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  1. The old press style captioning adds an 'H' too...how. (who / what) Two men (where) crossing the river Thames (how) on an inflatable Christmas pudding (why) raising money for charity (when) on Christmas day.
  2. Hope it goes well Andy. Sorry we didn't get to meet when I was returning through Cork recently. I had an accident and cracked a couple of ribs, so needed to get home PDQ. Hopefully we can re-arrange in the not-too-distant future.
  3. To answer your actual question... Discoverability will be classed as "poor" (an orange bar) until you have 40 tags, and 10 "supertags", plus all the "optional" information included on each image, at which point discoverability become "good" (green). 7 - 10 tags is quite low, considering that you need 6 tags to even get the bar to go orange. I agree, to some extent, with other members that discoverability is not that important. What IS important, though, is that you ensue that you have all the tags you need to fully explain the image in a way that will attract the relevant buyers. i.e. have you described it fully - and also not used any inappropriate tags (keywords). Get that right and you'll start selling images. But you will need more than 5 (probably).
  4. de Poer loosely translates as "the Poor", because the original Normandy family took a vow of poverty to atone for bad deeds in order to get into heaven; before coming to Ireland around 1400. I took this to mean that I'd never have any money. Until, an Archivist told me that although they took the vow, they never actually gave up their wealth. Just like a Power!
  5. It's highly possible. Is she from Limerick, or Waterford? My family go back to Limerick, at least to the early 1800's.
  6. In keeping with what Alamy live news promised and advised me to do, I've just uploaded 4 images and emailed them to say they are Irish (not UK) weather images and that I'd appreciate them not captioning them as such (as per their suggestion to me). I would suggest that you also contact them directly, and eventually they might change their policy. Check out the Cameracraft link for my real first name. If nothing else, it's a helluva free read! UPDATE: My images are currently showing as "Ireland Weather". Result!
  7. No need to apologise, and thanks. Shall we get back to talking about stock photography? By, the way, Allan, my name isn't Valentia (it's the Irish Island where I live). See the link to the Cameracraft magazine issue (above), for my actual name (it's in the list of magazine staff on page 3, and at the start of my feature article on page 14).
  8. That's done Douglas, verbatim. Thanks for the kind words.
  9. He's very active and productive - and has a good team around him too (if I can be so immodest).
  10. Have a look for yourself. Here is a free link to last month's issue, online, available to read in full.
  11. I'd be happy to have a "play" with it if you can get a RAW file to us.
  12. I was mainly upset that the strongest images (the ones facing into the sun and showing the Skellig Rocks), were shoved behind two that were uploaded later, and have completely different content. I do feel though, that Irish buyers (and I recently sold 24 weather images from the same shoot, to the Irish Sun newspaper) would not want to see that Ireland is now back in the UK! I've written to Alamy News, had a very nice apology and assurance that my points have been noted. It was also suggested that I can email in future to ask that images are kept separate. This may be of use to others in similar positions. I'm delighted that you are happy with your Cameracraft subscription - the new issue is especially strong in my view. Please spread the word if you can. Stephen
  13. Dear Alamy Live News I uploaded 6 images tonight, 4 in one batch and 2 in another. I did this because the captions were different for the 2 batches, and the batch of 4 images put an emphasis on the Skellig Rocks (famous as a Star Wars location). I felt that this might be a useful selling point - also, the "lead" image of the Skellig rock photos is by far the stronger of any in both sets. I now note that all 6 images are in one set, and the lead image does not have the Skellig Rock link. I have also seen that the captions now include the phrase UK Weather. As a Brit, living happily in Ireland for over 20 years, I can assure you that my part of Ireland (The Republic) has not been in the UK since 1922. It would also be highly offensive to many Irish people to think that it was considered to be a part of the UK – and this might include those seeking to buy images from us both. It may help to sell the may images if you were to allow me to work on the captions, to which I give lots of thought (I was a press photographer for 20 years), and to please avoid offending citizens of the country I now call home. Best wishes, Stephen
  14. I appreciate your help. It may be that my iPad is much older and slower than yours. I need to consider an update; although it works perfectly well for my Jazz music tuition apps.
  15. AIM does not work at all on my (admittedly very old) iPad. It's just a jumble and I can't see the images at all. What iPad are you using please, and any advice on how to use it?
  16. Any chance you might do something with the blue overlay on selected images? I (and others) have found it too dense to work on the images once selected.
  17. Disappointing month, only 6 sales for less than $100 total. On the plus side, I'm currently 30 sales ahead of my all-time (over 12 years) total, which actually was last year and $200 above my all-time best annual revenue, which was in 2009. I also got a good DACS, but I don;t count that here, as I do it myself and don;t allow Alamy to take 50% cut of something that they have no right to touch.
  18. 4 newspaper sales came in yesterday. All repeat sales, and one of them has now sold about 8 times. This is my favourite and, if my memory serves me well, the least repeated so far. Oh, and for those who express concerns about needing to travel great distances to take saleable images, I shot it 200 yards from my front door.
  19. Brilliant, glad you got it sorted. I'm not convinced it's not a bug though (pardon the double negative).
  20. I'll say this and then run for cover...bearing in mind that I have already offered my tuppence worth...It's not where you live that will help you to be successful in photography (or anything else), it's how motivated you are to succeed at it. One of the best books I ever read about photography (40 years ago) began with the unforgettable line...the first million photographs I took, were the hardest. It was never an easy profession, and I started when you had to not only take photograph, but develop and print the film, too. I'm still because I love it. I've had times when I couldn't pay the rent or even sometimes wondered how I could live out the week on beans on toast without going mad (I know, where are the other three Yorkshire-men - Monty Python reference). But, actually, now, I'm doing OK, many awards later and lots of well-paying jobs under my belt and I'm associate editor of a prestigious magazine. Oh, did I mention you HAVE TO LOVE IT or, you'll give up very quickly?
  21. After it happened to me, I contacted Contributor support. I deleted my browser cache, as they advised me, and the new tools returned. You might also need to clear your cookies (I didn't do that), or simply just refresh the page in the browser. Hope that helps.
  22. Thanks for that, refreshing the browser page didn't work at first and so I deleted the cache (on advice from Contributor Services). That worked, but only briefly, as when I returned to the page, they had gone again. This time, refreshing the page - coming out and going back in - worked. I'm using Firefox and that may have something to do with it, I'm not certain though.
  23. You can tell it's Adam, by looking for a small red apple. Phil Coulter carries a grand piano; he's much easier to recognise.
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