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  1. I looked for how to ask Alamy and couldn't find any links. I don't do this very often, but am hoping to step things up.
  2. Thanks, Joseph. I have model releases, but not a property release. I do not intend making the images available for advertising. Editorial only, then, and no need for retouching.
  3. Thanks for the advice, Steve. I have model releases. I could probably get a property release but I shall not seek one out, and take onboard the advice to make the images for editorial use only.
  4. I have just completed a shoot in a barbershop which has lots of branded products around. Even the gowns covering the customers contain large advertisements. Am I expected to retouch out or blur everything, or can things remain 'real'. The walls are covered in vintage American memorabilia. Is that likely to present problems? I've had images rejected by QC before and I have become paranoid about everything I submit. Can anyone give me definitive answers on this subject? Ian Cartwright
  5. Thanks for the advice, Ed. Are you considered naked if you wear a scarf? Ha, ha!. I would say strictly no, but it would depend on where you wore it! Shoes and nothing else are quite common, but the invitation to the riders is to "dress as you dare". Avpics, do you think the WNBR chooses that day to maximise the audience potential? It must be a shock to the tourists there for just the ceremony.
  6. Thanks, Martin. That's good advice. I'm not particularly well set up to do that on my own, I would miss most of the event. I could see it working with an assistant though. My IT man is a keen amateur photographer. He has been asking to accompany me on a shoot. I'll ask him if he wants to help.
  7. Thank you very much, Spacecadet, Avpics, Funkyworm and TeCee. Your information has clarified many things and made me confident about uploading. I take your point, TeCee about the need to post rapidly to maximize the newsworthyness. I have now uploaded from last year and the year before. Hopefully, I'll be quicker off the mark this year. I do like to cover the route from start to finish (which is a bit exhausting for an old codger) unlike some press guys I saw at the beginning but not later on. One of the best parts on the route is the famous Canal Street in Manchester, which is reached near t
  8. Thanks for your input Matt, Redsnapper and Avpics. I am reading things like "I believe", "I hope" and 'just for personal use ticked by default, but available for all uses'. Thanks, but this does not convince me that should an image be printed in, say, a magazine, that someone recognisable in it might sue for its use without permission. I noticed the occasional participant shying away from my camera. When I saw that, I didn't take a shot, but they could have been in another image, clearly shown. I would prefer to have a definitive answer from Alamy staff, if possible. I would also be interes
  9. Thanks for responding, Matt. Clicking on the images in the collection you linked to me, showed that the images were only available for personal use and a vague warning that those wanting to use the image commercially might need permission from the model. I was hoping that my images could be available for editorial use without releases. It's a newsworthy event and clearly releases would not be available. I would have thought the likelihood of making sales for personal use would be very small.
  10. Starting again after my first attempt froze with me trying to put in a link to a Flickr album, and a third time after last year in numbers was identified as a spam word!! I have been a contributor for a long time, but have always had signed model releases whenever recognisable people were in the images. I have photographed the Manchester edition of the World Naked Bike Ride in 2015 and last year. There are lots of, what I think are, great shots telling the story of a historically interesting event. Naturally, there is lots of nudity. The shots were taken of people in public places by me a
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