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  1. Really? Well, we're obviously reading different threads. What exactly does being "brutally aware" have to do with a gesture of a free magazine? Chuck's post had nothing to do with the OP, so that makes it off-topic to begin with, and many posts have been red lined or reported for being that. I also had Christmas in mind, so I even find the use of the word "brutally" here inappropriate. You know what, next time I decide to do something nice, I'll do something sensible instead.
  2. I suggest you've had one over the 8 Chuck. I was trying to do something altruistic and your post seems out of place, at the very least.
  3. In the meantime, put your feet up and be inspired by my link in the "let's talk about pix" thread.
  4. Christmas is coming! Seriously, you can't do night (or twilight) shoots without a tripod. A monopod isn't of any real use for long(er) exposures, as you'll definitely "wobble" after 1/15th of a second. Forget high ISO's. Low is the way to go. Low and long. On a tripod! There's too much competition in photography not to make your shots 110% perfect.
  5. Here we go again! Please don't reply after too many Martinis. Happy New Year! https://issuu.com/iconpublications/docs/ccseptoct2018?e=10914365%2F64706460 The new issue is available on subscription here: http://www.iconpublications.com/
  6. I was teasing, you, too. My Irish Normandy Ancestry, which surfaced in Limerick about 1822 - nearly half past six - tells me that I'll never get rich, and certainly not with Alamy. My surname ('as gaeilge' - in Irish) is 'de Poer' which translates to...The Poor!
  7. Are you sure he's Irish? And, are your certain he's a Colonel?
  8. I'm holding up a piece of string. How long is it?
  9. I agree totally. I suggest you find a way to get such a good suggestion to those who can make it happen.
  10. I used to do a lot of this stuff for local newspapers, of houses that were lit up like Christmas trees! I always made a point of liaising with the owners to go BEFORE it got very dark. Use a sturdy tripod. Keep the ISO low and don't have anything moving in the image. You can then keep the aperture quite small (especially useful if objects extend into the garden a long way from the house) and a subsequently slow shutter speed, without worrying about camera shake. Use the camera's timer or a release to trigger the shutter.
  11. @Nick Hatton Nick Hatton makes a very valid point about shots of buildings and other objects at night. Don't shoot them at NIGHT. Twilight gives more detail in the object and less contrast overall. For night sky shots, use the 500 rule. Divide the shortest focal length of the lens (if it's a zoom) or just the focal length (if it's a prime) by 500. This gives you the maximum shutter speed to use. Set this in manual, and the aperture to wide open (at the most, one stop down). Then change the ISO until the exposure is correct (or close enough to adjust in LR or PS.) For star trails (see above), do the same, but take multiple images. I use an intervalometer to shoot as many consecutive images as possible. I recommend shooting for at least 2 hours, if not longer. This one took 675 images. They are then "stacked" to form the light trails. I use a software called Star Stax.
  12. Fair point. I'm all for staying on topic myself. Just slightly miffed that I'm broke, Alamy are paying peanuts and it's Christmas. That said, I've at least 4 other posts on topic in this thread alone in the last hour.
  13. Tell that to the money brokers who are deciding how much my pension (hard-earned over 40 years) is currently worth, when converted from Sterling to Euro (I now live in Ireland). It's been dropping like a stone since Brexit was announced and the cack-handed handling of the leave is making it almost not worth having.
  14. Yes it really works. I've bypassed Alamy with DACS for the last 6 years. You need to give an estimate of your published sales (books, newspapers, magazines) which can be done from your Alamy sales history. You also have to give specific ISBN numbers of publications and book titles, but not ALL of them. So, this may be possible from reading threads here like "Images sold this month", or from your own research or your own non-Alamy sales. It's worth the effort.
