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  1. Jeff from what I’ve read, you are correct that it was designed for videography rather than stills. I do feel though that the drone has added stability for longer exposures when shooting stills in that mode. It may be all in my mind, but for critical sharpness I usually set it, and always in windier conditions. I’ve no idea if it would work well for very long exposures though as I try to keep mine quite short. Ihave been advided, though, that optimum aperture is probably closer to f5.6 or f6.3, than closed right down on the Phantom 4.
  2. As mentioned above, The Mavic Pro has a 1/2.3” (CMOS) sensor, (Effective pixels:12.35 M). The Phantom 4 Pro (1 & 2) and the Phantom 4 Advanced (less expensive but no rear sensors) have a 1’’ CMOS sensor (Effective pixels: 20M). This was taken with the Phantom 4 Advanced - not a news image and I've never had a fail via regular QC with that drone. But, it does need the right light and weather conditions, careful use of camera settings and careful post processing. I also recommend the "intelligent flight" mode of "tripod", to keep it extra stable.
  3. Here mine, done in a bit of a rush. I've moved some images from lower down to the top, but to get it "right" and in better order will take considerable time. The jury's out on whether it will be worth it, but no harm in trying. https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/stephenpowerphotos
  4. There's outspoken and there's attacking. I've amended my previous reply as I don't think you're the latter. But, you do seem to think that a majority opinion is the right one. Errr...Brexit referendum anyone??? (It's a joke).
  5. That doesn't make me wrong. In fact, if buyers complain that Alamy are charging them too much, all they need to do is put up the "bulk purchase" rates. Also try reading some other posts here...you'll see I'm actually not the ONLY one who quotes low prices.
  6. No, I don't. In fact I think it's good idea. These are OUR photos. The agent works for US.
  7. One of my favourite images from recent years and not easy to capture well. Sold this morning: Worldwide Editorial Usage, General business services, any size for 5 years (1 month) in Poland, Web. $3.12. You have GOT to be kidding me! Come on Alamy have some respect for your photographers!
  8. Two of my favourite photos taken, ever, and uploaded as Reportage last weekend, following the death of the subject. he's Alec Finn, a Brit who became a legend in traditional Irish music. Founder member of de Dannan and one of the people responsible for the use of the bouzouki in Irish folk music. Taken at his home in Oranmore Castle, Co. Galway, for my book "Traditional Notes".
  9. This one in this morning. Irish golfing legend, the late Christy O'Connor Jnr and his wife Ann. $9.99, Presentation or Newsletter, the new PU it seems (which is ironic, as I've cancelled it). Surely that use should have a higher value?
  10. If you mean Daylight Saving Time ( the clocks going forward in Spring and backwards in Autumn / Fall); Ireland and the rest of Europe are considering cancelling it soon.
  11. I once had an image on "Top of the Pops" (in the chart countdown). But, it was a direct sale to the band (Saxon) that included a few other images, and the money wasn't great, even 30 years ago. Granada TV local news (Granada Reports) used to commission me, and they paid well, about as much as the average Alamy fee, even in the mid-1980's. Pointless would be good, it's my Key wording background show. But, HIGNFY is a real feather in the cap - well done. I hope it was Victoria Coren Mitchell, who introduced the image! This month, one $$$ sale so far, and slower than usual for this year, which has broken all my records for sales and revenue.
  12. I have seen a photo of that particular mayor and his family at that weighing. But, where, I can't be sure.
  13. It's unlikely. I was once told by a picture editor that I was too polite to be a press photographer.
  14. I've had similar issues with it, especially the new tools (such as delete all, copy & paste) which disappear sporadically. I have to clear the cache on my computer to have them re-appear.
  15. I just tried it on my Windows 10 PC. Ctrl+C copied the caption (after I highlighted it) and Ctrl+V pasted it onto the same and/or another image. Ctrl is the same as CMD on a Mac, I think.
  16. Useful advice, thanks again. What Spat? I see your dire week and raise you a month, or two.
  17. Thanks. My publisher / Editor at Cameracraft magazine, @David Kilpatrick , sold a A7ii (not sure if it was '"R") a while back. I'm sorry now that I didn't snap it up (pun intended). Even if I stop using my Canon 5D III for stills completely (which is unlikely), I'll probably use it for video. I completed a 3 month project making a 15 minute video for a local Ice Cream company earlier this year, using that camera and a drone. They liked it so much that they built a viewing room attached to their gift shop (at a cost of over €10K) to show it to visitors.
  18. First sale of the month, a nice $$$ license for a large business marketing package, worldwide. Croke Park, Dublin.
  19. Very relieved (sort of) to read this. I have a Dell 27inch monitor which crashes - goes fuzzy and needs to be restarted - about once a week, sometimes more frequently. After a year of complaining to Dell, who deny all liability and try to put it down to my OS (Windows 10), I've given up and just put with it.
  20. Millennium Bridge, London, UK.
  21. Two mentions of a Sony in this thread so far. I'm in the market for a lighter, smaller camera, my Canon's weigh a ton these days (I'm getting older and weaker). Any advice on a suitable model?
  22. I responded to an @Alamycontent #Alamypicneeds tweet, with 4 images that I had on file, that I think meet the request perfectly. I tweeted @Alamycontent back to say I was uploading, with a sample of one of the images (watermarked) and a got a "like" for it. This was Tuesday afternoon and those images are still awaiting QC approval. At the very best, this will happen later this afternoon. They then need to be tagged and should be available for sale by Thursday morning, with any luck, at which point I'll tweet @Alamycontent again with the file numbers. Although, it could be Friday or even after the weekend before they are available, in the worst case scenario, and when requests are made at the end of the week. I'm concerned that the client may have bought other images in the time it takes to put new ones online. If that is the case, responding to this request (and many others in the past) could be a waste of effort for many contributors, and particularly if we go out and shoot the images especially. Perhaps Alamy might consider a way to "fast-track" images that are being uploaded to meet a client's request, in a similar way to how News images bypass QC? This could perhaps utilize the Twitter feed, and once the "like" has been proffered a link could be sent to upload the images immediately, to be seen by the client. Any thoughts?
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