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  1. 3 minutes ago, Alamy said:


    Looking at your submissions, having only ever submitted 18 news images, you would not be classed as someone who was providing regular photo-journalism material to Alamy.


    I'm afraid your figures are incorrect. I have submitted many more than 18 new images. My "News" folder for Alamy submissions has 34 sub-folders, since the start of 2018, alone. Each of those contains an average of 10 images (some many more) and I've been submitting to the news feed for at least 8 years. In fact, I've had 24 sales via the news feed in the last 12 months.

    If you've based your selection process on misinformation, could I please ask that you review it.

  2. 29 minutes ago, Alamy said:

    Just to clarify our recent changes to Live News upload. Our News team would like you to file the images within the hour as this will maximize your chances of making live news sales.

    It does not mean that every news upload have to be sent within the hour and the 24 hour deadline still applies.


    Perhaps you would be kind enough to outline the general reasons for excluding some of us from submitting to Live News. This is especially interesting given that some who were excluded, like myself, have many years of photo-journalism experience while others, who were not excluded, claim that their images "are not all that".

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  3. 1 hour ago, N Quarmby said:

    I am a live news photographer, my right to file has now been revoked because I can't file within the hour, how ridiculous!


    How do you know that your right to file has been revoked because you can't file in an hour? That's not what the "you're excluded" email says (I got one and I've been a press photographer since 1981).


    I would contact CR directly to find out why you were not chosen to submit news. I did, and I'll let everyone know what they say, should they reply.

  4. 53 minutes ago, Avpics said:

    but am hoping it was a 'catch all' to all contributors having now seen this thread.


    I presume it was a "catchall", but only for the chosen few allowed to continue submitting news. The rest of us were unceremoniously dumped.

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  5. 3 minutes ago, sooth said:

    how do I get access and prove that i'm able to have news image available, yet, don't have access in any way to be able to do that.  maybe alamy should be looking at increasing their us buyers.    get the people who buy on getty to at least look at alamy. i can't get on getty, tried.


    There was print life before Alamy. Go directly to the source. See my post above. This is the image I mentioned, it made me 10 times the usual Alamy live news fee.





  6. 7 minutes ago, Foreign Export said:


    and because the application process requires one to submit a recent PDF of a  news clipping with your work in it - well that's catch 22 - how can you submit that work if you aren't able to register for live upload



    I was foolish enough to try and re-apply, just done it. I'll let you know. I submitted a clip from an Irish national broadsheet, taken in February. It was sold directly to the paper (not via Alamy news) - and for a good $$$ price. Although it does have that in my caption, because I also submitted to Alamy News feed. So, it is possible to still get news published without them.

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  7. 12 minutes ago, Iain Masterton said:

    Can you elaborate?

    I would take it from that, Keith is exempt at least. His was the first name that came to my mind when I assumed some would be "exempt".


    I've held an NUJ Press Card since 1981 and my "license to news" was revoked, too.

    I sometimes liken Alamy management to the current Government (re: Brexit). You assume they know what they're doing, because they are in charge.  But sometimes, their actions would say differently.

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  8. 1 minute ago, wiskerke said:


    One doesn't have to do that in person, there are bots to do that.

    The uploading itself is probably the only thing that requires some oversight.

    There are lots of those Public Domain images on Alamy. Occasionally it's clear that the harvesting, keywording and uploading are a sort of automated procedure, when you look at something like this:


    . Eesti Looduseuurijate Seltsi aastaraamat . ^ CD 00 eo 2 ° 01 C5 < jsj £ c 9 • J< Qj r« ra 2 5/3 9 *3 - O oo K k --h ' p ? « p   8§Xll| X X ffl i- CP CD 4^ 2 B cc •=3 2 K H CD tr" © = P J 0) B CD 2 S tcj «J M 2 ü HH cd o hh 03 o fj p. e8 pq Ph CD Sh rQ © 2 5 £ cd S hP tl W P CD 03 II pq -I J ® U jq 05 ftQ § Oh HH ö o U Oh P Ph >pq C3 H CC CC C p ü vo cd P89<0h o Ph a Ph co O cd CD HH Ü o CD Sh =8<0h O Ph a A ° Ph CO O CD CD "HH Ü O CD " Ph CO O CD ü 099<0h O Ph e Ph P hP dl fr" P p 0- CD .2-S CDÖ § 2 W 05 CH Sh l  CD P<^ CD O O « o 4P CD t; ^ 2 c n CD  Stock Photo





