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  1. Just to clarify; I think he suspects that he would have sold at least 20% less images had he taken the Exclusive option. But, who knows. I sold one on the first day of the month, which is unusual, and mine are exclusive.
  2. Fibonacci's Sequence. It's also great for dispelling forum trolls.
  3. I taught Mental Health / Psychology subjects at universities for many years. Without wishing to pry into specifics of your situation, I would say that it's possible to set your sights higher and aim for what you really want. You just have to learn to live with disappointment. I was once asked what encouraged me. I said...people who try to discourage me.
  4. A friend and colleague of mine (an extremely experienced photographer and Photo-press leading-light) tells me that he didn't opt for the Exclusive Alamy "deal" to retain the 50-50% commission rate. Since the changeover, his sales volume has increased. He has had 22 sales including 2 over $170, which makes up for the loss of commission. I asked if he thought it was a coincidence and he expressed suspicion, saying that it's entirely possible that Alamy could change the search algorithm in favour of images that would provide them with the best commission rates. What do you think?
  5. CR tell me that because my image was set to RF, it's not possible to restrict it against Personal Use sales. I've replied to say that I can remember a time when I’ve sold RF images for over $300. For that kind of money I'd be happy for them all to sell for PU.
  6. I have already emailed them, thanks. The image is definitely checked for "not for Personal Use".
  7. You do seem to take pride in getting your name in the forum. Many of us have got things backwards - we're trying to look smug by selling enough images to join the 100K club!
  8. My first April sale, but it's a bit confusing. It's marked "not for Personal use". But it's sold for Personal Use - but for $20 and not the usual $10. Thoughts welcome please. Country: Worldwide Usage: Personal use, Personal prints, cards and gifts. Non-commercial use only, not for resale. Media: Non-commercial, one time, personal/home use 51 MB 5151 x 3434 pixels 1 MB compressed Start: 01 April 2019 End: 01 April 2024
  9. When I got there, the Leprechaun had already grabbed it and was doing a runner! It was the only day that week I'd left my camera at home, too!"
  10. 4 sales today, this was the biggest, high $$. The best bit was that I only had to go into my front garden to get it!
  11. Believe it or not, I also feel quite shy about photographing people (even though I've done it for 40 years now). I was once told by a picture editor that I was..."too nice to be a press photographer", which I took as a compliment (but it wasn't meant as one). I have carried a press card since 1981, which I sometimes "flash", and have even been known to wear it on a lanyard around my neck, which helps with my incredible insecurity issues (to quote Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull). This - and a big camera - helps with situations like marches (image 1 below). Where possible, I also ask permission to take photos, and then stand back for a while to let the subject forget I'm there (as with image 2).
  12. You're really getting "in there", with your images and finding shots that grab the eye Andy. So much better than the ports I see of building exteriors and shop front signs! (I'll forgive your Paddy Power shot, as gambling is in the news in Ireland). Great work.
  13. Thanks Colin, I'll double check and then see if works for the batch, but to be honest, the exclusive setting is applied when I open the settings. But it's just not happening in the images (in optional).
  14. I set it over a week ago and had a new submission pass this evening. It wasn't applied to it.
  15. I'm having trouble getting the "exclusive to Alamy" setting to apply to new submissions. I've got it checked under the "gear" settings in AIM, but it doesn't seem to be automatically applying itself to new submissions.
  16. ...Distributor commission. Just made a sale for $60. Minus 30% "Alamy Distribution Commission", which left $42. Minus 40% "Distributor Commission", which leaves me with $18. A 70% total commission "take". I give up.
  17. I would echo your first paragraph, to some extent. Last year was my best ever with Alamy (in 14 years), with my highest number of image sales and my highest total revenue. Not "fantastic" - I've just bought an old Honda 50 as a treat, and not paid for a house as one member did - but encouraging. So far, this year, I've had 3 sales, totalling $48, 2 for $5 each (UK newspapers with 2M+ print runs, on the newspaper "discount scheme") and one for $38, for a German travel brochure. A generally bad start, reflecting some of the years when I sold 15 or 20 images in 12 months. I may have had more sales, but I've opted out of PU some time ago. Like you, I have no idea why anyone would buy some top class images I've sold for next-to-nothing, and which cost a lot to get, for personal use. Then, again, I probably do. Why Alamy charge some peanuts and others a much higher fee for the same image is only a question they can answer. The question of why they are not being fairer to contributors with consistently higher rates is another.
  18. Thanks, I was also unable to find it. To be fair, why should we have to come to the forum to find out though? Another sentence in the original Tweet would have done it. Who's training these people in the fine art of communication?
  19. Absolutely agree with you, and I've also published low fees here - and got myself into bother with some forum regulars. The more we say about this nonsense, hopefully the more @Alamy might start to look after it's contributors, many of whom are seasoned professionals.
  20. Thanks for the comments Michael. I was going to PM you with additional feedback, but that doesn't seem to be possible. But, generally, certain Cameracraft personnel are currently unable to reinstate their involvement with the forum. But we hope everyone enjoys the link.
  21. There may still be one Italian person, using Italian as their first language still living in the UK. They'll be gone by 29th March 2019.
  22. I wonder what the morons at Gatwick are flying, and can we expect them to appear in the Live News thread?
  23. Yes. It's happened to everyone who has ever had a fail. The only exception is processing errors, where other images will pass (if not otherwise subject to QC fail issues).
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