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  1. There's food and food. Homemade food shot at home or in the studio, with proper lighting you can make, and Restaurant food shot on the fly, with no chances of making some decent lighting. IMO both are worth it, but I would do the first type on Alamy and the second one on That App. My two cents.
  2. I've had a look at today changes to the Alamy contract. Nothing relevant to me but a few adjustments related to distribution to third parties (agent is probably more appropriate than licensee where dealing with other agents).
  3. Ciao Claudio! I'm Italian too, from Rome but I've been living in Empoli for the last 5 years. I've joined Alamy two months after you. Nice port, good sales potential. I wish you all the best! Sandro
  4. See Vernazza and die (strong backlit not easy to deal with in PP...)
  5. Good for PC. Terrible for touch mobile devices. To be honest I like it the way it is now.
  6. Probably shooting but I love it. Tagging is just a little bit less time consuming but I hate it and therefore it lasts forever...
  7. This is outstanding. Well done. Sandro Thank you so much! Very kind of you to say. Geoff. You know that thing a photographer (almost ) never admits? I wish I'd taken that picture...
  8. Snap, I have this too Just in the middle of a long process of optimizing tags on an almost daily basis and discovered 2 things yesterday 1. The new cross, in fact I could not do anything to get the thumbs to delete tags or create supertags only the cross wherever I put the mouse. This was in Firefox. Switched to Chrome and problem solved. 2. All the photos I have optimized since the cross arrived show as optimized (around 6) and are saved. If I refresh screen or unselect and the reselect optimized they revert back to not optimized. Originally I thought it was a time thing but 24 hours lat
  9. Thanks Grethe and Cecile! Yes, it's an Agave in bloom https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agave
  10. Something has changed yesterday. I have 22 pics passed from optimised to good even if they have 50/50 tags and 10/10 supertags.
  11. Grows spontaneously on the Ligurian cliffs. Looks like a succulent but I don't know its name. Anyone can help please?
  12. They're also changing something else. I've just finished tagging 10 pics that should show up as optimised but they don't. They show up as good discoverability.
  13. I like both of them. Right exposures on the subjects, nice detail and saturation, readable shadows but not faded. Overhead clouds/background kind of emphasize the colors.
  14. It makes sense but I wonder if Alamy does not consider color the same as colour when searching...
  15. Is it preferable to tag in British English or American English on Alamy? Does it make sense to use both? For instance... Center or Centre? Harbor or Harbour? Color or Colour? Organize or Organise? And so on... What's your opinion/experience?
  16. Opt IN should be an option for prints. Opt OUT the default. That way, if you don't opt in you don't get excluded from distribution. Personal use is one thing, print another one. EDIT: Actually, even better but I'm probably asking too much... Wouldn't it be nice if we could opt out of personal use without being excluded from distribution?
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