  15. On the issue of marking images as "exclusive" (for those that are lagging behind on this, as I was), I've just got this 2nd email from Contributor services. The first one was extremely unhelpful, and this is the response to my "you have to be kidding me" reply. We are planning on implementing a couple of new features that will make this task easier for you, one of which is a filter in AIM that will let you see images that aren’t marked exclusive. This will be released before the contract goes live, so you’ll be able to mark any that aren’t exclusive then.
  16. Just in; Country: Worldwide, Usage: Editorial, Media: Editorial website, Industry sector: General business services, Image Size: Any size, Start: 01 November 2018, End: 01 November 2023, Serbia, Web, One month, Bulk Discount, Flat Rate: $3.16 Merry Christmas!
  17. I have 4 reasons for doing it right away. 1. I had some spare time on my hands right now (the lull before Christmas - less emails and hands-on work (magazine articles done, etc). 2. Leaving it until next year may mean I get caught up with teaching, assignments and stock shooting. 3. I'm old and close to senile (which actually only literally means being over 65), so it could slip my mind if I wait too long. 4. ...I can't remember what the 4th reason is.
  18. First of all...I think we need to be clear and have a consensus on what actually happened a few weeks back, otherwise any momentum we might have as contributors could be eroded. I've seen lots of disagreement about the commission "cut" for example on Youtube, with some participants not even able to agree on the meaning of the word "cut". Some used it to mean "commission" or "share" while others used it to mean "reduction". My view is that Alamy did not announce a 20% cut in commission. They announced a 10% reduction of the 50% commission being paid to contributors. The mathematicians here may argue that 10% of the 50% being received is a 20% cut, but to my simple brain it's not a 20% cut in commission. That was 10%, from 50% to 40%. Anyway... Changes I would like to see in the contract, are twofold: 1) A good start would be to let us see precisely where our images are being published. 2) Tied to this, I would like the right to show this to DACS without having to cough up 50% (or maybe even 60%) of an income to which Alamy don't even have a legitimate claim. As it is now, I claim DACS without involving Alamy at all. However, I know that my claim would be bigger if I could cite all of my publications (including the Alamy driven ones) and not just the ones I find myself.
  19. They made their own bed and they should lie in it. Personally, I think Alamy owe its loyal contributors (and that's not necessarily everyone) more than a "gamed" system. A good start would be to let us see where our images are being published. Tied to this, the right to show this to DACS without having to cough up 50% (or maybe even 40%) of an income to which Alamy don't even have a legitimate claim.
  20. Thanks, as I said, I asked about 2 hours ago; to do it again would be bordering on pushy and I'm too polite for that. I'm doing it by year (one year has over 2000 images in it). I've discovered that AIM will only change 500 images max at a time. So, a tip for others, is to watch the total selected image number tot up, on the top LH side of the page. If it get over 500, deselect some of the submission in the LH column, until you have less than 500 images. I'm currently up to 2007. 5 years to go!
  21. I got it. I replied to it. Nothing happened. I've been with Alamy since 2004 and totally loyal (not that it's done me much good). Not only am I struggling to re-keyword thousands of images that had more than 50 key words (prior to the new AIM) and many of those had totally useless ones - owing to me being stupid enough to employ a key wording service recommended by Alamy, some years ago - I now have to take time to tick the "exclusive" box on 7000 images. I'm doing the exclusive box batching by year. When I right-click all of the individual boxes on the left, I'm then given several batches of images, each batch needs to have a "select all passed" box checked before I can click and save the check box. I have, on average, 100 of these per year (which totals around 1400 check boxes plus the same number of left hand boxes - those can be done with a shift click, but not the check boxes. I'm currently up to 2015. This could be a long day.
  22. For those who suggested ( @spacecadet ) or thought that Contributor Services may be able to help with checking the "exclusive to Alamy" box, especially for large numbers of images; here's the reply I got to my request this morning: You can mark your images as exclusive by ticking the 'only available on Alamy' box under the 'optional' tab in the image manager. You can do this in batches by selecting multiple submissions in the left hand column using the 'shift' key and then ticking 'select all passed'.
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