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  1. Well I might as well put my camera and lenses on eBay
  2. I had a Canon 8800 neg scanner it was wonderful, but they stopped updated software and suddenly it doesn't work with my Mac anymore. One of my images of a skull in the Garden Of Fugitives at Pompeii was scanned with it. I'm afraid I don't know how to post it here.
  3. Hi Martin, I agree with you, the reason we put the black pen over the cracks was to reduce flare, we had no alternative we were in Petra and no lens hire houses around, and it worked in this instance, but I would not suggest it as a long term method.
  4. In my past career as a camera assistant, on a documentary I quickly mounted a 12mm distagon lens, the rear element stood proud and I just nicked it on the camera mount, it caused a series of cracks not scratches, we used a black sharpie and drew on the cracks, no one could tell when watching the rushes. the repair cost £2000.00, and that was in the late 80's. I learn't my lesson, never rush no matter who gives you the hurry up. ( by the way that not the reason why I'm not a camera assistant anymore)
  5. Betty, Just thank you for browsing through my images, and the advice
  6. I'm crushed... I presumed that would be the case though.
  7. Thank you, Betty, Cryptoprocta and Ian so much, I seem to spend more time with a dictionary and wikipedia (and still don't find enough info), than taking photographs, and then I'm so critical about them I reject most of them, I'm also so self conscious about taking images with people in that I wonder if I'm suitable for this... Betty thank you for giving me a zoom, some things money can't buy.
  8. More or less same here one zoom though, must have been done by mistake Thank you Betty
  9. Brian, thank you for asking this question, I had no idea what a zoom was, and no idea what my ranking was, as I only have 224 images so I am way down the ladder.
  10. I am involved in filming, used to be a camera operator / focus puller now a prop man, productions don't like it as it could give a story line away or other info about the film, we are not allowed to post anything on any social media site, and taking pics is frowned upon, on set but obviously in a public place they can't really control the setting or stop the public taking pics. I was focus puller on Fools and Horses including the Batman and Robin episode, the production did everything to keep photographers away, late night in Bristol, artic lorries, sheets of poly, large silk screens etc covered the action as they really didn't want anyone to see the story and give it away, and they succeeded in that instance.
  11. I hope you like it, by chance I went to the National portrait gallery today, was lovely to see some of his images in the flesh.
  12. Just wondered if anyone watched the documentary last night on BBC4 about David Hurn, I missed it when it was originally transmitted so was pleased to see it broadcast last night. I loved it, so gentle and moving in places and gave a great insight into taking images of people. If you get a chance it's worth a look.
  13. Thank you for the recommendation too, I'm looking at a new ' pocket ' camera, my g12 front element has a scratch. I wasn't sure what the situation was for non dslr and image quality here, and I feel very self conscious walking around with large camera, something I have to overcome.. so once again thank you.
  14. The Alhambra is certainly worth a visit if you can get there, beautiful building and grounds, could be busy though.
  15. I agree and then they pan the shot looks so wrong, they can do all that frame by frame in the grade too, we sometimes used to use an ND grad 9 on top and a ND grad 6 bottom so just the centre of frame was clear, that gave a lovely effect to certain scenes, but had to be careful.
  16. And surely you kept the 8 and 16 star filters too
  17. I'm going back to the 80's but does anyone remember the Cokin Rainbow filter ? it was a small rainbow painted on to the perspex, or did I dream it, I'm sure it existed along with a motion blur, and various other unusual effects.
  18. I'm not sure, I'm scouring the internet trying to find latin names for all my flower pictures too, not a fun job, there is an app for your phone too not sure how good it is, might be useful though. There's this too https://www.woodlandtrust.org.uk/visiting-woods/trees-woods-and-wildlife/british-trees/how-to-identify-trees/leaves-and-needles/
  19. Hello again, The Angelic images in question are mine, hope you don't mind me asking, should I delete the close up shot ? as the wider image can be cropped. But there is the comment earlier about framing for magazines and having space for wording, as I was a cameraman for tv that's not a natural thing for me to do so I will change my viewpoint on that too. Thank you all for help
  20. Phew I felt so ignorant, I've been there 3 times in my life too.
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