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  1. 22 minutes ago, losdemas said:


    Saturday May 12th 2018. High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England, GB, UK. The quaint local tradition of 'Weighing in the Mayor' took place in the town centre today. Traditionally, the outgoing and incoming mayor and civic officials are weighed at the beginning of the mayor's term of office each year to ascertain if they have gained weight at the expense of the taxpayer. The new mayor, Sarfaraz Khan Raja, the lady mayoress, Khola Kayani Raja and their children are shown. Credit: D. Callcut/Alamy Live News


    P.r.e.s.e.n.t.a.t.i.o.n. (could actually be!)


    I've seen this this group before, maybe not the same camera angle.

  2. 6 minutes ago, RichardNixon said:

    Hi Steve,


    Thanks, yes it is.  Annoyingly it has started to work now, although I had closed AIM and reopened it.  I've had a few things seem to go wrong that have been cured by shutting down the AIM page and then going back in.



    I've had similar issues with it, especially the new tools (such as delete all, copy & paste) which disappear sporadically. I have to clear the cache on my computer to have them re-appear.

  3. 10 minutes ago, chris_rabe said:


    I'd personally say avoid the A7ii unless cost is the utmost priority. It's what I started with and certainly is good, but everything (besides speed) was nicely bumped from the A7Rii  - and up of course. The biggest omission on it is the auto iso min shutter.


    Useful advice, thanks again.


    10 minutes ago, chris_rabe said:

    And apologies for yesterday. I don't normally take part in such internet spats. It was a low point in the middle of a dire week, and the devil inside got the better of me.


    What Spat? I see your dire week and raise you a month, or two.

  4. 1 hour ago, chris_rabe said:


    If focusing on landscape, or need high res, A7Riii. A7Rii if speed of no importance and you don't need the dual slots and can deal with the lower capacity batteries


    If you don't want/need the high res, or the pure speed, the A7iii will save a bit, and has the added bonus of not needing downsampling to help with cleaning up at high ISO. Not that the r models are slouches at high ISO, even without downsampling.


    A7iii probably best for video. While it does not focus quite as fast as the a9, it's marginally better than a7riii. 


    That is if you want full frame...


    Thanks. My publisher / Editor at Cameracraft magazine, @David Kilpatrick , sold a A7ii (not sure if it was '"R") a while back. I'm sorry now that I didn't snap it up (pun intended).

    Even if I stop using my Canon 5D III for stills completely (which is unlikely), I'll probably use it for video. I completed a 3 month project making a 15 minute video for a local Ice Cream company earlier this year, using that camera and a drone. They liked it so much that they built a viewing room attached to their gift shop (at a cost of over €10K) to show it to visitors. 

  5. On 10/20/2018 at 10:38, Graham said:

    As to Dell, I would not touch them with a bargepole.  In my other life I am a lawyer.  Dell is the only person/company I have ever sued, which was in relation to one of their then top of the range laptops. 


    Very relieved (sort of) to read this. I have a Dell 27inch monitor which crashes - goes fuzzy and needs to be restarted - about once a week, sometimes more frequently. After a year of complaining to Dell, who deny all liability and try to put it down to my OS (Windows 10), I've given up and just put with it.

  6. On 11/3/2018 at 05:27, Marianne said:

    I took this handheld at some ridiculously high ISO the first night that I had my Sony. And they say sunsets don't sell as stock...well we know someone who seems to sell them to the UK newspapers daily ... anyway, when I got home and saw this shot I fell in love with my Sony...so I'm happy it sold.


    Two mentions of a Sony in this thread so far. I'm in the market for a lighter, smaller camera, my Canon's weigh a ton these days (I'm getting older and weaker). Any advice on a suitable model?

  7. I responded to an @Alamycontent #Alamypicneeds tweet, with 4 images that I had on file, that I think meet the request perfectly. I tweeted @Alamycontent back to say I was uploading, with a sample of one of the images (watermarked) and a got a "like" for it.


    This was Tuesday afternoon and those images are still awaiting QC approval. At the very best, this will happen later this afternoon. They then need to be tagged and should be available for sale by Thursday morning, with any luck, at which point I'll tweet @Alamycontent again with the file numbers. Although, it could be Friday or even after the weekend before they are available, in the worst case scenario, and when requests are made at the end of the week.  


    I'm concerned that the client may have bought other images in the time it takes to put new ones online. If that is the case, responding to this request (and many others in the past) could be a waste of effort for many contributors, and particularly if we go out and shoot the images especially.


    Perhaps Alamy might consider a way to "fast-track" images that are being uploaded to meet a client's request, in a similar way to how News images bypass QC? This could perhaps utilize the Twitter feed, and once the "like" has been proffered a link could be sent to upload the images immediately, to be seen by the client. 

    Any thoughts?

