as Alamy goes; I have had years when I sold virtually nothing. But in the last 3 years, I have made more of an effort to contribute, sending at least 30 images a week as a minimum. I have seen my sales increase exponentially as a result. I have broken my all-time record for sales 2 years running (I'm currently 10 sales above the record set last year, with 5 months to go).


    My revenue reached a peak in 2009, and I'm currently about 10 more sales short of breaking that too, so it seems that fees are climbing back up, slowly. It's certainly true that the more you (or at least, I) put into Alamy, the more I am getting out of it.


    Unfortunately though, numbers count, and the right sort of images are very important. Your current set of images is more than 10% backgrounds and/or patterns, and I'm not sure that keeping up that balance will provide regular sales. To quote one of the most successful Alamy contributors, Keith Morris, what seems to work best (at least for him) is: OPDOT - one person, doing one thing. There are exceptions to this rule, of course and one of my biggest repeat sellers is an image of an Irish antiquity photographed in a museum (with permission).


    However, this one is of OPDOT; and made a healthy $50 this morning. Good luck with your Alamy adventure.








  11. Only 1 of my 3 pseudonyms are showing. My main one (about 6000 images) is missing along with another, that I only use occasionally. The one that is showing only has 300 images associated with it.


    No one has mentioned contacting Contributor Services (probably the most useful thing to do), so I've done it. I'll let you know if I get a reply.

  12. 3 hours ago, M.Chapman said:


    Sounds like you could get similar information from looking at "Alamy Measure" for "All of Alamy" with the advantage that it's quicker, far more extensive, and there will be less competition.




    I totally agree, except I was assuming (maybe wrongly) that when Alamy Content put out a request, that the client is prepared to wait for the images to come in (maybe not). I also assumed that they won't be looking to pay for a shoot (maybe they will). Searches in Alamy measures strike me as being too late to do anything about, as  the client won't be doing another search (but maybe they will).

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