    . Eesti Looduseuurijate Seltsi aastaraamat . ^ CD 00 eo 2 ° 01 C5 < jsj £ c 9 • J< Qj r« ra 2 5/3 9 *3 - O oo K k --h ' p ? « p 8§Xll| X X ffl i- CP CD 4^ 2 B cc •=3 2 K H CD tr" © = P J 0) B CD 2 S tcj «J M 2 ü HH cd o hh 03 o fj p. e8 pq Ph CD Sh rQ © 2 5 £ cd S hP tl W P CD 03 II pq -I J ® U jq 05 ftQ § Oh HH ö o U Oh P Ph >pq C3 H CC CC C p ü vo cd P89<0h o Ph a Ph co O cd CD HH Ü o CD Sh =8<0h O Ph a A ° Ph CO O CD CD "HH Ü O CD " Ph CO O CD ü 099<0h O Ph e Ph P hP dl fr" P p 0- CD .2-S CDÖ § 2 W 05 CH Sh l CD P<^ CD O O « o 4P CD t; ^ 2 c n CD




    Ye Gods. It's the end of the world (of photography) as we know it. And I feel fine. (Not really).

  9. 34 minutes ago, NYCat said:

    I suspect they are asking us to mark our images as in public domain so they can avoid being accused of deception. If the images are so marked is that being shown to the client? I don't have any so can't check it. I noticed a long time ago that there are public domain pics here.




    The check box in AIM is called 'Image sourced from public domain' (not..image is in Public Domain). When you click the ? window, it says..."Public Domain images are free of restrictions under applicable copyright laws. They can include content where the copyright has expired, been forfeited or is not applicable." 

    While this may apply to images taken by the contributor in question, it seems unlikely to me and more likely that these are images which have been taken by others and "found" by the contributor.

  10. 11 minutes ago, RedSnapper said:

    "It's doubtful CixxFive will prevail in its lawsuit against Getty, as it's legally allowed to sell public domain images, as unethical as it may be. "....


    I have to say I'm feeling quite puzzled (and perhaps a bit naive) about this Kieth.


    Is it the case that anyone can procure images in the "Public Domain", claim them as their own and send them to a picture agency / library for sale? Or, that the library can "harvest" them directly? 


    One likely consequence is that snappers (even Red ones) could sell their cameras and make a living trawling the internet and public libraries for their sales.

  11. I've just noticed the checkbox for images sourced from the public domain, in AIM (Optional). Almost immediately, I saw this report in my news feed:




    It had struck me as being a bit "risky" to say the least and I'm puzzled why Alamy are considering it as an upload option.

  12. 7 minutes ago, Starsphinx said:

    I have learned the hard way to set my sights way lower and much much slower or I end up very ill again.  Unfortunately for others, it tends to mean rather a lot of me on forums as my brain which still tries to run at previous speeds, gets over excited at things and I am like a new puppy just trying to meet everyone at once.


    I taught Mental Health / Psychology subjects at universities for many years. Without wishing to pry into specifics of your situation, I would say that it's possible to set your sights higher and aim for what you really want. You just have to learn to live with disappointment. I was once asked what encouraged me. I said...people who try to discourage me.

  13. A friend and colleague of mine (an extremely experienced photographer and Photo-press leading-light) tells me that he didn't opt for the Exclusive Alamy "deal" to retain the 50-50% commission rate.  Since the changeover, his sales volume has increased. He has had 22 sales including 2 over $170, which makes up for the loss of commission.


    I asked if he thought it was a coincidence and he expressed suspicion, saying that it's entirely possible that Alamy could change the search algorithm in favour of images that would provide them with the best commission rates.


    What do you think?

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  14. 1 hour ago, losdemas said:


    Annoying, to say the least.  I know that this occurrence has been reported on the forum before.


    CR tell me that because my image was set to RF, it's not possible to restrict it against Personal Use sales. I've replied to say that I can remember a time when I’ve sold RF images for over $300. For that kind of money I'd be happy for them all to sell for PU.

  15. My first April sale, but it's a bit confusing. It's marked "not for Personal use". But it's sold for Personal Use - but for $20 and not the usual $10. Thoughts welcome please.

    Country: Worldwide
    Usage: Personal use, Personal prints, cards and gifts. Non-commercial use only, not for resale.
    Media: Non-commercial, one time, personal/home use
    51 MB
    5151 x 3434 pixels
    1 MB compressed
    Start: 01 April 2019
    End: 01 April 2024



  16. On 11/03/2019 at 11:25, Colblimp said:

    When I'm holding the camera, it's as if there's a wall protecting me from the public, if that makes sense?  Additionally, because I use big pro cameras with f2.8 glass, I look the part so 99% of the time people accept my presence.  I'm actually a shy person in reality! 


    Believe it or not, I also feel quite shy about photographing people (even though I've done it for 40 years now). I was once told by a picture editor that I was..."too nice to be a press photographer", which I took as a compliment (but it wasn't meant as one).

    I have carried a press card since 1981, which I sometimes "flash", and have even been known to wear it on a lanyard around my neck, which helps with my incredible insecurity issues (to quote Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull). This - and a big camera - helps with situations like marches (image 1 below). Where possible, I also ask permission to take photos, and then stand back for a while to let the subject forget I'm there (as with image 2).


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