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  1. You're really getting "in there", with your images and finding shots that grab the eye Andy. So much better than the ports I see of building exteriors and shop front signs! (I'll forgive your Paddy Power shot, as gambling is in the news in Ireland). Great work. :)

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  2. 13 hours ago, Colin Woods said:

    Did you click "Save" after you checked the box? It works for me so it might be time to email Alamy themselves.

    Thanks Colin, I'll double check and then see if works for the batch, but to be honest, the exclusive setting is applied when I open the settings. But it's just not happening in the images (in optional).

  3. 1 hour ago, FCUM said:

    Whilst I had a fantastic year last year for the size of my port, with some great sales and a huge increase in sales and revenue. This year has started off very disappointing.


    So far this month, Ive had 9 images licensed, for a combined net value to me of less than $50. 2 of those were PU and Id love to know why someone would buy a photo of the inside of an EasyJet plane for personal use!


    The highest of those sales was for $25 for an internal decor. Now what I dont understand is why this value is so low. I work for a print business and I regularly buy images from Alamy to print custom wallpapers for clients and they cost me £205 for every image. How then, does someone obtain one of mine for such a low figure for the exact same licence and use?




    I would echo your first paragraph, to some extent. Last year was my best ever with Alamy (in 14 years), with my highest number of image sales and my highest total revenue. Not "fantastic" - I've just bought an old Honda 50 as a treat, and not paid for a house as one member did - but encouraging. 

    So far, this year, I've had 3 sales, totalling $48, 2 for $5 each (UK newspapers with 2M+ print runs, on the newspaper "discount scheme") and one for $38, for a German travel brochure. A generally bad start, reflecting some of the years when I sold 15 or 20 images in 12 months.

    I may have had more sales, but I've opted out of PU some time ago. Like you, I have no idea why anyone would buy some top class images I've sold for next-to-nothing, and which cost a lot to get, for personal use. Then, again, I probably do.

    Why Alamy charge some peanuts and others a much higher fee for the same image is only a question they can answer. The question of why they are not being fairer to contributors with consistently higher rates is another.


  4. On 2/1/2019 at 08:46, imageplotter said:

    And no, I don't care if I get a whole load of "don't post the value, it'll let buyers know how low they can go". I no longer give two hoots, frankly. We're already there. This is Black Friday, Monday-Sunday, 365 days a year. Welcome to the quality agency that is Alamy. Personally, I've given up on them a long time ago.


    Absolutely agree with you, and I've also published low fees here - and got myself into bother with some forum regulars. The more we say about this nonsense,  hopefully the more @Alamy might start to look after it's contributors, many of whom are seasoned professionals.

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  5. 2 hours ago, MDM said:

     ...It is a fantastic magazine, certainly among the top photography magazines currently being published anywhere. For those who don't know him, David is an extremely knowledgeable former denizen of this forum...


    Thanks for the comments Michael.  I was going to PM you with additional feedback, but that doesn't seem to be possible. But, generally, certain Cameracraft personnel are currently unable to reinstate their involvement with the forum. But we hope everyone enjoys the link.

  6. 16 minutes ago, spacecadet said:

    Can't see a problem. Something of a non-sequitur, maybe, but perfectly in place for Chuck.


    Really? Well, we're obviously reading different threads. What exactly does being "brutally aware" have to do with a gesture of a free magazine?


    Chuck's post had nothing to do with the OP, so that makes it off-topic to begin with, and many posts have been red lined or reported for being that. I also had Christmas in mind, so I even find the use of the word "brutally" here inappropriate.


    You know what, next time I decide to do something nice, I'll do something sensible instead.


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  7. 4 hours ago, Chuck Nacke said:

    Ernest Hemingway once said, "Hangovers make you brutally aware." 

    I'm on my second (third..) Martini.....


    I've been "Brutally Aware" for decades.......  Not always the best for

    IPTC info, but great for photos. For the youth, I suggest writing your

    IPTC infor on the first Martini, never the third........



    I suggest you've had one over the 8 Chuck. I was trying to do something altruistic and your post seems out of place, at the very least.

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  8. 10 minutes ago, Starsphinx said:

    My tripod gave up the ghost yesterday - the leg fell off and bi-pods don't seem to work very well lol.  I have an app on my phone which will act as a remote release - tested it today early morning on a railway track with a train (camera positioned on the bridge due to tripod failure) and am actually quite impressed with the results - may be uploaded here shortly.

    I have ordered another tripod - although its fingers crossed I am on a very very limited budget and have had to use eBay - the write up was brilliant I will be happy if the damn thing is stable. 


    Christmas is coming! Seriously, you can't do night (or twilight) shoots without a tripod. A monopod isn't of any real use for long(er) exposures, as you'll definitely "wobble" after 1/15th of a second. Forget high ISO's. Low is the way to go. Low and long. On a tripod! There's too much competition in photography not to make your shots 110% perfect.

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  9. 5 minutes ago, MDM said:


    No I was referring to myself :). I know he's English living in Ireland, you are also English (British at least) with Irish Norman ancestry (which we seemingly share). He may well be a Colonel but probably not. And I was teasing my friend Allan whose knowledge of Ireland and Irish history is demonstrably a little lacking at times. This is more confusing than the B word itself. 


    Have a good trip Andy (the Colonel). 


    I was teasing, you, too. My Irish Normandy Ancestry, which surfaced in Limerick about 1822 - nearly half past six - tells me that I'll never get rich, and certainly not with Alamy. My surname ('as gaeilge' - in Irish) is 'de Poer' which translates to...The Poor!  

  10. 20 minutes ago, AngieK said:



    What would appease me is if existing contributors would have their current contracted 50 percent rate honored ("grandfathered in", as they say), and NEW contributors would have the NEWly reduced rate. This seems the proper way to roll in a change.... especially accompanied by a price drop overall.



    I agree totally. I suggest you find a way to get such a good suggestion to those who can make it happen. 

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  11. 6 minutes ago, Starsphinx said:

    To be honest star trails is some way in the future - my main interest in night shooting right now is the Christmas decorations - we have some houses local that have incredible full on displays, and a town local to me does brilliant street decorations.

    I will look up some LR and PS tutorials though - I got some shots this morning that I would like to play around with and see if I can get some decent noise reduction without getting stupidly soft or plastic looking


    I used to do a lot of this stuff for local newspapers, of houses that were lit up like Christmas trees! I always made a point of liaising with the owners to go BEFORE it got very dark. Use a sturdy tripod. Keep the ISO low and don't have anything moving in the image. You can then keep the aperture quite small (especially useful if objects extend into the garden a long way from the house) and a subsequently slow shutter speed, without worrying about camera shake. Use the camera's timer or a release to trigger the shutter.

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