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  8. On 11/2/2018 at 11:06, RedSnapper said:

    My advice, for what its worth


    Try to cover the 5 'W's in your caption..








    and you wont go far  wrong






    The old press style captioning adds an 'H' too...how.


    (who / what) Two men (where) crossing the river Thames (how) on an inflatable Christmas pudding (why) raising money for charity (when) on Christmas day.

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  9. 16 hours ago, Normand Blais said:

    So, I add a lot of of tags (7-10)...but, it's always poor. What can I do?


    To answer your actual question...


    Discoverability will be classed as "poor" (an orange bar) until you have 40 tags, and 10 "supertags", plus all the "optional" information included on each image, at which point discoverability become "good" (green). 7 - 10 tags is quite low, considering that you need 6 tags to even get the bar to go orange.


    I agree, to some extent, with other members that discoverability is not that important. What IS important, though, is that you ensue that you have all the tags you need to fully explain the image in a way that will attract the relevant buyers. i.e. have you described it fully - and also not used any inappropriate tags (keywords). Get that right and you'll start selling images. But you will need more than 5 (probably).


  10. 8 minutes ago, MDM said:


    It's a Norman name (de Paor in Irish), very common in Waterford as you say and common along the whole south coast and up into Clare and Limerick as well I think. 


    de Poer loosely translates as "the Poor", because the original Normandy family took a vow of poverty to atone for bad deeds in order to get into heaven; before coming to Ireland around 1400. I took this to mean that I'd never have any money. Until, an Archivist told me that although they took the vow, they never actually gave up their wealth. Just like a Power!

  11. 8 minutes ago, MDM said:


    Your name also shows up under your images as contributor which is how I figured out who you are in the first place. My grandmother had the same surname so maybe we are distant cousins. 


    It's highly possible. Is she from Limerick, or Waterford? My family go back to Limerick, at least to the early 1800's.

  12. 1 hour ago, aphperspective said:

    Alamy Live news have just done it again to me. Same as you Steve I to am a brit happily living in this wonderful country. Just uploaded 5 images clearly headlined as West Cork, Ireland. They have added UK Weather to the front of it. Most annoying as it adds to the inaccuracy of the images being of rare birds on the Irish coast.


    Andy. BTW sorry if your names not steve


    In keeping with what Alamy live news promised and advised me to do, I've just uploaded 4 images and emailed them to say they are Irish (not UK) weather images and that I'd appreciate them not captioning them as such (as per their suggestion to me). I would suggest that you also contact them directly, and eventually they might change their policy. 


    Check out the Cameracraft link for my real first name. If nothing else, it's a helluva free read!


    UPDATE: My images are currently showing as "Ireland Weather". Result!

  13. 42 minutes ago, Allan Bell said:


    Having just arrived back to this thread I would first apologise to you Mr. Valentia for having upset you by what you think is an attempt to hijack your thread for political ends.


    No need to apologise, and thanks. Shall we get back to talking about stock photography? By, the way, Allan, my name isn't Valentia (it's the Irish Island where I live). See the link to the Cameracraft magazine issue (above), for my actual name (it's in the list of magazine staff on page 3, and at the start of my feature article on page 14).

  14. 1 hour ago, Sultanpepa said:


    Pass on our good wishes, there are many of us that miss his round these parts. The copy of Cameracraft looks good btw. Good work all.


    That's done Douglas, verbatim. Thanks for the kind words.

  15. 6 minutes ago, Sultanpepa said:


    Nice to know David is still working away even if he has stopped contributing to the forum. :)


    He's very active and productive - and has a good team around him too (if I can be so immodest). ;)

  16. 11 minutes ago, Alan Beastall said:



    I have never subscribed to Cameracraft but i know the editor David Kilpatrick off and on for near on 40 years went he edited Minolta's members magazine back in the 70's. All that i learned from David back then i put in good use even today. So it should be a excellent magazine to buy.




    Have a look for yourself. Here is a free link to last month's issue, online, available to read in full.



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  17. 13 minutes ago, MDM said:


    I don't think too many people would be seriously offended by this but it is the lack of accuracy in the editing of your captions and general ignorance of whoever made the edits that is more concerning.


    On another note, I just got my latest issue of Camera Craft through the door - great magazine. Glad I subscribed.:)


    I was mainly upset that the strongest images (the ones facing into the sun and showing the Skellig Rocks), were shoved behind two that were uploaded later, and have completely different content. I do feel though, that Irish buyers (and I recently sold 24 weather images from the same shoot, to the Irish Sun newspaper) would not want to see that Ireland is now back in the UK!


    I've written to Alamy News, had a very nice apology and assurance that my points have been noted. It was also suggested that I can email in future to ask that images are kept separate. This may be of use to others in similar positions.


    I'm delighted that you are happy with your Cameracraft subscription - the new issue is especially strong in my view. Please spread the word if you can. :)





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