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  1. Makes sense, my ratio of video sales to photo sales on other platforms is like 100:1, so they couldn't have been making much off it.
  2. What's the deal with video stock? Alamy sells video on the site, but I can't find any way to upload video. I have a bunch of royalty free video that's listed on other stock sites that I'd like to put on Alamy.
  3. I used to calibrate my monitors about once a year, and there was hardly ever a change between them. I upgraded to Mac's with Retina monitors which didn't support my old Spyder, so I haven't calibrated the monitors on them, and haven't had any issues with colour or density.
  4. Life is way too short to be using Nikon software. It's slow, dated, and has a terrible user interface. Do yourself a favour and get the Adobe photo package, which is Photoshop and Lightroom for US$ 10 per month. Adobe will send you upgrades as part of the package. Most of my work is done with Photoshop, but for larger jobs, Lightroom is great. If the D810 aren't opening in LR, you probably need to upgrade the software. It's probably a version that's older than the D810 model, so it's not recognizing the files.
  5. I travel across the US border from Canada all the time, and my advice is not tell them anything unless they ask you directly. If they do ask about your gear, tell them you're an avid amateur photographer on holiday. Unless you're bringing a case of studio lighting, I'd be very surprised if they questioned that. I live in a resort town and I see tourists walking around town with Nikon D5's and other high end gear as that as a working pro I would never be able to afford. As a pro, I get asked if I'm bringing equipment into the US for work, and my standard answer is that I'm just u
  6. Can't log on my Mac running Safari 10.1. Firefox works.
  7. You've got a ton of digital noise and processing. My guess is that you're editing JPG files and getting built up compression artifacts. You should always shoot in RAW, and make sure the long exposure noise reduction is turned on. You can also make panoramas (I think) and HDR images in Lightroom that keeps them in the RAW format, which I think works a lot better. You're also getting some flaring around the light sources. Sigma's make pretty good lenses, so maybe it might be a not so great quality filter, or even one that's got a lot of wear on it.
  8. I have the X-Pro1, which has the same sensor as the XT1, along with the 18-55mm zoom. I really like it, and find that I keep it on hand all the time. My normal working cameras are the Nikon D3 and D800, so the X-Pro1 feels like a ping pong ball in comparison. You take a bit of a hit going from a full frame to a APS sensor, especially in low light, but it's fine for most things. The little 18-55mm is a surprisingly nice lens. It's well made and solid, and the image quality is pretty good. It's kind of slow for low light, but it's not really a deal breaker. They may have upgraded th
  9. I've had a load of photos in QC for two weeks. Normally they go through in a day or two.
  10. Monopods are great for heavy lenses, as long as you only need to pan them side to side and not up or down. That's why you see them with sports photographers on the sidelines football and baseball games. The ones with feet are doubly useless because they really don't go side to side very well.
  11. Is it just those photos where you're getting it, or is it on all the photos you take with the camera? If it's just that set of photos, it's probably some kind of random lens refraction. If it's on all your photos, then it's probably time send it in to get the sensor checked.
  12. I was in South Africa in 2015 and found it was cheaper to get a study aluminum tripod in South Africa than it was to pay for the extra baggage weight fee to bring one with me. I picked one up for less than $100 USD, which I ended up giving it away to a local photographer when I left. It actually worked pretty well, are it is in a thunderstorm in Kruger Park.
  13. I noticed that, the vector graphics box confused me. Still those shots are illustrations.
  14. Adobe Lightroom has a mobile version, but I've never used it. You could probably keyword your images on that. Personally, I'd be packing a laptop for that work.
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